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There’s a Re:Form on The Horizon

Zoology 5th Birthday Preview with Altern 8

Reported by Latex Zebra / Submitted 01-11-06 01:22

Altern 8 were arguably one of the biggest names in rave during the very early 90s. With their famous face mask and boiler suit get up as well as the quirky naming conventions used for their tunes, they were an act that stood out from the crowd, and helped pioneer the scene at that time.

They appeared on Top of the Pops and ran in the General Election; in short, they where completely bonkers, and just the kind of people needed to help Zoology celebrate its 5th Birthday. Original member Mark Archer and former MC; MkOne now make up Altern 8. In the run up to their set for us, I got the masses at HarderFaster to help me come up with some interview questions, threw a few in myself and here is Mark with the answers.

Where did the name come from?

The group was supposed to be called Alien-8, but when the label copies came back — it said Altern 8, so it stuck as that. The original idea came from a rock group that Chris was in at his school called alien-8 and he really liked the name, as it was just a side project — we just thought it would do.

How do you think today’s clubbing scene compares to the original rave scene?

I don’t really have a lot to do with today’s (meaning new music) at the moment as I’ve been playing the old skool circuit for a while and don’t get much chance to go clubbing. I did go to a club in Stoke called Reckless which was more of a funkier house night — really good atmosphere, very similar to the old skool vibe. But there is always more emphasis on fashion these days than there was back then. As far as music goes, I’ve always loved my techno and am more into the techier side of house, nothing too minimal; it’s got to have a tune to it.

You got up to all sorts of antics when you first started out, are there any stories that haven’t been told that you can share with us?

Most of them were covered really and there are obviously ones I can’t talk about! There was one instance in Ireland, in the early 90s, where the rest of the group were virtually kidnapped and told to play a set before they were released!! Lucky they didn’t carry all the gear round eh?

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played?

It would have to be between an Amnesia house event at Donnington Park and New Years Eve, 1991, in Birmingham — both had huge crowds and were ace for different reasons.

What about the best venue you’ve ever played at?

There have been loads but Shelley’s was always a favourite place to play because of the home crowd.

Is there a place they haven’t yet played but would like to?

Never been to Australia — so wouldn’t mind going there.

What’s your favourite old skool tune?

Old skool means different things to different people. I guess ‘Release Yourself’ by Aleem is my fave. But if you’re talking rave era old skool then it would be Plus One — ‘It’s Happenin’.

Do you ever get bored of playing old material?

Never, I get the same buzz every time. I still get goose bumps when a tune drops and you see the crowd go off.

What djs make you dance?

Depends on where I am. Good dj’s can make you dance, however, the ones who can’t mix and clash beats make me stop. I’ve been dj’ing on an internet radio station for the last year called PirateRevival and most of the djs on there could definitely make you dance — well they do me anyway — they’re class.

What kind of events do you get booked for these days? Is it all old skool parties, apart from your upcoming Zoology set of course?

Yeah, mostly old skool events, or backrooms of other events, festivals, like the Glade festival where we played the Bangface tent (absolute class event) and the SonarSound festival in Japan, where we wore limited edition white suits with the Japanese flag on the back, that kind of thing, and Bangface in Islington — not strictly an old skool event — but an amazing place to play.

The little girl who said ‘top one, nice one, get sorted’, has she gone on to have her own solo career in the music industry? Do you know what she is up to now?

Nope, not seen her really since then, but I know that she’d be around 18 now — lol!

Hard dance has a habit of ripping off classics from back in the day. How come, luckily, none of your tunes have been rehashed by the hard dance community?

Don’t know but I’m glad.

What do you think of hard dance as a whole?

It’s really not my thing at all. I only tend to listen to what I like or what I think I will like, if you get me.

What kit did/do you use to make all your tunes?

Still got my Atari 1040 and a few bits of outboard gear, they still work... just about.

What kind of styles are you producing now? Do you have any new stuff in the pipeline?

I’ve done various stuff since Altern 8: house, US garage, nu skool breaks, drum and bass, some 80s inspired house and funkier stuff, what ever I’m into like. I’m doing a remix of a tune called ‘Quasar’ for Paul Blackford at the moment and have recently finished a remix of Unique 3’s ‘The Theme’. They’re in new techy kind of styles so that I can play them out, as I also dj new tunes as well as oldskool. I’ve been a bit quiet for the last two years as I’ve concentrated on the djing etc., but am getting back into the studio work big time now.

What kind of stuff will you be playing at Zoology’s 5th Birthday?

Classics from between 88 and 93, a few anthems and some forgotten faves.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to your appearance at Zoology.

Photos courtesy of Altern 8. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Zoology's 5th Birthday
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 3rd November
At: CLUB 414 [map]

From: 10pm till 6am
Cost: £10 all night - £8 with Flyer/Paying Guest list Full names to
Ticket Info: Full names to
More: Yep, 5 years of Zoology. We're really quite impressed with ourselves. What started out as a bit of fun has gone onto to be a party that has earned a reputation for fun, whilst at the same time never skimping on the music. We've had DJs like Ed Real, Andy Whitby, DJ Wag, The *Ting*, Steve Blake, Marc French and a whole host of others. We've teamed up, at the 414, with parties like Frantic and Party Proactive. We've hosted rooms at some of the biggest events in London. On top of that we've featured in DJ Magazines Top 5 Nights in London and Top 10 Nights in the Land on several occasions. All in all, we've done quite a bit.
Enough hype though.
It's not often you get the chance to see an act that had a couple of top 40 hits at a club the size of 414. Still it's not often that a party gets to celebrate it's 5th Birthday. So as the latter is happening we decided the former should to.
It's not secret now but Old Skool Legends Altern 8 will be coming along to give a set of ultimate party music. These will be the tunes that maybe got you into Dance Music or for those old timers among you kept you into it.
Altern 8 consists of Mark Archer and Chris Peat, they originally started out as a pure Techno act called Nexus 21, soon after they stormed the charts as Altern 8 with Infiltrate 202 and Activ-8. These where followed up by tracks like Evapor 8 and Hypnotic St8. They where known for many things other than their rave anthems like their boiler suit and face mask get up, setting up all manner of fictitious stories to aid their publicity and standing as local election candidates in the 2003 General Election.
Since then Mark Archer has gone onto various other successes including the House Anthem Bells of New York by Slo Moshun. Mark has also a few New Skool Breaks tracks under his belt, working with the legendary Rennie Pilgrem among others.

So there you have it, everything you needed to know about Altern 8 in a couple of Paragraphs.

What else do we have planned for the night I hear you ask.
Well joining the Zoology residents will be Puzzle Project/ Swamp and Alumni resident Mad Phil. Phil has supported Zoology since the very early days and he is the only local DJ truly worthy enough of playing at our 5th Birthday.
The 414 will be dressed for the night and I'm sure there will be plenty of CD give always and party bags stuffed full of stuff that will clutter your house for, well, a little while anyway.
The early response to this party has been quite unexpected and we will be putting a limit on how many people get into the club, after all there is no fun partying if there is no room to move. Early arrival is the only way to ensure you're in the club and are partying along with us.
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. HardStyle. House. Hard House. Prog House. Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: Altern-8
Phil Lankester
Latex Zebra
Markus Buhmann

Who's Going? (59) : Adam Symbiosis, anders, annieree, anushka007, B.S.E, BakLash Sister, Barry Harding, bennett, Big Anders, BottleofWater, Brucemclaren, cheerio, ck, Clare Mclaren, CookieMonsta, D'Scrace, Daniel K, Dave_Logic, Delbee, DJ Forth, DJ Widow, DJ Zone, Elvis, Flip, guy garrett, Hard House Lady, HHL, Hot Chips, Janie Mac, King_of_Sketch, Little God Zeus, madphil, Manne, Markus, Matt Church, Merc, Miles Gorfy, Miss Guided, Mizz_behavin, moggyy, monkee980, Moysey, nige_n, paul jack, PlusOne, Puppies, raving_pixie, RedCaT, SAMSON, Sats, Scouser, sexyminx, Steve Hitch, TheGeneral, Timmy Whiz, Ualda, vixta, Zem, ~deleted1390 
HF Photographer: vixta HF Reviewer: Adam Symbiosis

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The views and opinions expressed in this review are strictly those of the author only for which HarderFaster will not be held responsible or liable.

From: ~deleted1390 on 1st Nov 2006 08:37.09
Cool. Smile

From: Zem on 1st Nov 2006 08:53.50
Damn I really wanted you to ask if they have sex in their masks! Tantrum

From: B.S.E on 1st Nov 2006 10:14.48
Your a wrong'un Liz... But now I'm curious too!

From: Zem on 1st Nov 2006 10:54.29
I'll buy you a drink if you ask them on Friday...

From: ~deleted1390 on 1st Nov 2006 11:06.41
Laughs out loud

From: Timmy Whiz on 1st Nov 2006 13:01.52
so cant wait for this, these guys ave been my idols for fookin years - its all about the mask.......

From: DJ Lusty on 1st Nov 2006 20:46.16
I wonder if they will do anymore 'pull up and play' stunts like Shelleys car park in stoke on trent all those years and years ago...

It was fucking MINT!!

From: bennett on 2nd Nov 2006 00:48.00
they were well before my time but seeing them at the 414 is an opportunity not to be missed! an amzing booking the zoo crew! Not worthy...

From: phil lankester on 2nd Nov 2006 10:32.17
Legends!!! I think Timmy Whiz could be the 3rd member!


From: Timmy Whiz on 2nd Nov 2006 17:49.58
Laughs out loud you know that!!

From: sexyminx on 3rd Nov 2006 19:09.56
Wicked interview Woooooot! can't wait to hear you guys tonight. See you all at Zoology Woohoo oo oo oo

From: anushka007 on 7th Nov 2006 18:00.04
OMG that was fuking amazing experience Not worthy...
Happy bday Zoology!

From: sexyminx on 21st Nov 2006 16:28.53
What a PHAT night, nice one Zoology & Altern-8 Nuff respect innit

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