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Warm up to Spiritualised: Interview with Clodagh and Nacho

Reported by Adam Symbiosis / Submitted 31-08-04 14:09

It’s Sunday and we’re in a chain pub in Angel. As I look out of the window and see the grey clouds rolling lazily through the sky, I feel as if I should be eating a roast dinner but instead I opt for a steak sandwich and a pint. It’s as if summer came and went in a flash and unless you have some serious plans to get away from it all, the sun is now a stranger, again. Still with the coming of autumn comes the re-launch of Spiritualised at their new home, The Soundshaft. So I decided to get the low down off the promoters and two of the residents, Clodagh and Nacho.

“It’s all about the vibe really,” says Clodagh as she picks away at a salad. “Clubland isn’t what it used to be. It got to the stage where it seemed that the only place you could go was to a big party where the promoters were just in it for the money. Now it’s all come round again and there are more underground parties, we feel that’s what people want - a small, friendly vibe.” Nacho agrees pointing out that Spiritualised is based around a core group of residents, each having their own distinctive sound keeping the night moving and fresh with only very special big name DJ’s guesting, Aaron Liberator being one of the first confirmed for their November date. “We also want people to come up; you can get involved with the DJs because we’re out there. If you see any of our residents you can come close and talk, give us a demo, ask for tips.” Budding DJs take note.

Spiritualised started, as with many promotions, with some friends banding together just so they could get out there and play good music. A couple of weeks after buying decks, the house parties started. When these got too big, a party in a disused pub would provide them with enough cash to move up and into the clubs, switching mainly between the now sadly defunct Fortress Studios and The Electrowerkz. As they gained speed and the parties got progressively bigger, they became known for the varied musical policy, theme nights where not only the DJs and promoters but the crowd got involved as well and great production values and the name spread quickly, mainly through word of mouth. The pinnacle of all this hard work, lots of effort and some crazy parties has to be hosting the main room at The Indoor Festival. Nacho explains, “I just played my biggest gig (at the Indoor Festival) and it was the first time me and Clodagh were playing together and I was very nervous because we have very different styles of music but at the end of the day we both aim for the same thing. When we started to play the room was empty but after a bit one of the photographers came and told us all the rooms were empty except for ours.” Clodagh continues, “Our main aim was just to get the place kicking and really show the people what Spiritualised is all about.” Indeed, the energy of their show just filtered out to the crowd and got the quickly assembling mass rocking. Watch out for some more collaborations coming soon with Acid Park and Antiworld among others...

Outside of Spiritualised Clodagh has been working hard, winning some big competitions and playing out on the international scene in Berlin and Ireland as well as in London at Turnmills and a Stomp Boat Party playing house, tech-house, hard trance, techno, anything with a tech-y sound. “The highlight for me was playing up at Cream in Liverpool for The Joy Of Decks final, playing in the courtyard in front of 1000 people. I put my heart and soul into that set and even though I didn’t win it was such a buzz to get up there and play on 3 decks, a CDJ and use effects. I’d still most definitely like to play out with Carl Cox,” she received some tips from him during the filming of The Joy Of Decks, “He’s my hero. I went to see him at Godskitchen Global Gathering and after I came back I emailed him and told him I’d love to warm up for him next year. He mailed back and said he thought I did really well in the show and he’d love to hear a demo, my god! So you won’t see me for a few months as I’ll being my room working on the demo!”

Clodagh’s dilemma
The devil appears while you are playing and gives you a choice, do you:
a) Play three more records, have the crowd think it’s the best shit they have ever heard, but never play again after that or;
b) Disappear with him to hell to play forever, but only what they like?

“As long as the devil was Carl Cox in disguise, I’d be gone in a flash because I love what he plays.” A getout answer if ever I heard one!

Using his main residency at Spiritualised as a base, Nacho has played in Spain, at SeOne, George IV and at countless house parties. People who have seen him out have booked him because of his presence and great tune selection playing a mixture of trance, acid techno, tech-y electronica, whatever he feels will get the dance floor pumping. For next party Nacho will be playing back to back with Active Sense as Deporpatas Live, “It’s not going to be a fully live act. We’re going to be doing a DJ set this time as we need more equipment and a bit more space, but originally it’s going to be me playing the main set and Active Sense will have another mixer and a CDJ and we’ll be changing the baselines, adding more drums, an acid line. So people will be listening to these old tunes that have been remixed by us. But I’m aiming for at the moment to have some new tracks I produced to play. It’s pretty much been my dream. When I decided to be a DJ, I wanted to get into the producing side more but it’s also a good time and place to promote yourself and your tracks and see how people react and also get a better understanding of what’s happening on the dance floor.”

Nacho’s dilemma
If you were offered the chance to co-produce a record with one of the next two with money not an issue, who would you choose:
a) A massive producer like Paul Oakenfold or Fatboy Slim but end up with a decidedly average track or;
b) A compete unknown who you suspect may have a midas touch but then again might just produce something rubbish?

“I’d go for the midas touch. I’d like a challenge.” Just as well he didn’t have the easy option of being blinded by money and stardom.

Delving deeper, I wanted to find out a little more on who they were. It seems when they are not playing both of them love to eat, “As you can see from my expanding waistline,” Clodagh tells me. Nacho is just the same, “I wish I had more time to relax in between working, producing and playing, there’s no time, but hopefully travelling, sitting with my mum, good food, tapas and a lot of drinking!” But what their dream gig would be. “I was talking to Clodagh before about Pendragon. I would love to have played for Pendragon at their old venue, Tyssen Street in Dalston. That’s where we started clubbing and it was a fantastic place. If I had the chance to play there, wow, that would be one of my dreams.” For Clodagh it’s a big South American festival somewhere on a beach, but what if she had got to that party and had lost all her records and all they could offer was some records from the nearest charity shop, would she still play? “Yeah, but I’d have to warn everyone first, just make the most of it, it might come out really good.” I’m already looking forward to hearing her play the greatest hits of Abba and Englebert Humperdink.

For the upcoming party though, people going can expect some great music being played by all the residents, including Nacho’s back to back and of course Clodagh. But also in bucket loads will be the usual Spiritualised vibe, lots of decorations, freebies including 100 CD’s mixed by the residents given out to some lucky clubbers, sweets, massage and also the Spiritualised funky room, which makes a welcome return with Craig Gunn, 2PhunkedUp and Yaz among others playing some slick grooves. In all a fun packed night that hopefully will set the scene for some memorable parties in a great venue. Nacho closes, “We just hope that Spiritualised gets bigger as we want more and more people to come down with us and experience what we’re all about.” Well what more can I say other than get down to The Soundshaft on September 3rd for very special night.

Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 3rd September
At: Soundshaft
From: 10pm-6am
Cost: £10 b4 12, £13 after
Ticket Info: All tickets available just on the door! Guestlist, please phone 07760165117, or e-mail:
More: Dearest Clubbers!
After the success of Antiworld, The Summer Indoor Festival! Spiritualised is taking over the Clubbing scene by launching a series of events at the Soundshaft, Hungerford lane, off Craven st, Charing Cross tube. Spiritualised has prepared two exclusive dance floors with their wicked decoration and the latest hard dance music and house beats today.

The main room will be hosted by the Spiritualised residents Luke Smith and Franky. In addtion to this Dj Symbiosis, and up- and coming Dj that rocked the house at Basic and Bedlam, he will be starting the party performing a trance set! Let's start the party with style! Mikey will be lighting up the the hard dance room, his style has been said to be electric and driving! Do not miss him out! The finale of the night will be performed by Clodagh (Joy of Decks) and Deporpatas Live (aka Nacho & Active Sense). Be there and experience a new way of hard Dance music.

For those House Music Lovers, there will be a room full of deep house, house, tribal house and tech-house! The arena will kisck off with Shantay (Shannon), despite his short period of time behind the decks, she's said to be on the path of top djs! 2PhunkedUP and Yaz will joing this house extravaganza with the finnest and latest house today! The highlights will be Craig Gunn from Subsonica and Chay B2B Steve (Break beat set), if you did not have enough, Active Sense will be playing a very exclusive set on the funky bar! If you do not like it hard,then get ready to get Phunked!

For this special launch, Spiritualised will be giving away 100 cds mixed by their residents Djs!
Come to Spiritualised and discover a friendly and wicked vibe, the best hard dance and house music and loads of freebies!

This is gonna be a very special event! Come and Join us and discover a new way of Clubbing! See you there!

Come with us and Stay... Spiritualised!
Region: London
Music: Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. House. Funky House. Hard House. Tribal House. Acid Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: Main Arena
(aka Nacho & Active Sense)
Clodagh (Joy of Decks)
Luke Smith (Resident)
Franky (Brazilian Job)
MIKEY (Spiritualised first appearance)
DJ Adam Symbiosis (Basic, Bedlam)

House Room
CHAY b2b STEVE (Beat Set)
ACTIVE SENSE (Exclusive 2nd set)
Craig Gunn (Subsonica)
SHANTAY (Very exclusive House set)

Who's Going? (12) : 2 PhUnKEd Up, Baltazar, Cerberus, DDK, djSymbiosis, Gregology, HouseGuy, Iza, Maria, MRTee, Nacho, VinDiesel 
HF Photographer: HouseGuy HF Reviewer:

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From: djcheekee on 1st Sep 2004 08:35.19
good interview. good luck with the gig guys. jase

From: Nacho on 1st Sep 2004 10:52.11
Really good work adam! Thank you so much for review! Lookingo forward to see play on friday!

From: Darz on 1st Sep 2004 15:17.42
Go Spiritualised!!!

From: DDK on 1st Sep 2004 20:46.32
hey Clodagh Woooooot! cya there!!

From: Cerberus on 2nd Sep 2004 12:16.59
I can't wait to come play some filthy proggy house grooves....

From: 2 PhUnKEd Up on 2nd Sep 2004 12:37.01
Nice one Nacho & Clodagh. Great review! WooHoo, Friday is only one more sleep away. Can't wait.

From: clubchick on 3rd Sep 2004 09:28.29
Have a great night 2nite you guys!!!! Really great write-up, fresh and fun! well done!

From: Prozak on 8th Sep 2004 10:01.47

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