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Shamania Interview with Ade Lord

Reported by Psylicious / Submitted 22-04-08 15:19

The concept of Shamania was born in the North of England, possibly as a by-product of our Brigantean Celtic heritage. The Northern Dance Music Tribes are truly coming together this year to provide the best you can get, when it comes to underground dance music! If you haven’t heard of Shamania before, don’t worry, let us introduce to you Ade Lord, one of the founders, creators and main organizers of Shamania Festivals.

You’ll find Shamania set in the mysterious, magical landscape of Pendle Witch country, not too far from Burnley, Lancashire. It was here I recently caught up with Ade, a man with a vision, passion and total love for underground music. We delved into what Shamania is about and what exactly you will see, listen and enjoy there. Of course the power of music and festival vibes is a universal language we all understand and it unites us together in many ways, but let us whet your true party appetite with a taste of true underground dance music laced with some International flavouring and spice.

Ade its a great pleasure to be interviewing you here on HarderFaster. No doubt you are very busy preparing for this years Festival?

Yes, it’s been fairly manic since early January, when we received the 24 hour music license. We've already confirmed the line-ups for the main and alternative stages and have all the promotion material ready and on the streets! This week has been chocker with meetings and last minute updates to include. We've covered a lot of ground, especially when we had the site meeting! Finally it’s all confirmed and despite previous rumours, I can confirm that Shamania 2008 is going ahead! I like to keep busy, you know.

So tell us Ade, how did the idea / concept transpire for holding the Shamania Festival?

Shamania was a name I had in mind for a kind of pagan camp/dance festival crossover that I was formulating; before being galvanised into action by my friend, Rob Blake's suggestion over a pint in the Stubbing Wharf at Hebden Bridge that I should organise a camp/festival for 'Party Pagans'; as we'd been labelled at that year's Oakleaf Circle Camp at Grewelthorpe.

It started turning into a reality, when Warwick threw his weight behind locating a site to run the party on. Actually, there's a Youtube video clip which explains my thinking behind the concept of Shamania. It's just a northern kinda thing, I suppose.

Shamania's location is an important feature surrounding the festival. What was it about 'Pendle Witch' country (Lancashire) that drew you to choosing this location for Shamania?

Because I was born, bred and still live in the area. Why put it on anywhere else? Also, I can nip home for a shower.

Shamania is now in it's third year, how will this years Festival compare to the past two?

We've opted to have 2 stages and a chill-out this year instead of main stage, chill-out and various smaller sound systems that we've had for the previous 2 years. Hopefully our audience will develop and diversify with the Riffraff and Boomtown line-ups, on the alternative stage.

On the Boomtown line-up are the original Acid-House DJs from Blackburn's
finest hour: Live the Dream at Tockholes in 1989, legends on the local rave scene.

The main stage hosted by Sunrise and Kulu will certainly be something very special this year.

As well as the music, what other attractions are there to see?

So far (although there'll be lots more, I'm sure) we've got a big drumming workshop planned, a hoola-hoop workshop, there's a Zen meditation group coming, as well as the Friends of Amma (the Indian lady, who hugs people, as seen on Louis Therroux) There's swing boats, UV faerie gardens, fire-shows, strolling jugglers and performers, maybe even a Techno-Dragon or two!

Away from the musical concept, Shamania is a family affair catering for children too, what highlights can those with families expect at this years festival?

Besides the friendliest festival vibe, anywhere; there's fun for the kids at Lel Hoyle's potions workshop, and Faeries Jane's wand and wing-making workshops. There's also strolling performers, juggling workshops, glitter candy-floss, U.V. sandpit, Faerie Garden, plus lots more, that has still to be organised.

Being called 'The Spiritual UK Psy Trance Festival' certainly hits the nail on the head with regard to Shamania as a whole package. What does the spiritual side of things mean to you and the Shamania concept and how does it all fit together?

Shamania is a festival that affirms and acknowledges humanity's constantly evolving consciousness; hopefully helping everybody who comes to it, take a step nearer to their own enlightenment, as a conscious being. To Satori & Beyond!

After meeting you back in December, your a guy with a great passion of enjoying a good old dance to cutting edge underground trance music! What will be the highlight for you Artist/DJ-wise and who else are you personally looking forward to hearing?

As you say, I really enjoy dancing to great music, which means I'm not too bothered who's playing it, so long as it gets me moving.

At last year's Shamania, I got very little chance to actually have a dance, till the Sunday night, when Banco played the last slot. As an organiser, you can't really get into the enjoyment zone, the same as if you were just partying. Hopefully I'll be able to see more acts this year. We've put a lot of organisation into 2008, after all it's gonna be our 3rd year.

It's been a great pleasure running this interview with you and very much looking forward to Shamania 2008. Ade, before we finish is there anything you would like to add, plug, people to give shout outs to?

Yes, please keep up to date with Shamania by visiting our web site where you can find out a lot more about Shamania. Ticket info can be found there too. Remember before Shamania there is also the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltane.

I'd like to thank everybody who's been a part of the Shamania festivals over the last 2 years, as their support has been invaluable, plus all the people who are involved behind the scenes helping to create this year's festival. On a personal level, I'd like to give a big thank you, to those who know me well; who put up with me, and offer their support, when the going gets tough, you know who you are! I'm very grateful to you.

For more info:

The Music line ups are as follows:

Main Stage – Psy Trance arena (Fri / Sat / Sun)
Hosted by Sunrise & Kulu

Live Acts

Eat Static
Safi Connection
Error Connection
Distortion Orchestra
Atom grinder

DJ Performances

John Phantasn
Gregg Zogg
Jon Kenobi
Bez 23
Techno Hippie
Ed Tangent

Alternative Stage – NRG, hard trance and acid techno arena (Fri / Sat)
Hosted by Riff Raff

Live Acts

DAVE The Drummer
Adam Lab4 (TBC)
Mobile Dogwash
Ben Fraser(TBC)

DJ Performances

Chris Liberator
Sol Ray
Ron Atomizer
Sam Townsend (Tidy Trax)
Fil Bray
Ben Warren
Keith Fox

Alternative Stage – Upbeat cutting edge house (Sun)
Hosted by Boomtown promotions

Rob Tissera (Kissdafunk)
Shack & Kenny
Craig C & DJ Rich
Grant Holmes

Chill Out Stage (Fri / Sat / Sun)
Hosted by Synchronistic Sounds

Joint Intelligence Committee

Photos courtesy of Not to be reproduced without permission.

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