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123...Anything Goes — Time for a Mash up!

Reported by Less is Bat / Submitted 10-05-05 12:16

123…Anything Goes came at us like an axe bearing Red Indian out of the dust from a passing train. It then smacked us all in the face and left us standing there like dirty whores begging for more!

I’m sorry if that introduction strikes some of you as a little off the wall, but that’s the fairest way I could think of to describe the off the wall mish-mash of dirty and hard styles that is Anything Goes.

First up, let me clarify the name. Many are confused as to whether the event is ‘123’, ‘anything goes’ or ‘123…Anything goes’! 123 is the name of the promotion which hosts the event; ‘Anything Goes’. Anything goes as the name of the event is easy to explain; Musically — ANYTHING GOES! On the other hand the name of the promotion ‘123’ is not so easy to explain but it makes a great story, so we go in the words of a man who knows:

Mash Gordon: "It all stems from a crack-on that I used to go to after Peach at the Camden Palace. Seany Sean, Greg Brookman and Scottish Dave all moved into a flat near Wood Green in North London and ‘123’ was the house name. Every weekend there would be the fattest partie, lasting for 2 or 3 days. There were all sorts of DJs that used to and play, from myself, Seany, Greg, Dave Irvine, and Steelo, along with Ben Gold (aka BJammin) and Dave T from Camden Palace. We'd play anything we could get our hands on from hard house, to drum and bass, with occasional bit of hardcore... it was always about good music and great people."

Dave Irvine

Mash Gordon fell in love with the scene, the vibe and the name ‘123’. The idea to carry on the event outside of the confines of the 123 house had already been attempted when Dave and Seany Sean tried to host it at ‘Bar Bed’. Sadly due to various difficulties they had to abandon the night. Mash Gordon meanwhile was getting busy in the dance music industry and sticking his greedy hands into as many pies as possible (in a metaphorical sense of course).

Gordon was asked by Peach to host the second room at one of their events and what better chance was there than to regenerate the name and the promotion ‘123’. From the massive success of hosting the second room at Peach, Gordon decided to move 123 on to its own venue as an independent night. Musically he wanted to capture the spirit and (pleasant) chaos of those early house parties. A venue arose in the familiar and central space of the Southside Bar and the event was hardly short of successful names wanting to have their turn on the decks and re-live the messy 123 days.

Greg Brookman

I for one had an amazing time at the last event and have been eagerly awaiting the next one. Not wanting to do their work for them, I asked Gordon himself to tell me why I (and we the HF audience) should attend on Saturday 14th May.

Achem, my ‘Forthcoming events blag’: "Steelo and Seany Sean back to back at out next party is going rock. It's never been done in a club environment, but it goes off. It's "bad all day, strictly" as Steelo would say. Also we've got a very special 2 hour set from Greg Brookman as well as a couple of very special guests we're trying to convince a the moment - but more on that nearer the time."


OK OK so you do indeed have my attention and I shall be there! We’ve had a taster of the event now, so how about a taste of Mash Gordon himself? Spews!

Gordon Darling (Mash’s REAL name), you do have the coolest name in the world, so why use Mash Gordon as your DJ alias?

I have to admit, Gordon Darling is a pretty nifty name, but Mash Gordon is what everybody seems to know me as. It's a nick name that was given to me because I like mash potatoes (that's what I tell my mum ) and I use it as a screen name on here and other message boards - it just seemed to stick with me. I did try to use my real name, but people kept on putting Mash Gordon on flyers and stuff.

How long have you been DJing now?

I got decks back in November 2002, and have been playing out since Feb 2003. But I've been taking it seriously for about 18 months. I've been cool enough to be a DJ for much longer though.

Where did you first play out?

In Feb 2003 at a bar called the E-Bar in Croydon. It was a mate’s birthday but loads of people seemed to turn up who just wanted a night out. I went b2b with Seany Sean and I sucked It was only after mixing for 3 or 4 months though. Saying that… there was a time at the first couple of 123 parties at the flat where I would just go and play some tunes without mixing...

What has been the high point of your career as a DJ so far?

Playing in the Blue Room of SEOne at Chemistry. It's the most people I've ever played to, and has been a dream of mine to play since I first went there. I always get stuck in that room at any event at that club, so to actually be on that stage was awesome.

Describe your DJing style in 3 words.

Hmmm... tough, chunky, and groovy.

Who are your favourite producers at the moment?

To be honest, I haven't really got any favourites as most seem to have better days that others, but the ones that are never fail to impress would be DAVE the Drummer, Nick Sentience, Hertz and Ant. Another one that is well worth keeping your eye on is Jamie Taylor, a nineteen year old from Lincolnshire who I reckon is going to do very well.

The first night I ever met you you tried to convince a 70 year old man on the tube to come to your event. How far will you go to promote 123?

Well I've already sold a kidney on Ebay so I don’t see much more I can do. Seriously though, w're just going to do as much as we feel necessary to promote it. We're still a very new promotion but want to stand out with promotional work. One thing we're toying with is advertising on stuff you can use every day, and not just for roach.

Do you prefer small events or the big shebang of a large promotion (e.g. Frantic, Slammin Vinyl, Heat…)?

I like to party, whether it's a big event or a small event. As long as the ingredients are right, you can have fun anywhere. Although they are very different; at a small venue, you tend to find that a lot of the people get to know each other, so you're always going to feel surrounded by your friends. You also get a chance to hear something different in terms of music. From a DJ's perspective, I feel that smaller parties can be more difficult to play as people know what they like, and it's always a great challenge to give that to them, but in your own way and make that work.

Where do you want to take 123? What do you hope to achieve with this promotion?

Initially, I want to keep Anything Goes as a small intimate, free party that anybody can come and enjoy, no matter what they're into. But there is definitely scope to move on and do other things. Only time will tell as it is early days at the moment. [/i]

Mash Gordon

Now let’s get flippant and yet physiological. I wonder what makes Gordon tick? Ready?!

Ready but scared...

Man-Flip flops or sweaty trainer feet?

Sweaty trainer feet - the world isn't ready for these bare toes just yet.

Cheese or meat?


Rasta or Gangsta?

A bit of both, sorry to be difficult.

Water or milk?

Milk all the way for me. Whoever discovered you can do THAT to cows was a genius.

‘Whatever’ or ‘innit’?

Whatever, innit.

CBBC or ITV at 3?

CBBC, they've normally got fitter presenters.

Gabba or country?


FREAK! Hard house or funky house?

Both, I just don't like mixing funky.

Well Gordon Darling… many thanks for that chat, I’ve had a spiffing time old chap.

Pictures supplied by Steelo (profile), Mash Gordon (logo) and Jess the Cat
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From: bennett on 10th May 2005 12:27.23
what a leg-end!!!! Not worthy...

see you all saturday!! Woooooot!

From: Danny Luu on 10th May 2005 12:42.25
Hello Darling Pervert

From: ~deleted1390 on 10th May 2005 12:44.28
Christ, they'll interview any old riff raff now. Flees!
Nice one sir. Looking forward to Saturday. Thumbs up

From: paul jack on 10th May 2005 13:00.30
Hey gordon Top Stuff!

From: steelo kuchiki on 10th May 2005 13:05.46
mash gehagan smells of wee

From: madjojo on 10th May 2005 13:18.59
Well done Mash Gordon xXx see you soon xXx

From: GJB on 10th May 2005 13:34.02
Gordon. You forgot to mention the number of windows that got smashed during those parties! Smile And something to do with The Bill theme tune......)

From: Intervention-UK on 10th May 2005 14:12.34
go on my son see you sat

From: Less is Bat on 10th May 2005 14:20.14
Tiptoes * strolls though with a board laiden with pies

Yells! "oi beer boys, get your hot pies here..."

From: steelo kuchiki on 10th May 2005 14:26.21
mash gehagan smells of wee

From: Craig G on 10th May 2005 15:13.51
You also forgot climbing on the roof, nearly having an entire room collapse into the floor down stairs due to people raving so hard etc etc!!!!

123 is legendery. ;D

From: Neats on 10th May 2005 15:15.11
Nice one Mash Gordon, you've certainly moved on since the Fridge Dj comp. Keep up the good work dude Thumbs up

From: Gordon Darley on 10th May 2005 15:18.45
greg... I did indeed forget to mention the story of the The Bill theme tune. Please accept my apologies Razz

From: PonyBoy on 10th May 2005 15:27.09
Nice read, enlightening. Checking out 123 for the first time, can't wait.

From: steelo kuchiki on 10th May 2005 16:42.04
mash gehagan smells of wee

From: Dave Mac on 10th May 2005 16:56.09
woooo Mash rocking the 123 history. Plus looks like everyone has some speical surprises in their dj box for saturday which should be awesome! Plus people check out the hoje page for the 123 competition!!

From: K.A.R.L. on 10th May 2005 17:20.30
Revolution, Revolution.....
See you Saturday Mash.....

From: benz on 10th May 2005 17:36.26
c*nts the lot of ya. might pop down Wink

From: Monkey Monkeyson on 10th May 2005 19:44.13
if i don't hear bk - revolution i'm gonna be well fucked off

From: steelo kuchiki on 10th May 2005 20:38.54
mash gehagan smells of wee

From: Gordon Darley on 10th May 2005 20:43.39
BK - Revolution

From: steelo kuchiki on 10th May 2005 21:07.29
mash gehagan smells of wee

From: bennett on 11th May 2005 14:21.26
how many times do you want to write that steelo! Roll eyes (sarcastic)

gordon bennett!!! Wink Disturbed

From: Steve Maynard on 11th May 2005 22:47.55
nice 1 Mash, made me chuckle!!!!

From: Scottish Dave on 12th May 2005 21:42.57
Good to see after all this time the 123 legend still lives on, we had a crack up with the parties (with the Bass breaking windows and the floor almost collapsing) We gonna bring down the house at SSB!!

From: Banga Matt on 14th May 2005 21:04.07
flash gordon!!!

From: madjojo on 17th May 2005 15:19.20
WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE!?!??!?!??!?!

From: Gordon Darley on 18th May 2005 10:08.53
Jo, second Saturday of June with a two hour set from Greg Brookman Thumbs up

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