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Reported by Housechick / Submitted 23-05-07 11:33

It’s taking over the inner cities, warehouses and open spaces of countries worldwide. Psy-trance is the global phenomenon of the early 21st century. With Annarchy returning to South Africa things look set to continue that way. That’s not to say there’ll be chaos on the streets (apart from the rush for tickets and CDs), it’s just that Anna Heifetz is making her way back with a new album and an upcoming tour.

Israeli Anna, is one of the most diverse female psy / progressive artists. Also known as Annarchy, Anna H or Pi her sound is unique and intelligent, combining deep feeling with a fat rhythm, organic structures and great narrative while including such assorted styles as trip hop, electro and of course trance in her DJing. A professional sound engineer, she’s been releasing tracks since 2003 on some of the finest labels around the world such as Iboga, Flow Records, Nano, Domo and more. Of course playing the piano and even singing on some of her tracks have made her stand out from the crowd as an artist to take note of.

Highlights of her busy international tour schedule have included Universo Parallelo in Brazil, Glade Festival in England, Australia’s Earthcore, Origin Festival in South Africa, T.A.Z Festival and Doof festival both in Israel and Switzerland’s Happy people. Then there’s the writing music for movies, games and even fashion shows that keeps her busy when she’s not up on stage. Phew! Now there’s just enough time to catch up with her as she visits Johannesburg, South Africa with her Annarchy live act. Consisting of a live PA and a DJ set I found her three hour set at the Infected Mushroom's CD Launch party exhilarating. She managed to keep the crowd on the dance floor, stomping away non-stop.

Grabbing Anna after the set, I wanted to know more about her new album, what tours she has planned, how she would describe her music style and what led her to become a DJ. I also tapped her up for a little advice on behalf of all those upcoming psy-trance DJs everywhere!

When is your next CD coming out and what can we expect?

I am planning on releasing my debut album around August-September 2007. It took me about 3 years to do this album. The flow of it is very story like, it combines psy progressive trance with different feels - tribal, minimal, electro, there are a couple of freestyle/trip hop tunes as well as trance. I can definitely say its different sexy and original.

What do you think about South Africa?

This is my second visit to SA. To be honest, it is my most favourite place in the world. I played at Origin in Cape Town 2005, where I had the closing set. It was one of the most amazing moments for me.

Tell us what other countries you’ll be visiting over the coming months.

I will most probably be playing at the Vortex for the New Year party in Cape Town or next Easter. During the next few months I am about to visit England, Brazil and possibly Germany as well.

How would you describe your music style?

The music I make under my Annarchy guise can be described as psychedelic progressive trance I guess but its variable. I like to keep my mind and sets open for different styles. I love playing minimal as well, tech house, electro, trip hop, dub, breaks and more. Music for strange films plus I've made music for fashion shows / presentations. I have been writing a great deal of lyrics lately as I do a bit of singing on top of some of my tunes. My downbeat project is called Pi with the first tune released on Aleph Zero records later on this year, but most of my Pi project tracks have yet to be sent off to labels.

What led you to become a DJ?

I never thought about becoming a DJ, it just happened. I always had love for music and collected lots of it especially since I moved into the psychedelic world. A friend of mine was an owner of a bar and he invited me to play some music from my mini disk. I started to get booked for parties around and became resident for a few clubs in the south of Israel. From then on the road was clear to me. I never know what I will play. It’s always different, depending on the crowd and atmosphere. I always carry 3 CD cases on me, to make sure I have options.

What type of set do you prefer to play more, live or DJ?

I enjoy playing both a live and a DJ set. DJ sets are for building up your tunes, making a story. I love that! I love playing long sets especially for open spaces. Live sets are exciting as it’s an hour and a half of my music going, I sort it in a way that I can change it to match the vibe at the party so its great fun.

What advice do you have for up and coming DJs?

My advice is to always try unique and different things. And go with the flow, don’t fight it.

What is the philosophy that you live by?

Listen to yourself and make it happen!

Thank you, Anna. We look forward to hearing you at the New Year’s Vortex party in Cape Town!
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From: HouseGuy on 23rd May 2007 12:50.02
nice one babes

From: Dreamtemple on 26th May 2007 11:48.27
Add your comments here !Oh yes ! and she is playing tonight at Jacks Club London Bridge. Dj Set and Live set...showcasing her new album "Inertia" . This girl ROCKS...

From: kimba_lee on 27th May 2007 13:01.30
Waves Heartbeat Hi you guys.

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