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All bow for Lady Bianca

Reported by Ru Curthoys / Submitted 18-07-07 22:10

There seems to be so many hard-house DJs out there now. As a reviewer I tend to get sent demos for comment and review and whilst it’s flattering to be asked to give an opinion, it’s near on impossible to dedicate enough time to listen to each demo that I receive which serves to illustrate that hard-house DJs are competing in a highly saturated market. For any DJ to pick up a residency is an achievement in itself; but residencies at hard-house mother-ship Trade are reserved for the elite few. And one from that elite few is Lady Bianca

Few would dispute that Trade had (and indeed still retains) one of the best and most loyal group of residents, with a main-room line-up that has changed little over the years and no vast pool of “DJs on rotation”. This is an essential element in keeping the Trade brand values alive; the reason for Trade’s meteoric rise and iconic status was because their DJs worked together to deliver a musical progression and cutting edge sounds. So you know when a Trade resident is booked to play at an event, you’re going to be in for a treat.

One such occasion was the recent Vicious Circle (VCr2) night at Stylus, Leeds. In a line-up that already included legends (and a couple of future legends thrown in for good measure) Lady Bianca’s set was eagerly anticipated by her existing fans and those who were looking forward to seeing her for the first time. For many she unquestionably delivered “set of the night” – particularly impressive when you consider her colleagues on this occasion included the likes of Steve Thomas, Captain Tinrib, Paul Glazby, Andy Farley back to back with Nik Denton and Ben Stevens. For me, it was another welcome opportunity to see a DJ that consistently delivers crowd pleasing well-executed performances that demonstrate why she is included on the elite Trade residents’ roster. Lady Bianca’s track selection cleverly stopped short of delivering perhaps an otherwise predictable and safe Trade classics set; instead she wowed her audience with superb mixing of tracks that each got a seal of approval through cheers from the dancefloor; her inspired and well-placed delivery of Brainbashers / Do It Now, for example, sent the already highly charged euphoria sky-rocketing.

Glowing praise this may be, but justifiably so; those enjoying Lady Bianca’s set at VCr2 and previous witnesses to her Trade appearances will know what I am talking about. For everyone else, if good traditional hard-house delivered in a no-nonsense and highly proficient style is your thing, then look out for her name on future hard-house line-ups, you will not be disappointed!

So who is Lady Bianca? Is she really a Lady? And in her view, who has made the biggest contribution to the hard-house scene? To answer these and other questions, Bianca agreed to give me some time – this is what she had to say.

Ru: Before becoming a Trade DJ, I read somewhere that you were a regular on its dancefloor. Did you ever think that you’d end up headlining with Trade stalwarts such as Pete Wardman, Malcolm Duffy, Alan Thompson and Steve Thomas?

Lady B: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d DJ let alone be a Trade DJ! When I started partying at Trade in 1992 I wasn’t even thinking about DJing. I was a professional Show jumper, 3 day event rider and part time riding instructor preparing to study Equine Science and Physiology at Agricultural College! To be honest I was so naïve I didn’t even realise there were several DJ’s playing on the one night; I was firmly rooted to the dance floor from start to finish and completely lost in the music. It was the only place I was hearing sounds like that and I was in love with it! Only as I got more curious about the music did I start taking an interest in the way the night progressed and who was playing. It started off tribal and built slowly through techno to the harder stuff. Years ago you used to hear a lot more techno at Trade then the sound went a bit more commercial before the hard house sound took off so there was a lot of diversity. Each DJ had there own sound and they all worked so well together, really taking you on a musical journey. The Trade DJs both past and present are and always will be my musical mentors; they shaped me as a DJ. When I started, Trade was of course top of my list of places to play but I also knew that the Trade DJ stable was a hard one to get into if at all, they had their residents and that was that. Then they asked me to do some CDs for the test lounge and I did 5! All different, house, techno, groovy hard house, harder hard house and one that was a progression through of all them but I made an effort to pick the tracks that I thought would fit on the Trade floor. It worked and the rest is history. It truly is a dream come true for me playing for Trade and working alongside the guys I worshiped for so many years is priceless, its still blows me away every time I play there and I always smile when I see “Lady Bianca” on a Trade flyer or advert.

Normally when I ask a DJ about influences, I am usually offered one or two names. But your list reads something like a who’s who of hard-house and techno. Of course the Trade DJs are in that list including the much loved Tony De Vit. If you hadn’t gone to Trade, how different do you think things would have turned out for you?

[Laughs] I know but they all did it for me in different ways, some still do. If I hadn’t gone to Trade I am not sure I would be DJing, who knows. It was there that my curiosity started and I heard music that still makes me shiver. That was the catalyst for my clubbing and music addictions resulting in my DJing.

Maybe I would have made it to more of my show jumping events on Sunday mornings and stuck at training for the British Equestrian Team with a view to riding with the British Olympic team at the Olympics. Lady Bianca as a DJ name almost certainly would not have existed.

Talking of your DJ name, why the name Lady Bianca? Are you really aristocratic? And is your name really Bianca?

I was wondering when that question would surface. I tell you what, ask Farley if he thinks I’m a Lady!! Oh and yes that really is my name!!

Many will recognise the name Lady Bianca as an established resident DJ at Trade with a definitive style. Does a Trade set differ from your other gigs?

Yes, it does a lot. I mainly play Trade classics from the years gone by and some newer stuff like remixes of the Trade classics and new bits that are Trade sounding. Occasionally I will play more recent releases that fit with the older sound for the newer Trade babies that are coming through. It helps keeps it a little fresher too. I’m currently producing a lot of groovier funky hard house with phat bass lines that isn’t too far fetched from the older sound but I’ll mainly play that at Trade and other gigs wanting me on earlier as it isn’t to hard or fast.

As for other gigs? It all depends on my set time and what they want me to play really. It can be hard and fast or slower and groovy even slightly techy. I like to mix it up when I play, some groove, tech, hoovers, classics and the filthy hard stuff but it generally depends on what the crowds up for.

You started clubbing at 17, where you into hard-house then?

I was into all sorts of dance music. Speed garage, house, techno, drum n bass, hard house and old skool. They all made me feel good and got me dancing like a loon. Hard house was different then and the music I was hearing on the straight scene was so different to the gay scene. I was going to all sorts of places like the infamous Mud Club at Bagley’s (now Canvas), along with Freedom and Double Dipped also at Bagley’s. There was Labyrinth in Dalston, Garage at Heaven, Sherbet at The Soundshaft, Love Muscle at The Fridge, and Club UK, Trade, Melt, Warriors and Gallery all at Turnmills, also the Heaven and Hell parties in a warehouse in Wandsworth somewhere! It was great!

A monthly promotion in Canterbury called Beyond Dance was the setting for your DJ debut back in July 2000, your performance earning you an instant residency there. Can you tell me a little more about how you transcended from clubber to DJ?

It was one weekend in 1998; I’d been out all weekend and was at a chill out after Trade, and before Sherbet. I was hooked on the vibe at Trade and the fact I was dancing to music I wasn't hearing anywhere else. My hunger for hard house and techno had begun. I danced from start to finish, week in week out and after a while started to become more aware of the music changing becoming harder and more intense every few hours, leaving me and many others pouring with sweat and shouting with joy at our favourite tunes. I had, over the years, discovered that there were different DJ's playing and grew more aware of the DJ’s themselves, how they played and how it made me feel. My curiosity was growing, how did they get me feeling the way I did? I wanted more and more. I was addicted and loving every moment! I had got the DJ bug and subsequently spent most of our chill outs at my friends’ house annoying the hell out of them with my unbelievably bad attempts at mixing. Trying to learn to mix after a morning at Trade, not the best idea but I pursued. Ask BK, he was there!

I bought decks on finance and started going to record shops and embarrassingly try to sing the vocal and tunes from my favourites heard at the weekend but always got the words wrong. Slowly, I built up a collection of vinyl, everything from garage, house, techno and hard house and I was given some records by DJ friends along the way, enough for me to practice, if you could call it that! I didn’t have a clue where to start though! I tried and tried but was making such a racket that I basically gave up and just used my decks to listen to my favourites and mess about on at chill outs. Then a few years later, a friend of mine was running a small party in Canterbury, Beyond Dance. He knew what I got up to at chill outs and decided to challenge the DJ I was hiding inside. He put my name on a flyer (he called me Lady B) and presented it to me one night whilst partying! Well being away with the fairies at that point I thought, “No problem,” yeah right! Next day I was in shock and not sure how the hell I was going to pull this off. So I practised everyday for about 3 weeks leading up to the gig.

Thanks to some helpful hints from some DJ mates I was doing better than at the chill outs and being sober helped! Then I had to go to Ibiza for a week, the week before the event! I was so worried I wouldn’t be ready, and then before I knew it I was standing behind the decks getting ready to warm up for Darren Christian from the Gallery!! Great! No pressure or anything, only another one of my DJ gods to hear me make a complete twat of myself along with a club full of people! So after I was sick 3 times I put my 1st record on, hands shaking so much I kept almost knocking the needle off! 2 hours went by so fast and I managed to get through my set with a few glitches but nothing too bad! Still not sure how I did it but getting my 1st residency from that gave me the courage and determination to carry on. I was hooked!

A little over a year later you were despatched to Asia to entertain the masses in Hong Kong and China, that must have been something of a culture shock?

To say the least! That whole year had been a whirlwind for me so to end it on tour in China was amazing. I was told I was only the 3rd female DJ to play out there and there were film crews, radio shows and a gig itinerary that was exhausting in itself. Having only been playing just over a year, I was completely overwhelmed. It was a challenge to say the least but a great learning experience. A friend and I were flown out to Hong Kong and put up in an amazing hotel where were based for a month. On Friday’s we were flown to different cities in China, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing where I played on Friday and Saturday nights then on Sunday’s we were flown back to Hong Kong. I was taken out for the month as the tours resident DJ and was playing alongside John "OO" Flemming, Darren Stokes, Darren Christian and Azzido Da Bass. Each DJ had a different sound; thankfully I had varied taste in music and what I liked to play so we worked really well together. The tour also consisted of a dance troupe of Aussie girls, 2 Japanese VJ’s, 2 translators and 2 tour managers, one for the dancers and one for the DJ’s. It was a massive operation.
The crowds were the biggest I had ever played to at that point, usually around 2-3,000 people per night and I was so nervous. There were all sorts of age groups too I saw the usual young and middle-aged clubbers but there were whole families out too. On one occasion a little girl no older than about 6 was dancing on the stage in front of the booth, she was ecstatic, it was wonderful to watch her. What looked like her grandparents were stood near by also having a little bop! Surreal! I also saw the China Olympic team in their team trackies! The clubs were so different not what I was used to, they were vast! All the best equipment, sound and lights, loads of different rooms and levels with lifts and escalators, karaoke suites, shot drinking bars that looked more like speed drinking bars (we made good use of them!), restaurants in some and so many different VIP lounges and dressing rooms some were like hotels!
Musically I was challenged. Here I was, an inexperienced DJ in China playing alongside world class DJ’s and not having a clue what the crowd would want to hear. I took funky house, tech house, techno and hard house and basically progressed my sets according to the crowd’s reactions. It was the biggest learning curve I have had and I quickly learnt to read the crowd and keep them on the floor. The funniest moment had to be when I realised that every time I put my hand in the air the crowd copied! One hand or both they were there doing the same and cheering so loud it was mind blowing!

If you were presenting a one off award to an individual who’d made the biggest contribution to today’s hard house, who would you like to present the award to?

I would like to present this award to… (drum roll)… Tony De Vit! Hands down, that definitely goes to Tony. Tony championed the underground hard house sound in Trade for years and brought it into mainstream clubs and the straight scene. He played a major role in making hard house what it is today and his productions were pure hands in the air brilliance!

Given the diversity of hard-dance, if you had to name just one track that was somehow able to summarise everything you believe is representative of the scene, which track would it be?

Oh bloody hell. just one?! Ok. The Dawn. I was listening to it just yesterday and before I knew it, I found myself standing there with my eyes closed covered in goose bumps! It has just the right amount of groove, filth and melody and is crowd pleasure extraordinaire!

Coming a close 2nd is Legend B’s - Lost In Love remix from 1997! Sorry had to sneak it in!

As a clubber, do you have one particular event that stands out as your most memorable?

Probably Dance Valley in Holland.

What makes you say that?

It has countless arenas’ serving up all sorts of dance music delivered by some of the worlds best DJs and as its all outdoors in the sunshine, well mostly anyway! What could be better! Oh and Dutch men are gorgeous, haha!

What are your views on the one off pairing of DJs for back to back sets?

Back to backs can be good if the DJs complement each other musically and technically. I have been asked to DJ back to back on occasion with DJs that I know I just won’t work well with musically, while others I have done and of course some I enjoyed more than others. .

Part of the whole back to back thing is the fun of it and the anticipation, waiting to see what the other plays and where you take it from there. You have to enjoy it and the more you do the more the crowd feed off you.

Mostly I play back to back with Steve Thomas. We’ve played on a few occasions now and we both love it! We have a right old laugh too, we’re like two old women; “It’s your turn dear, no after you dear”, haha, and “Oooo, what shall we play next? This one, oooo, no misses I think this one!” We’ve been asked to do more too. Fab!

I also played with Paul King in Australia. We both got shafted on a gig out there so when the promoter asked if I wanted to go back to back I said great! That too was hilarious! We both got so drunk we were all over the place in the booth, not a usual sight for me but the pictures were funny and the crowd were in stitches!

A back to back set that is most memorable for me as a clubber has got to be Ian M back to back with Paul Glazby in Manchester years ago. They were both pushing each other and it got harder and faster, it was electric! I’d pay good money to see that again!

DJing is of course just part of your talent, production wise you’re co-credited with Ilogik vs. Trauma on the Vicious Circle release “Oblivion” [Track 3 on Ian M’s Weekender 8 CD] with flipside “Gods Child. Where to now?

I did Oblivion with Paul King ages ago now, it was my 1st and so far my only release!! It did so well I was amazed! I am so self critical I wasn’t 100% sure it was going to do the trick but when Paul told me it was one of the highest sellers of the triple pack I was made up! Obviously that will also have a lot to do with Illogik’s track with Trauma on the flip but I was made up all the same! Paul also asked me to send him anything else I do for Vicious as he loved it. Ian M and Farley also showed such great support I couldn’t believe it! I remember Ian stopping me at a gig we were both playing at to tell me how much he liked it and I will never forget how happy I felt!

I have done a few other tracks that have yet to be released, probably because I’m not 100% happy with them and haven’t had the time to go into the studio. I have got some studio dates lined up and am planning to go to Spain to see Steve as there are a few bits we want to do in his studio, so I can't wait! I also have my own studio that I desperately want to start using. I studied Audio Engineering but haven’t been able to put it into practise much, again time is the problem but I am hoping to fix that!

You can expect to hear everything from groovy funky hard house, funky techno, funky house right through to the tougher electro fuelled house from me in future so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you play vinyl, CDs or a mixture? Do you have a favourite?

I play both but vinyl is my favourite to be honest. CDs just don’t do it for me but needs must!

You’re early clubbing years were spent mainly in gay clubs with gay mates, I think you once described straight clubs at the time as being “meat-markets”. These days though, when you are not working, where are we likely to find you on a Saturday night?

[Laughs] Yes, Hammersmith Palais! I was young! It was hideous!

I have a rather active 1 year old miniature bull terrier that needs a lot of attention so I can’t go out for any long periods of time or he trashes the house! If I do plan a night out (and once I get going that generally includes the following morning and afternoon too) he goes to his Gran (it’s like having a child!). I’ll either travel to a gig I’d like to check out, could be anywhere in the UK or abroad in fact or to something a friend is playing at. Otherwise, it’ll be a house or techno club for something different.

I’ve been invited to Cocoon club in Frankfurt, Sven Vath’s club. Me and a certain techno loving friend will hopefully get our arses over there in the New Year!

If you could change anything about today’s clubbing scene, what would it be?

Well the politics that go on behind the scenes in club land mainly between promoters and clubs can leave a bad taste in your mouth but it’s the same in every industry really. I never saw any of it as a clubber but as a DJ you do.

If you were to host a Sunday lunch, and could invite one famous person to join you, who would it be and why?

Catherine Tate! What fun would that be! One person and all those fabulous characters. I’d be wetting myself!

Do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?

If you have a dream or ambition, don’t give up on it. Dreams can come true, mine did! Whatever you do, give it your all, that’s all you can do and if anyone tries to put you down, don’t let it bother you, turn it around and use it to make you stronger! Life is what you make of it so make it a good one to the best of your ability and don’t let anyone take that away from you!

Do you have a joke you could share with us?

You asked me to think of a joke when I agreed to this interview, all the jokes I know are well rude!

Superb – just what we like!

Now you tell me, I had to call loads of people on the way up here for a clean joke, so after all that effort you can have it:-

The inaugural flight of Irelands Air Fungus was coming in to land at London Heathrow. Captain Murphy and First Officer Fitz-Patrick are at the controls and have never flown to Heathrow before. As they get closer to the ground they see the runway. “B’ Jesus how short is that runway?” asks Captain Murphy. “Yeah, but look how wide it is” replies the First Officer.

Photos courtesy of The HarderFaster Archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: ~deleted12163 on 18th Jul 2007 23:51.45
Have fun in Ireland.... I'm sure you guys will smash it! x

From: Jacob on 19th Jul 2007 08:50.46
That was a read and a half!! Nice one B x

From: paul jack on 19th Jul 2007 09:47.12
big kiss to ya X

From: Steve Twist on 19th Jul 2007 11:36.41
I love it when people try to re-write history missing out bits they don't want - lol

From: Matt Smallwood on 19th Jul 2007 11:53.45
Nice one B Thumbs up

From: Steve Twist on 19th Jul 2007 12:28.28
ps I thought the title rerad elbow for Lady Bianca!

From: TEK-DJ Management on 19th Jul 2007 12:54.30
Bianca, great interview...........!

Oh dear see Mr. Twist fell out of his pram and lost his dummy again!!!

From: raving.looney on 19th Jul 2007 12:58.36
Wikkid interview babe!

You defo have to go to Cocoon club in frankfurt! We went last yr for my and its the absolute tits! Im going there again in 2 weeks for my hen do.....Sven Vath and Ricardo Villalobos....GTFRI xXx

From: Mizz_behavin on 19th Jul 2007 13:36.07
Waves Wicked interview B, hopefully see you soon Big grin

From: Aaron_Moorish on 19th Jul 2007 13:49.43
Was nice having a boogie in the Dj Booth with you @ Ruby This Year to that wicked mix of that Nightcrawlers track! Smile x

From: dimitry on 19th Jul 2007 14:20.33
Great interview,well done Bianca,
P.S. you gona love Cocoon in Frankfurt!!!

From: alan k on 19th Jul 2007 15:49.09
well done bianca wicked interview you deserve all the credit you get, some people will love you for it, some people will hate you for it thats just this world we live in , i know your not at the orange group anymore but i wish you all the best in the world for your career and your personal life.. all the love in the world . Al....
and i say "MUG" because thats exactly what you are, nothing more nothing less, remember ive worked along side you aswell, your are by far not the angel you would like people to think you are, on my travels through this life of mine ive met countless lemons like you but you are by far the biggest one,
piss of and let her have her day, this interview page is not the place for you to spread your poison " MUG"
steve you are a mug and what?

From: ~deleted9531 on 19th Jul 2007 15:53.18

From: AranB on 19th Jul 2007 16:10.12
Good to see you're happy B and doing what you love.

Love & respect, Az + Clare

From: maliksta on 19th Jul 2007 17:11.15
Always got mad love to give to Lady Bianca... I have known you for several years and love you to death.
keep rocking.

From: Steve Twist on 19th Jul 2007 19:35.11
interesting that she's not at Orange.
Alan but out - it's nothing to do with you. Bianca is more than capable of standing her own. She's a very strong, determined women( even at the expense of her friends) of getting exactly what she wants! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HER.

From: Steve Twist on 19th Jul 2007 21:21.00
btw hi Alan, not seen or heard you on here since....since.....that fabulous interview with....err......err yourself.
lol ;-)

From: Anastasia_k on 20th Jul 2007 08:46.28
Bianca your an inspiration. I have always had time for you and respected everything you do. You have got where you are because of your talent and commitment to the scene. Love ya x

From: Bosch on 20th Jul 2007 10:50.34
The 'girl' rocks!

From: Allan With 2 Ls on 20th Jul 2007 13:40.09
hahaha god this site is never short on Eastenders style bickering!

So what's the Bianca story then Steve... you cant leave us all clutching to an epidsode-ending cliffhanger without serving up the real meat...

Or is just more empty tittle tattle and bitching?

From: raving.looney on 20th Jul 2007 14:41.17
Who gives a shit what the story is!!! Have you people really not got anything better to do??? How very sad!

From: Lady Bianca on 20th Jul 2007 15:41.50
Thanks for your comments guys n gals!! Most of you have always shown me nothing but 100% support over the past 10 years and I will never forget that. I have partied with you and played tunes for you and I hope to be able to do that for many more years to come xxx

From: HouseBOYZ on 20th Jul 2007 17:18.16
Congratulations Lady B EXCELLENT interview!...every time i have met you you have been so sweet and kind, let along ROCKIN THE DESKS, so well done Smile

From: SAMSON on 20th Jul 2007 19:25.27

From: Danny Gilligan on 20th Jul 2007 20:42.04
Good to see things are going great guns for you babe, hope to see you out and about in the near future.

From: sunvisordude on 21st Jul 2007 10:29.42
i remember hearing bianca for the first time @ twist - i practically had to sit down. her dark hard gritty kinda stuff was so unique....not to mention the morning she played acid for over an hour! she won my Heartbeat straight away. love u bianca + well done on the labyrinth parties/leisure rooms in dalston...they were ace

From: ~deleted12163 on 21st Jul 2007 10:54.26
Bianca is fab, always has been. I first heard of her at Trinity @ Chunnel Club back in the mid nineties. Good to see she is doing so well for herself. You go girl..... keep up your great work.

From: Steve Twist on 21st Jul 2007 23:02.35
sunvisor....don't think Bianca ever played at Twist - lol

From: Buffboy on 21st Jul 2007 23:26.00
We luv ya Bianca.......Cant wait for Trade Brighton Pride Wink

From: alan k on 22nd Jul 2007 15:48.01
steve your right! you havent heard from me on this site for ages since my" er" interview but unlike you i have better and more important things that take up my time.


From: Steve Twist on 22nd Jul 2007 15:58.03
Alan, firstly never assume you are more important than me as it just makes you look like a 'MUG', secondly, when you gonna pop in for a drink Mr?

From: Allan With 2 Ls on 22nd Jul 2007 16:11.34
Bianca did play at Twist surely...

From: Allan With 2 Ls on 22nd Jul 2007 16:12.53
Steve Vs Alan HF celebrity boxing match... could hold it on Twist Hill. Bianca could referee. Topless in a pair of hotpants.

From: ~deleted1390 on 22nd Jul 2007 23:40.39
I haven't even read the interview yes. Somehow I just knew the comments should be checked out first.

Right, I'd best go and read it now then...

From: Devo on 23rd Jul 2007 10:00.21
Great interview. I'm sure you'll rock Ireland this weekend B. Gonna miss it myself though.

From: Lisa B on 23rd Jul 2007 11:31.31
Hey Chick
Wicked interview You are BRILLIANT!!!

Love you lots

Lisa B x

From: $CARLEY$ on 23rd Jul 2007 12:42.48
Hey Hey Bianca! I hear it's your birthday soonish and stef's , A brighton style Party is definatly on the menue i think Smile
Great Interview Kisses xxxxxxxxx

From: ck on 25th Jul 2007 09:11.25
Allan and Steve, grow up.

From: Allan With 2 Ls on 25th Jul 2007 10:48.57
Oh get a sense of humour CK! I have hardly been offensive in my comments!

In fact was just trying to make unbiased light of the needless bitching that goes on... !

I dont take all this too seriously!

From: SCOTTIE1 on 25th Jul 2007 10:53.18
great interview B and as you said the "Politics"well you got that right as it started straight away!!in the comm's.anway hope 2 cu soon and have a wee drink or 3 S xxx

From: russbush on 25th Jul 2007 12:53.22
Great read Bianca. was good to see you at vcr2

From: Marc Johnson on 26th Jul 2007 17:16.46
Nice interview Bianca, See you soon

From: Yojo - Cyberkitten on 28th Jul 2007 15:05.10
Top interview! Respect to Bianca Wink
Ladies RULE Mmmwwah! xx

From: fellowdjs on 3rd Aug 2007 18:53.38
Great Interview and yes she ROCKED Ireland: )

From: Ian Edwards on 5th Aug 2007 18:02.11
nice one babes..

From: Captain Tinrib on 8th Aug 2007 15:11.02
Lovely Job Mianca. Hope you made it outta Brighton ok this week. Sea you soon. Skippwhore x

From: Lady Bianca on 10th Aug 2007 17:38.35
Just made it back to the land of the living after Brighton! WOW what a party eh! Good to see ya skipwhore!
Thanks to everyone else on here showing your continued support... Hope to see ya out and about! xxxx

From: *Ting* on 16th Aug 2007 16:15.17
oi oi bianca! nice one lovely. Hope to see ya soon. xx

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