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Interview with Ms ?

Reported by clubchick / Submitted 13-02-06 12:38

It’s been way too long since I last interviewed this female DJ, February 2004 to be exact. She’s an Irish girl that came over to London to conquer the music scene, and boy has she done that!

She’s got a whole lot of passion for music, dance, people, life and most of all, London. She’s a genuine fun loving girl, but believe it or not, doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol and still goes to church when she gets the time. Have a go at my quiz and figure out who she is.

1. She and her friends promoted a regular club night called Spiritualised?
2. She was in the TV docu-series The Joy of Decks (in November 2003) and narrowed down from 300 contestants to just 4. Each of the 4 chosen for the finals had a mentor, Sister Bliss, Roni Size, Mr C, Tom Middleton etc.
3. She’s also won all these Dj competitions; — The Cyberdog Hard Trance DJ Competition (2001), Trevor Rockcliffe’s Stomp Techno Competition (2004) and The Ascension Awards House National Dj Comp (2004 where she played at WMF Club, Berlin).

And finally, she hit the jackpot last May 2005 as one of her all time dreams came true… she got to play on tour with the most famous DJ in the world, the man himself — Carl Cox on his summer tour Carl Cox and Friends, all over France, playing to crowds of 4000 people. Any ideas? Answers on a postcard please!

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me, but when you’re around this DJ, you are simply gobsmacked at the amount of energy she oozes from every pore. Her high energy sets and positive, fun attitude has got her far in her young career. She has taken off so much over the last few years from a bedroom DJ to playing with the most established DJs as mentioned above, Carl Cox but also Tiesto and Sasha. She travelled with the elite and had the time of her life. From playing in the VIP rooms in Cannes Film Festival, to Redbox in Dublin and enjoyed every minute of it. Phew, I’m tired already! She just loves her music, making people dance but still makes time for her charity work. It’s my pleasure to introduce you one of the friendliest, talented, energetic female DJs — it’s Clodagh.

Hey Clodagh, a lot has happened since you exploded onto the music scene 3 years ago after your debut on The Joy of Decks docu-series. Tell us what you’ve been up to (I’m not sure I can fit it all into one interview, but we’ll give it a go…. hehehe)

Hey Colette! Thanks for the interview, wow, so much stuff has happened since The Joy of Decks! The main thing been that Carl Cox saw me on the show and when I emailed him saying how much I’d like to play with him, he wanted to hear some demos and then he invited me to be his warm up Dj on tour in France in May 2005! Unbelievable that my hero Carl Cox, one of the biggest DJs in the world wanted me to go on tour with him!! After that I got invited back to headline the Bazar Club in Marseilles, the South of France and 700 people came to hear me play! I played for 4 hours and didn’t want to stop. Then I got invited back to play at La Dune in Toulouse, to play after Tiesto at the Autumn Electronic Music Festival! I also played in Bulgaria with Chris Liberator & D.A.V.E. the Drummer and headlined gigs in Poland, Italy and Tunisia! I now have a residency in Tunisia playing once a month plus I just got back from playing in Algeria! Imagine, I’m the first ever female DJ to play in Algeria! How cool is that!! To be a part of bringing dance music to a new country is a really great feeling.

I know everyone wants to know, what was your experience of playing with Carl Cox on his tour last summer in sunny France?

Sunny France??? HaHa! It rained nearly every day I was in France! Anyway Carl Cox is a fantastic person, he is the most passionate Dj I’ve ever met. He truly loves music and DJing and honestly cares and plays for the people who come to hear him play! He was always talking music and was always searching for new tunes. He was so encouraging and is a real positive person to be around.

We had a right laugh! All the gigs were fantastic. The tour actually started in Dublin, Ireland at the RedBox, which was really special, he told me the crowd wouldn’t have minded if I had played all night long! That was cool! Next were his 2 massive Carl Cox & Friends parties in Paris & Strasbourg! Each party I played in front of 4,000 people with the most amazing visuals I’ve ever seen in my life! Then we hit the South of France, Montpellier & Toulouse where I played in between Sasha & Carl at the INOX3 Electronic Music Festival. I didn’t find out I was playing after Sasha until the night before plus my 2 sisters had travelled over to see me play so I had myself totally psyched up and I totally rocked the place, what a buzz! Next was Marseille, which was another wicked gig & we finished the tour at the Cannes Film Festival! Mad!!

How would you best describe your style of music for those who haven’t heard you yet?

My style?? Good music! Always pumping high energy and powerful! I play so many different styles depending on the gig! With Carl I played electronic house, in London and Poland I play full on pumping techno, in Bulgaria with Luke Slater I’ll play a funky techno set. At my Spiritualised parties I play techno and hard trance. In Algeria I played a funky house set. In Tunisia I play electronic and tech house! There’s so much great music out there why stick to one style and I’d advise every DJ to play more than one style. I don’t care what I’m playing as long as I’m dancing & the people in front of me are dancing too!

Have you had a lot of positive input from other DJs, promoters, and clubbers since The Joy of Decks?

Yes, people really enjoyed the show and people still email me and come up to me in the street saying, “Are you Clodagh?” which is really nice. Lots of DJs said that they wouldn’t have been able to play with a TV camera stuck in their faces. To be honest I completely forgot about the camera when I was playing!

Mr. C is such a great guy too, we keep in touch even though he wasn’t my mentor but he’s always encouraging me. I even went to his fancy dress birthday party in January, which you can imagine was such a laugh! My biggest boost was of course the tour with Carl Cox. Lots of promoters really take notice when you say you’ve been on tour with Carl Cox!

What’s happened to Spiritualised, as I know the lovely DJ Franky moved back to Brazil? Do you have time to do parties these days? (Personal question as this is one of my favourite nights in London)

Ah Spiritualised!! What a great party… this was my friend Nacho’s dream, to start DJing and making parties. We made such wicked parties with unbelievable atmospheres! Then we lost our venue The Fortress Studios which was a real shame, they stopped making parties, plus everyone involved in Spiritualised (all friends) work full time and to put on a party takes a lot of time, plus a lot of stress, so we narrowed our parties down to just special occasions in secret locations in London. We also usually do them in aid of different charities too, which is always nice. Check my website gig guide on for our next party and if you want to come drop me an email.

DJ Franky is running his own party now in Sao Paulo, Brazil called Evoxx ( and hopefully I’ll get to play at his next party in April 2006 and do a mini tour of Brazil! Can’t wait! And Nacho will be launching his new record label and website soon, so watch this space.

I’m sure your life has changed so much over the last couple of years? What is the most significant change?

The biggest change is the amount of travelling I’m doing & different countries I’m seeing. It’s very exciting but also extremely tiring. Once it took me 19.5 hours of travelling to reach a gig in Tunisia! I left my house at 6.30am, got to the gig at 2am, played from 3–6am, got 1 hour sleep and then travelled 12 hours back again! Chris Liberator and myself were chatting about how cool it all really is… he said not only do we get to travel to all these different countries but we get to experience it from a totally different angle to a regular tourist. Not only do we get to go to all these wicked parties but we get to play at them and are surrounded by all these new people who love music too, and make lots of new friends! It’s really great. Imagine in the last 8 months I’ve been to France 6 times, Tunisia 4 times, Poland 3 times, Bulgaria twice, Ireland, Italy and Algeria!

Give us a run down of a typical day (in Bridget Jones’ style). You don’t have to tell us your weight though!

Yikes, every day is different for me but I usually wake up at 8am, check my emails listening to some mixes, then practise for 1–2 hours, post some demos, go into the city and buy some records, usually at Kinetec Records, home, check my emails again, write some stuff for my website, go to work and teach 2 classes (I’ve been a fitness instructor for 12 years teaching Aerobics, Step, Body Sculpt, Spin etc.) come home, check emails again, practise, then go play in some club in London. Get home at 5am, sleep a few hours then wake up and do it all over again! I don’t sleep a lot! I’m actually a really hyper active person, I never chill out and I don’t even have a TV. I’m always doing about 20 things at once and I’m happiest like that.

If you had a choice, what DJ would you next like to play alongside? I mean you’ve played with Carl Cox, it will be hard to match that?

Carl Cox is my hero and I’d really really love to play with him again! To me he’s No.1, he’s what every DJ should be. I’d also really like to play alongside Valentino Kanzyani, which might happen this March fingers crossed! And maybe Dave Clarke, that would be cool, and DJ Markey from Brazil!

I know you work very hard and practise for hours on end, but what has been the key to your success, do you think?

Being positive, determined and passionate! You really can achieve anything you want once you put your mind to it. I really am happiest when I’m dancing and when I DJ I make other people dance which makes me twice as happy. I’m genuinely into it and people can see it and feel it. People always come up to me after I play and say they can’t get over my energy and how much I feel the music, so I guess it’s a combination of these things. I genuinely want to rock every dance floor I play to. I put my heart and soul into every set I play and I want everyone on the dance floor to forget their worries, dance like crazy and have the best night out ever! Basically I like to have fun when I play… that’s what it should be all about at the end of the day! Parties should be fun!

I know on The Joy of Decks, you produced your own track called ‘Oiche Mhaith’ which in our Irish language, means ‘Good night’. Any plans to produce some more?

Yes yes yes! Definitely, this is my new year’s resolution to start producing some kiss ass tracks as in the future I’d love to play live and hopefully have my own record label… digital label! I’ve huge respect for people who produce as I know how much time and effort is involved. Producers like D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Bailey, Phil Kiernan, Deetron, Stephane Signore, Eric Prydz, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Jacques Lu Cont all consistently produce awesome tracks! Big Respect… do these guys ever sleep?

Tell us about your funky new website?

I love my website, I’m really proud of it! It’s very basic but the content is interesting (I hope)… I’m constantly updating it. I always write a diary of my overseas gigs, there’s lots of photos, DJ tips, gigs, top 10s and at least one new music mix every month!

In January 2006 I had 5,703 visits with my biggest interest coming from Poland, UK, France, Netherlands and the USA! Then I also get random visits from Jamaica, Namibia, Kuwait, Iran, Christmas Island, etc. and even got a hit last week from Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands which are located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean half way between Norway and the North Pole!! The only continent I haven’t had a visit from yet is, Antarctica… those penguins are missing out!! Hehe!

My great friend Chris Vezey is my webmaster who designed & maintains my website, he’s actually one of my very first clubbing buddies I met in London at SunnySideUp 7 years ago, which is very cool! Thank you Chris! You’re a star!

And finally… when and where are you next playing as I hear you’re a pretty good DJ and might like to check you out to see if the rumours are true?

Right! In London on…

Fri 24th Feb I’m playing at Guilt @ The SouthSide Bar (tech house — funky techno set);
Sat 25th Feb I’m playing at Tekno @ The Dance Industry Studios, Brixton (pumping techno set); and
Fri 4th March I’m playing at Deporpatas Launch Party @ Fiasco @ The River Bar, Tower Bridge Rd (Funky House Set).

Check my gigs on my website for more info!

Clodagh, it’s been a pleasure as always. Just keep being the wonderful Clodagh that we all know and love!

Thanks a million Colette, you’re the best!

© Colette Ekman. The fab pictures are from Tracey Halls on
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Interview with Clodagh
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From: HHL on 13th Feb 2006 12:52.55
Heard Clodagh play first time at last Logic, loved the set. Unfortunately the power cut last weekend made us not see her again!

From: Lizzie Curious on 13th Feb 2006 13:36.34
nice one lady!!

From: voodoobass on 13th Feb 2006 14:39.02
Clodagh's funky techno is ace... top notch stuff... Big grin

From: Nacho on 13th Feb 2006 15:45.00
Buff! Clodagh and Colette, wether behind the decks or doing a write up, YOU TWO REALLY ROCK! Well done! Looking forward to cath up with you very soon! Smile

From: Franky on 13th Feb 2006 17:08.45

We are looking forward to the next Evoxx party in April.

Clodagh is gonna rock the Brazilian crowds that´s for sure.

Cheers! Frank

PS. Hi Colette, another wkd interview.

From: Adam Symbiosis on 13th Feb 2006 17:41.53
You'll try hard to find a nicer person! And she's a fantastic DJ to boot. Go Clodagh!

From: Digital Kid on 14th Feb 2006 03:40.18
Good stuff, I still need to send you the other copy of Spinnin DJs!! lol Wink

From: Amanda FB on 14th Feb 2006 12:40.43
Hey honey great to see you still going well after all these years. Keep it up! Amanda xx

From: sunvisordude on 14th Feb 2006 18:02.47
\would like to hear her play hard techno

From: clodagh-techno tramp! on 14th Feb 2006 21:32.33
hey everyone! thanks a million for ur support & nice comments! big love to colette superstar!!! you can catch me play some hard techno B2B with Chris Liberator this thursday 16th feb @ Geroge 4, Brixton!!
ps. hi amanda, wow its been years!! thanks again, love clodagh xx Smile

From: Shaf De Bass on 14th Feb 2006 22:37.43
Absolutely lovely chick! I remember when Jethro nomintated her from Kinetec Records as a deserving candidate for the show...keep it up Clodagh! Hugs

From: Neats on 15th Feb 2006 12:05.02

Good stuff Thumbs up

Shame Hutch and I didn't get to see you in Tunisia. C ya soon Big grin

Anita x

From: Nikki S on 15th Feb 2006 21:15.41
Wicked interview Colette & Clodagh ... and foxy photos!
N x

From: clubchick on 16th Feb 2006 09:55.50
Thanks to everyone for the great comments. It's a pleasure to write an article on such a super chick.

From: Ped on 17th Feb 2006 09:40.33
Nice on popsock! Thumbs up Although I'm not sure about that yellow eyeshadow... Laughs out loud
Will see you soon!

From: clodagh-techno tramp! on 17th Feb 2006 13:49.36
But ped it's your yellow eyeshadow!! Guess you want it back now... hehehe Smile

From: Darz on 17th Feb 2006 17:23.11
what a top interview interview, such an inspiration! clodaghs a top top dj, and more importantly, a brilliant person! u go girl! xxxx

From: Lucy Fur on 18th Feb 2006 12:30.35
An absolute jem and a very talented lady! U have done excellent sweetie take care and see u soon x x x

From: N-Slay on 21st Feb 2006 15:45.29
Excellent interview - looking forward to Clodagh rocking SSB with us this Friday at Guilt! Smile

From: twist on 4th Mar 2006 21:43.41
very impressed with her sound.

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