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Take a trip down the 3 way

Reported by JC-TAKTIKAL / Submitted 16-05-07 11:33

Being able to play a good warm up set is a rare talent. Not too hard, not too soft, even more so then any other set of the night, you could say the first hour or so is the Goldilocks period, it’s got to be just right to get the night off to a good start. So what happens when you throw three, yes three, DJs together to get things going?

From the very first instalment of YES! back in December 2005, their unique brand of warm up has become simply legendary, so much so that fresh faced DJs have been tripping over each other for a chance to show us all what they’re made of! The formula is simple, but very effective. We take 3 seriously talented up n’ coming DJ’s from the London circuit, throw all of them into the Hidden DJ booth for 2 hours, let them slog it out between them back 2 back 2 back, while we all dance our arses off! Previous 3 way versus goers have gone onto seriously big things including Ben Gold, Dave Irvine, Gary Optim and Frase so we choose our comrades very carefully as these guys have set a high standard! This time round its Martin Begley, James Terry and Ali Cantor’s turn to tear it up and because these guys are so fresh and enthusiastic, what better way to start what will be an historic event at Hidden.
Book your ringside seat now and experience the most innovative start to any event.

First of all, hi guys and cheers for doing this little interview for us. Can you each give us a brief introduction and tell us a bit about how you began DJing?

Begley: Back in 2001 I was involved in a charity night called Moderation, at the Electrowerkz. The night was a huge success and apart from raising over £1000 for the NSPCC, gave me the opportunity to play out for the first time!

Cantor: I started going out and about in London around 2001, fell in love with all the music I heard in the clubs and began mixing about 4 years ago. In the last year I’ve started making a concerted effort to get gigs.

Terry: I started listening to trance and hard house in secondary school and started going clubbing in 2000. I bought my first pair of decks in late 2002, a pair of belt drives, which were the worst decks ever. My first set was at Addiction in 2004 and it’s all gone from there really.

James Terry

Mr Begley, you are a resident down at the legendary Purple Turtle and have been smashing the place to pieces for 6 months or so now. How did it feel when you were asked after your first set there to be a resident?

B: Really chuffed is the simple answer! As you say, it was my first ever booking there. I hadn’t played in a while and was very excited anyway. I played my set, which I really enjoyed and was asked soon after to be the new ressie. How could I refuse?

You have also played at The Turtle Ali, how did your first gig there come about?

C: I met the legend that is Lorenzo Barrero while buying my records from MAD in Soho. He was always there when I went down, we became quite good friends and I always gave him any CDs I had made. After he took on a larger role at Byte, he asked me to play and has had me back a few times since. I always enjoy playing there; friendly crowd, cheap drinks and the chance to see some awesome DJs for 2 quid!

James, I understand you played over in Ibiza last summer, being a relative new comer to the scene that must have been a great achievement?

T: I had only been playing out a short while and was asked to play the Addiction Cream pre party and for Wildchild the following year. I love Ibiza and had an amazing time over there. I would drop everything to go and play out there again. I fear for the islands future though, it’s lost a lot of its original character and tranquillity.

Ali Cantor

James, you were also booked to play quite a few times at the legendary Addiction last year, it was a wicked party you must have enjoyed your sets down there?

T: It was a wicked party, I had some fantastic times down there and made a lot of good friends. The line-ups were always of good taste and the DJs would always give it their best, you could really feel that from the crowd. I ran out of excuses for taking a sick day on Fridays in the end.

Ali, can you tell us about the events you play at down in sunny Brighton and how these gigs came about?

C: I spend quite a lot of time in Brighton as I’ve got loads of mates who live there, some of whom play for nights there. I’ve had a few gigs at great parties like TNT and Vibealive, just from making contacts and distributing CDs really. I used to run a little night with some friends called Relapse down there a few years ago too, which I played at a couple of times. It was a great taster for the delights of playing music for other people’s enjoyment.

I understand your booking for YES! came after a certain crack on crew fell in love with your demo CD one Sunday morning! How did that feel?

C: Obviously it felt great. That crack on crew includes some people who needless to say possess flawless taste in music. That my demo impressed them enough to land me a set at YES! is massively flattering and I hope to go at least some way towards repaying the compliment by smashing it on the 19th![/b]

Martin, I understand you have been in the studio lately, can you shed a little light on that for us please?

B: Yes, I’ve had a couple of studio sessions recently with Ali Wilson, which I’m really excited about! Anyone who’s heard Ali’s productions will know he’s a major talent, so to get the chance is great. The track we’re working on is groovy and techy, but fundamentally trance. It’s not far from completion so watch this space! Hopefully the first of many

Martin Begley

Ok, just to give the people an insight as to what audio delights we can expect to hear from the 3 of you on the night, can you each answer these questions:

Who is your favourite Producer?

C: Ali Wilson and his various production partners are fantastic and John O’Callaghan has been excellent recently. Thomas Bronzwaer is also wicked.

B: Ali Wilson at the Mo!

T: I can’t possibly pick one, that’s just crazy! Kobaya also has been making some stormers, Space Manoeuvres have always brought refreshing tunes to the table and Gleave’s productions have just been getting better and better.

What is your favourite label?

C: Tekelec for sheer innovation and consistency. A honourable mention to all the Armada imprints, Yakuza, Five AM, and loads more.

B: Tekelec!

T: Sway, Jesus Loved You, Detox, Omega Records.

Who is your favourite DJ?

C: Too many to mention; best set I’ve seen for ages though has to be Matt Hardwick at Electronic Sessions 1st Birthday.

B: Carl Cox

T: James Zabiela for his technical skills and Paul Van Dyk for his ace crowd reading tune selection.

And can you each describe your individual sound in 3 words?

C: Full spectrum trance!

B: Tough, Funky and Uplifting! With added Magpie! (That looks like 7 to me – Ed)

T: Wait and SEE!

Photos courtesy of Martin Begley, James Terry and Ali Cantor. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Yes! is back
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 19th May
At: Hidden [map]

From: 9pm till 6am
Cost: £10 early birds MOTD
Ticket Info: Ticket hotline – 07946568839
Early bird tickets £10 MOTD

More: Yes! is back
@ Hidden May 19th 2007
9pm till 6am

The leaves sit still in an ominous calm, the singing birds begin to fly east as the sky begins to darken and the clouds roll in from the west with sinister intention. A silent whisper falls over the streets of London accompanied by a sullen, threatening roar, the people are talking. An electrifying flash of blue strikes in the horizon, the air is hot, humid and intoxicating. The whisper begins to get louder and louder and louder until the whisper is no more the only words to be heard are… YES! is BACK!

The first ever Yes! concept was unveiled in London on December 3rd 2005. Celebrating the establishing of tech-trance imprint TEKELEC records by Ali Wilson and the signing of the studio’s resident producers Lee Osborne and Matt Smallwood. The event was only ever meant to be a one off party but the success soon began to rollercoaster and take on a life of its own. Innovative in their design the Yes! musical programming refused to conform, fusing tech-trance, electro, breaks and minimal into one genre defying element of sound few could resist. Combining exclusive ‘never seen before’ performances from across the globe and homegrown pioneers, Yes! soon became the most talked about event in London.

After a number of successful show stopping events starring dance music revolutionaries such as John Askew, Stoneface & Terminal, Scott Bond, Ronski Speed, Ian Betts, Max Cooper, Rebekah, Electrilogy, Tom Real and Raw Hedroom the Yes! team are back and the formula more potent than ever before. The dance floor revolution has begun… sit up and take notice, this is how it’s done! Just Say YES!

Staying true to form, the YES! team have pulled out all the stops for this roadblock of an event, and the two headlining acts for this special night are none other than Dutch superstars….

….MAC ZIMMS and M.I.D.O.R!!

YES! are never fearful to be at the forefront of the scene and are always looking to display fresh, new talent in their DJ line ups and offer something to the clubbers that nobody in London has done before. This party is no exception as we welcome, with his first ever UK appearance, M.I.D.O.R! Rutger Van Bostelen (M.I.D.O.R) has recently shot to fame due to consistently delivering the goods from the studio in his home land of Holland, to dance floors all over the globe! He now boasts a discography that any producer would be proud of that spans over 20 different labels, and a now gruelling worldwide DJ schedule. (You can check out his latest offerings on FiveAM at

Appearing alongside his fellow Dutch superstar will be long time serving and all round Techno and Trance legend, MAC ZIMMS! Mac has been destroying dance floors for 15 years and has put out well over 100 original tracks, so to say we are proud to have him on board, is a slight understatement!! He regularly visits the US, Canada, South Africa, Asia and all over Europe, and on Saturday May 19th it’s London’s turn to see the master at work! With the fresh new sounds of MIDOR, and the legendary stature of Mac Zimms, this is one party you do not want to miss. Book your place on the dance floor now and be part of the revolution once again…

YES! is Back!

The Soundbox: Yes! is back!

M.I.D.O.R (UK Exclusive)
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood (TEKELEC Showcase)
Lee Osborne (Reborn Recordings Showcase)
K&L (World Exclusive)
Phil Metcalf
James Terry Vs Martin Begley Vs Ali Cantor

The Terrace: Duuurty electro house MUSEX!

Tim Davison (The Gallery)
Dave Irvine (The Gallery)
Chris Rayner (Inhale)
Stuart Edwards
Si Barber Vs Richie La Rue (Formula)
Jake B
Duff J

Ticket hotline – 07946568839
Early bird tickets £10 MOTD

Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Tech Trance. House. Deep House. Funky House. Prog House. Tribal House. US House. Acid Techno. Deep Techno. Funky Techno. Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: M.I.D.O.R (UK Exclusive)
Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood (TEKELEC Showcase)
Lee Osborne (Reborn Recordings Showcase)
K&L (World Exclusive)
Phil Metcalf
James Terry Vs Martin Begley Vs Ali Cantor

The Terrace: Duuurty electro house MUSEX!

Tim Davison (The Gallery)
Dave Irvine (The Gallery)
Chris Rayner (Inhale)
Stuart Edwards
Si Barber Vs Richie La Rue (Formula)
Jake B
Duff J

Who's Going? (25) : Alan-Banks, Ali Wilson, BEANY~, BiohazardTwist, Carine, dave_irvine, dirty harry, Elvis, Ferret, Ian Edwards, James Terry, JC-TAKTIKAL, Lee Osborne, Lorenzo Barrero, luke warner, Martin Begley, Matt Church, Matt Smallwood, Neil English, Nikki S, niknak, sinisterhq, SoSoph, Tim Davison, YES! 

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From: JC-TAKTIKAL on 16th May 2007 12:06.01
wooooooooooop wooooooop come on the boys!

From: Matt Smallwood on 16th May 2007 12:53.09
Really looking forward to this, the party is gonna be rocking from start to finish, wooo hoooo! Not long now peeps! Thumbs up

From: Lee Osborne on 16th May 2007 12:59.33
Yes! 3 Djs that will get the place rocking! Smile

From: Martin Begley on 16th May 2007 13:05.31
Yes Yes Yes! Cannot wait for Satuday, it's gonna be muchos fun Smile

From: JC-TAKTIKAL on 16th May 2007 13:16.13
again thanks to Matt Smallwood for doing the interview Smile

From: Becka on 16th May 2007 22:26.54
The three way sets were ledgenary! Really good way to kick of the night and get everyone warmed up, hope it goes well guy's. Hope you cope without moi! :-P

From: Mike Harris on 17th May 2007 00:52.03
Better watch out guys, the Terry is technically superb and has brilliant taste in music, very unique and not the same old rubbish, he will rip it up guaranteed!

Hopefully see you there but as i have a plumbing course on this weekend its looking unlikely ill make it!

Rock on James! Thumbs up

From: James Terry on 17th May 2007 15:11.48
Great picture choice JC!!

Thanks for the kind comments mr Harris hopefully see you there. Can't wait!!!

From: Nikki S on 18th May 2007 14:43.11
Love your style Martino!

From: Lorenzo Barrero on 21st May 2007 21:47.06
Wicked interview guys!

Thanks for the mention Mr Cantor! Thumbs up

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