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The Viceroy talks about djing, Vaccine, and where that name comes from

Reported by Stix / Submitted 07-06-06 19:27

The Viceroy is part of a new breed emerging on the scene, not just as a talented dj and producer but also promoter of one of the most exciting new trance parties in the UK. With a residency at one of the UK’s best nights, gigs alongside some of the best djs in the world and productions being played by the likes of Paul van Dyk, it’s hard to imagine that he is still only 20 years old.

The Viceroy co-runs Vaccine with fellow resident Ben Beaton, which takes over the third room at The Gallery, Turnmills every month, putting on the best new names in trance before anyone else. This month we caught up with him before another massive Vaccine on Friday 16 June with Fred Baker and Alex MORPH and with Sister Bliss, Perry O Neil, Ozgur Can and Remy in the main room.

Firstly, how are we on this fine day, what have you been up to?

I’m very well thanks, been working hard on the Vaccine lineups for the summer but also busy in the studio putting some finishing touches to a few new bits and bobs which I will be unleashing over the next few weeks. So all is very good with me!

Talk us through how you ended up being part of Vaccine and at The Gallery, how did it all start?

Well I met Ben Beaton down at one of the Vaccine parties after it had been going only a few months on a Thursday night, his original co promoter had just had to drop out and we ended up having a massive night out. Somewhere along the line it was decided with the help of Gavyn Mytchel, who I had been working for at Turnmills, that we should do it together and see if we could take it further.

That we did and started promoting the hell out of the Thursday parties,putting on some pretty unique line-ups. We were the first to have Ernesto vs Bastian, Phynn and Misja Helsloot, as well as doing collaborations with big names like Serious. After a while we were attracting the attention of The Gallery, they asked me to play at their Nu Breed night in Dec 2005 along with Sander van Doorn and John Askew, which was a massive privilege: I was still only 19 and was playing main room Gallery which was amazing!

At around the same time the idea was floated for us to come and do this room at The Gallery once a month with a bigger budget and try and create unique lineups with new, exciting djs from Europe, UK and rising stars from around London, which I think we have tried to do.

Your next Vaccine at The Gallery is on Friday 16 June. For those who don’t know about Vaccine explain a little about the thinking behind it?

Our June 16th line-up is a perfect example of what we try to do. Alex MORPH a producer who everyone is playing and a wicked dj, and is coming to headline with Fred Baker, who has been consistently pushing out some of the best techy trance tunes for years. Joining them will be Joey V, a young up and coming dj from the southwest of England and Mat Lock, a great dj from in and around London, as well as Ben Beaton the other resident and myself,

It’s a great blend of all things trance in a great little atmosphere of that third room, with its nice sound system, lots of crowd and dj interaction and with two other rooms of amazing music going on next door as well!! Who could ask for anything more?!

What is in store for Vaccine over the coming months and where do you see it going?

We have some more UK debuts over the next few months, a live PA and some exciting up and coming London and UK djs as well. As for the future, there is something really big in the pipeline for late summer, which will be announced soon, but Vaccine is always going to be about putting on the best new talent and djs that no one else would book.

It’s funny that after booking some of our unique headliners that a few months later other UK nights have decided to take the risk and book them as well. We are going to carry on taking risks and put the best talent on that no one else does.

You are also a busy dj as well as running Vaccine, tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to of late and coming up?

Well last weekend I ended up playing at The Gallery arena at the Love Leeds Festival along Judge Jules, Marco V, Sander van Doorn, Tall Paul and others, was mental, played a massive tent in Leeds which was slightly surreal!!

Djing-wise for the month ahead, got some wicked gigs coming up this month, playing down at Absolution in Bristol as well as the Honey Club in Brighton at the beginning of June. Vaccine is on 16th June where I am playing in between Alex MORPH and Fred Baker and then playing for the Gallery at the Mission club in Leeds on June 23rd with Riley and Durrant, Scott Bond and Adam Sheridan, so a fair few miles to travel this month!!

I notice from your latest biography that you’ve recently got into the studio, so what gems can we look forward to?

I’ve just finished a load of new tracks, which are all coming out. The Viceroy vs Karl G — ‘Perception’ will be coming out shortly, with a Kuffdam and Plant remix on Vaccine Digital. It’s got some wicked support on this from the likes of Paul van Dyk, Johan Gielen, Jon O Bir and many more which has been really positive.

I teamed up with Ehren Stowers to do a track called ‘Way of Life’, which will be coming out on Monster Tunes around October time. John Askew and Chris Hampshire have just snapped up my first solo production ‘End Game’ for their Flux Delux label, which is really exciting. I’m back in the studio over the summer to finish off a few more bits and bobs!!

What djs and producers have really impressed you as a promoter and also as a dj?

There is such a wealth of talent around not only in the UK but also abroad. Ben and I listen to about 50 to 60 demos a week from big names to bedroom djs and are continually impressed.

All of the headliner djs we have had so far in doing the Gallery have been spot on, including Ronald van Gelderen, Cosmic Gate, Yves Deruyter, Kyau vs Albert and Jon O Bir so far.

But also the local and rising talent we book have all played wicked sets, from the likes of Ben Gold, Jurrane, Alan Banks, Simon Bostock, Si Tizzard, James Simmons and Karl G, and these are only the ones we have booked since February, notwithstanding some of the amazing sets from when we use to do Thursday nights and some of the DJs we have coming up later this year, including Barry Connell from Goodgreef who mark my words is going to tear up London when he plays for us!

Other djs and producers that I rate out there which haven’t played at Vaccine yet have to be people like K.A.R.L, Frase, Alex Buck, Adam Coppack, Dave Irvine and Gary Optim — there are so many out there, I could go on listing for hours, it’s a good sign for the scene in my opinion.

And finally where does the dj name The Viceroy come from?

Haha, well this story changes every time and there are several but you can choose from any of these options: the character in Star Wars, a political term of a governor of India or an Indian restaurant in Bristol. The choice is yours!!!

You can catch The Viceroy at his residency at Vaccine @ The Gallery, Turnmills on Friday 16 June, along with Alex MORPH, Sister Bliss, Fred Baker, Perry O Neil, Remy, Ozgur Can, KARL, Ben Beaton, Mat Lock, Joey V and many more….

More info on The Viceroy can be found at

For info on Vaccine check out and

All photos courtesy of The Viceroy. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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From: Jurrane on 7th Jun 2006 19:39.54
One of the genuine nice guys in the scene and a hell of a promoter and DJ to boot. Congratulations Tom: both yourself and Vaccine deserve every success and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us later this year. Vaccine goes from strength to strength! Big grin

From: K.A.R.L. on 7th Jun 2006 20:04.44
Tom is one of the nicest guys I know & a quality dj. You deserve all the success you get mate. He's not afraid to take risks as a promoter which is brilliant (imo) and a true asset to the London scene.

Roll on the 16th which will be an awesome night. Thumbs up

From: Mike Harris on 7th Jun 2006 20:16.11
Wicked interview !!!

Looks like your a right busy chappy at the moment mate,
Must say i am quite excited about hearing your productions and playing the Love Leeds festival must of been amazing, top stuff Tom.
And what can I say about Vaccine, superb line-up's time and time again, mixing massive old & new breed euro dj stars and up & coming local talent, awesome stuff!
Wicked party and a top bloke!
All the best mate and thoroughly deserved! Thumbs up

From: Glyn Waters on 7th Jun 2006 20:16.45
Top bloke, nice 1 Tom Big grin

From: Tina Martin on 7th Jun 2006 20:38.56
Wicked interview Thomas! This man is one of the most dedicated promoters that I know and his hard work is certainly paying off! And not a bad dj either Wink Vaccine rocks..! See you on 16th! Thumbs up

From: Becka on 7th Jun 2006 21:04.03
Nice one hun! x

From: Alex Buck on 7th Jun 2006 22:25.14
Yeah, this bloke gets around a bit Wink and yet still finds the time to produce as well. Don't know how you do it! Really looking forward to June Vaccine....and maybe I'll be there in July Scratches Chin

From: Greg Blaquiere on 7th Jun 2006 22:30.13
Good on ya Tom. Hope your studies aren't suffering with all this DJ/Promoter/Producer malarkey!?

From: little gem on 7th Jun 2006 23:05.37
nice one tom!! hope you're well. big mwah, gem xx

From: Mat Lock on 8th Jun 2006 10:52.43
Oi Oi Saveloy !! Nice one Tom, excellent stuff. Well deserving of all the success you have had and to come ;wave:

See you on the 16th Woooooot!

From: Alan-Banks on 8th Jun 2006 11:14.01
A genuine bloke. A hard working legend of the london scene.

Vaccine is truely the most upfront night and London is lucky to have it

Nice work Tom - see you on the 16th

From: Ben Beaton on 8th Jun 2006 12:52.13
Tom im proud of you! Its a pleasure to have you with me at Vaccine and your a truely great guy to have on board. Respect.

Great interview too!!!

Rock on for the 16th everyone!

Ben Beaton

From: dave_irvine on 8th Jun 2006 13:00.49
nice interview, keep uo the good work tom!

From: michaeltrance on 8th Jun 2006 13:48.16
Vaccine really is making a unique contribution to the London trance scene - with a real eye for quality, and individuality.

From: Andy Dunford on 8th Jun 2006 14:11.19
Vaccine has come along at just the right time with a couple of other trance promotions having been stopped. I'm always excited by the line-ups as well, usually producer/djs rather than dj/producers but adding good variety to a scene that can go a bit stale if we see the same djs week in week out. Keep up the good work!

From: Ben Beaton on 8th Jun 2006 17:23.02
Thanks, we will matey!!

From: on 8th Jun 2006 18:41.35
I think i can echo pretty much the sentiments above, Tom is a friend first & a fucking good dj second.

Some of his forthcoming productions are no doubt going to be in the top of some well known jocks record boxes in the very near future!

With Vaccine going from strength to strength, the forthcoming years are going be very rewarding for this hard working young man!

All the best & keep up the good work pal!

From: prehabDJ on 8th Jun 2006 20:07.48
Good interview mate. Always like your sets and you're a great crack the other side of the decks too. Keep up the good work

From: Rick D on 8th Jun 2006 22:07.24
pretty much waht's been said above, a top bloke, putting on a top night, with top lineups!!! Oh, he ain't bad behind the decks either Wink

From: Menthol Taz on 9th Jun 2006 02:59.37
Nice one Tom x

From: garyoptim on 9th Jun 2006 11:51.30
very interesting read keep it up tom! glad to hear the producing is going so well and we all know how well vaccine is goin. all the best. a great talent and someone having a big influence on the music scene in so many ways... infact I think in everyway possible! top man.

From: paul jack on 9th Jun 2006 12:47.59
on wards and upwards Tom!

From: KarlG on 9th Jun 2006 18:39.24
thoroughly nice chap! great behind the decks and computer, was one of the most hilarious and productive experiences making a song with him - and cheers again for having me play at vaccine cheeky chops - look forward to coming down for a stomp soon!

oh, and remember - don't tap it, whack it!

From: Ian Edwards on 10th Jun 2006 00:17.31
wicked stuff mate, and a pleasure playing for you.

From: Not Marcus on 12th Jun 2006 12:39.59
Nice work. Looking forward to Friday, I'll be spending a fair chunk of the evening in the Juno rooms methinks. Thumbs up

From: Ehren Stowers on 13th Jun 2006 16:54.32
keep it up mate. Its always a pleasure working with you Smile

From: Anil Chawla on 14th Jun 2006 11:37.23
Nice work Tom, interesting read Smile

Catch up soon fella.

From: James Terry on 17th Jun 2006 16:22.59
Wicked bloke, top interview!

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