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Interview with Radio 1 DJ Fergie ahead of Heat and Radical Escapes’ The Voyage

Reported by Just call me HEAT UK / Submitted 21-10-05 15:29

On Friday 4th November it’s all aboard for The Voyage… a clubbing odyssey on the ocean wave courtesy of party animals Heat and Radical Escapes. HMS Duchess of Scandinavia sets sail from Harwich, Essex complete with 20 DJs, a full lighting and sound rig, and 500 clubbers. The good ship Duchess has a cinema, casino, off license, bars and cafés. Some of the biggest and best names in hard house and trance will be running away to sea, including K90 (live), Nick Sentience, Marc French, Ian Betts, Phil Reynolds and Steve Blake. Guest of honour, however, is Radio 1 DJ Fergie.

Famously getting his break in the UK as Tony de Vit’s protégé, Fergie made a name for himself at such seminal old-school parties as Trade and Sundissential. He first played in Ibiza in 1998, and in 2000 returned as resident for Godskitchen’s events at Amnesia and Eden. In 2002, Fergie’s ‘techno-fuelled’ beats were given a national airing with a weekly show on the mighty Radio 1. He’ll be on The Voyage from beginning to end, and promises it won’t be the hornpipe, but you’ll definitely be dancing.

Is it true you played your first gig standing on a milk crate aged 14?

Yes I was only 14 when I did my first gig. At that age, I didn’t really know what was happening, I was just out there having the time of my life. I used to work in the club collecting glasses… at 14 would you believe it! I’ve still got caution letters from the police from when I’d been thrown out or tried to make myself a fake date of birth and my mum had to come and pick me up. Terrible stuff!

What was it like hanging out with Tony de Vit?

I met Tony when I was 16, and I was only meant to come over for a week but at the time there was a lot of trouble back home — rioting and all that. Tony said I could stay over here if I wanted to. I’ve kept great memories from that time even if at first I was a bit scared when he first took me to Trade. I’d never seen gays in my life before and there I was surrounded by hundreds of them. But then I just loved hanging out there with Tony. He was the best mentor I could have wished for.

You must have got hit on at Trade constantly.

Oh yeah, all the time. Even when I first met Tony I didn’t know he was gay, so when he took me to Trade I had the top off on the dance floor and then looked around and thought… “hold on, there’s something not quite right about this!” I hated it at first — I used to sit in the DJ box but after I got to know a few people I absolutely loved it. It was one of the best places in the world for a DJ. It was quite unusual for them to let another DJ in, which made it that much more special. I got to play when Steve Thomas or Tony wasn’t there… it was cool.

You reached number 8 in the DJMag list in 2000, do you think you’ll ever beat that?

It was really flattering especially because it was the highest new entry ever. It was a real honour. At the moment, I’m DJing because I’m loving it so much, not to reach a certain rank. It’s great to be recognised in the world of music but it’s not what I’m constantly aiming for.

How do you think you’re going to do this year?

Um... this year… I don’t know. All I can say is the crowds have been getting the music more this year. The past couple of years I’ve gone down — people haven’t really known where I’ve been going with music, but it seems this year it’s changed. A lot of the hard house people called me a traitor but I’ve started doing the tidy events — I just did one last week and it was great. I’m not bothered whether I go up or down or whatever as long as the last gig I did was f*cking good, and the gigs I’ve been doing have been really really good. I’ve been doing a load of little website parties for my website and I’ve been getting mates to come and DJ and just get amongst it, and the parties have just been so good. They’ve gone on for a few days in some cases!

Does Judge Jules hog the best parking space at Radio 1?

Second place after mine! Me and my tandem are number one!

Does he finish up the milk and put the empty carton back in the fridge?

I don’t think he’s in there for long enough! All the DJs just get on really well with each other, I mean Dave Pearce is a legend. I quite often text him on a Sunday for a wee shout out… let him know there’s someone listening out there!

Have you ever done anything like the Voyage before?

I haven’t. I’ve done boat trips up and down the Thames but I’ve never done anything like this. I just hope I make it back!

Have you got a luxury cabin?

Do you know what, I haven’t a f*cking clue. I’ll probably end up in a lifeboat with a couple of lifejackets or something.

Are you a good sailor or do you get sick?

Nah I’ll be fine, it’s just like being pissed isn’t it?

How do you think they’re going to stop wrecked people falling overboard?

I don’t know. What if that happened! What would you do? I won’t be jumping in to f*cking get them!

Do you plan to take advantage of the duty-free booze?

With something like that I would take two record bags anyway, one with drink and one with records because they always tend to keep the rations a bit low.

It’s quite well publicised that you like a drink.

Do you know what, some people are like “you should take DJing more seriously, what about those people who’ve put you where you are”, and I always say “yeah they have put me here and I don’t ever forget that and I totally appreciate it, but I like having a fucking drink”. I think more DJs would do all right to remember it’s just a disco, know what I mean?

You’ve had a pretty amazing career, with the TdV connection and your Radio 1 show, is there someone smiling down on you or do you deserve it?

I think there’s quite a few people that must be smiling down on me! Everybody gets luck though, it just depends whether you take it or not. At the end of the day, yeah I did move over here when I was sixteen and I knew Tony, but Tony died and I went to work, so I have put the hours in… I have done the work. I do take it serious, but that’s why I make sure I enjoy myself — I like doing one gig a night, I like getting there early and listening to the other DJs, and I like staying behind and listening to the other DJs as well.

So are you going to get right into the social bit on the boat?

I will be the ringleader I can tell you that! I like to enjoy myself, I always have, and most people love it because they’re on it as well!

Anything new lined up for your set?

We get that much new stuff every week. Plus I’ve been in the studio and I’ve done quite a few new things so I’ll definitely be playing all the new stuff. I don’t know what I’m calling it yet… maybe it’ll have something to with a boat or something!

Any last thoughts?

Just... happy days everyone!

Photos courtesy of Fergie.

HeatUK / Radical Escapes - VOYAGE
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 4th November
At: HMS Duchess of Scandinavia
From: 4-6 November 2005
Cost: see
Ticket Info:
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: From the creators of the legendary IMPACT! club cruises! VOYAGE represents a milestone in UK club culture: a dance weekender without the mud, no cold chalets or caravans, no queues, no night buses, no taxis, no rip-off drinks prices (there’s no VAT when you’re at sea), just you and all your friends with your favourite DJs on one big party cruise ship with your own private cabin.

This is the biggest line-up of DJs ever seen at sea! Over 40 DJs and 500 clubbers, three separate music areas, (additional sound & light production will include 16 kw opus audio system & fully rigged intelligent lighting), with a free cinema showing cult movies, licensed casino, piano & cocktail bar, swift-serve cans, bar & choice of a la carte & buffet restaurants, plus café, shop/off licence & private en suite cabins (air conditioned, some with a romantic sea view), ensure that your time on The Heat Cruise ship (also known as the m.s Duchess of Scandinavia) can be as relaxing as it is full-on & firing!

All Hands on Decks!

Outward LEG
Setting sail at sunset on Friday afternoon November 4, the turntables start turning straight away as we head out to sea - the first twenty pounds you spend is on us as each package includes £20 onboard spending money!

After chilling out in your cabin for a few hours we arrive Saturday morning at a small port in Northern Germany. A short coach ride away is the medieval harbour of Cuxhaven, surrounded by narrow cobbled streets, hiding a variety of small shops, cafés & bars. We’re taking you to a special club in Germany where one DJ will be playing a special 3 hour set.

Alternatively, you can sample the local delicacies & renowned regional brews and maybe a bit of traditional music for a few hours shore-leave before heading back to our floating pleasure palace.

Homeward Bound

Around sunset on the Saturday (November 5) we once again cast off for the return leg and perhaps retiring to your cabin to prepare for the final nights festivities. Enjoy a meal with friends at the excellent Seven Seas restaurant, or maybe catching a film in the (free) cinema prior or a cocktail or two in the piano bar, the choice is yours.

After which, the naughty nautical behaviour continues again and doesn’t stop until we reach Blighty at 10am the next Sunday morning.

After arriving back into Harwich, it is a coach ride into Liverpool Street so those who need to rest have the whole afternoon and night to recover those other pirates left standing can continue on to a Sunday Session!

‘Voyage’ is the mother of all boat parties and something we guarantee you’ll be telling your grandchildren about! Don’t delay booking because once the boat is full there is nothing we can do.
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance. Hardcore. House. Bouncy House. Funky House. Hard House. Tribal House. Funky Techno. Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: Fergie
K90 Live
Nick Sentience
Marc French
Ian Betts
Phil Reynolds
Steve Blake
Rage With The Machines (live)
Brad Thatcher
Trevor McLachlan
Wynand Delport
Craig Mac
Scotty Hedges
Phill Noda
Stevi D
Matt E
Tony K
Luke Warner
Mike Harris
Dan Bower
Si 125
Rod Towns
Richard Launch
Rich O
Matty Z
Devious Dave
Laura May
Laura T
Stevie Dee
Junior J
Mike Mackeeg
Tom Allan
Section 2 (Craig Paxton B2b Mad Paul)

Who's Going? (32) : 00Frenchy, Abs, AcidDrops, Anthem fairy, anton@heat, BakLash, Brad Thatcher, Craig Paxton, dnbrinson, Fingerinc, Flashbak, Giz, Ian Edwards aka stretch, jaja, Kasia, Katsy, luke warner, Macey, MATT E, MichaelC, Mike Harris, Nikki S, raverbabe, Rich O, Richard Launch, seductivediva, Shauna_Joanna, Stevi D, Technikal, techno-bird, Tin Tin, Trevor McLachlan 

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From: Stevi D on 21st Oct 2005 16:01.29
Man im itching for this event & i'll be pretty damn stoked to get a drink in there with you too Mr Fergie!!! Bring it on

From: bb_paul on 21st Oct 2005 19:33.27
Not off to the event, but checked Fergie out rocking the Queen Vic at Tidy Weekender 8 the other week. Legend is all I can say! (how does someone mix so brilliantly whilst wasted haha?) Bring on the techno!

From: ben (bs2) on 22nd Oct 2005 12:38.32

From: Nikki S on 25th Oct 2005 23:32.55
Cool interview ... any one else rekon he looks a bit like Russel Crowe?? Laughs out loud

Happy Days! (I love the Irish!!)

From: sexyminx on 26th Oct 2005 17:32.28
Wicked interview. What a bummer that im not going to this next weekend. Should be a good un though. OI OI have it large Mmmwwah!

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