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Completely and utterly BONKERS! The No.1 Hardcore DJ in the World: Scott Brown!

Reported by nige_n / Submitted 11-08-04 15:16

Who says there is no such thing as reincarnation? In the Mid 90's Hardcore was believed to have evaporated - having disappeared from the hearts and minds of the mass underground dance music faithful. In truth the spark was never fully extinguished. Slowly but surely that spark has been fanned and has grown into what is now a bonfire of immense BPMs and intense atmosphere's across the globe. One of the men behind its rejuvenation is the recently voted No.1 Hardcore DJ in the World: Mr Scott Brown. The man behind the success of the infamous Bonkers album and Evolution Records spared me a few minutes of his time ahead of his head line set at this weekend's Frantic vs. Hardcore Heaven to chat about the rebirth of the phenomenon that is Haaaaardcore!

How did you get into Hardcore?

It's been a natural progression. I was into buying Belgian techno in the late 80's /early 90's, which in turn led to a fascination with Dutch producers and their sound (most of the Belgian stuff I liked was written by Dutch). From there on I started producing more of that kind of style and it's been hardcore for me ever since.

What do you put the resurgence of the hardcore scene down to over the last couple of years?

Lots of hard work from the producers and event promoters! I remember selling something like 500 vinyl at one point in the late 90's and thinking 'is this really it?'. Most of the hardcore producers had already stopped making hardcore and producing hard house (they'll deny it but it's true)! A handful of us kept the faith and continued to make good music which slowly helped create a new scene. Promoters like Slammin' and Compulsion stuck through the bad-times and by 2000 we had a bit of a comeback which has turned into a whole new scene.

You are one of the most in demand hardcore DJ's in the world. How does playing abroad differ to playing in the uk?

It's surprisingly similar. The biggest difference is that what might be a hit in this country, won't be in another so you always have to be on your toes and know what to play. Events are similarly organised and the atmosphere is almost identical. Some countries are better than others, but I 'm saying nothing!

You have been one of the main people to push the harder European sound in recent years. How do you think the UK has take to it?

I don't think it'll ever be fully accepted here, but people still dance to it regardless. Some people love it, others hate it. I think it's one of the reasons why I've been able to attain my position in the hardcore scene, by not being the same as everyone else.

Will you be mixing anymore of the bonkers compilations?

Yes, Bonkers 13 is almost finished!

How did you feel when you were told you had won the No. 1 Hardcore DJ award at last years Hardcore Awards?

I was obviously delighted, and shocked that I'd beat guys like Sy and Brisk to the post. I was in Holland at the time when I found out as I was playing at Mindcontroller in Amsterdam.great stuff!

Which is your proudest set?

Probably going back a few years to Rezerection in Edinburgh; 15,000 people in one big tent. The crowd was cheering and going nuts before I even played and throughout the set, I could hardly heard the music for the noise. It was like a football match in there and I was scoring all the goals! Fantastic.

What is your proudest piece of production?

So many it would be hard to pick out one. I've made some important tracks which have helped create or change the scene in many ways, such as 'Technophobia' or 'Now is the time' which helped shape the Dutch and Scottish scenes for years. Then there was 'Power of Love' which was a monster. And finally 'Elysium' and 'Turn up the music' which helped bring hardcore back from the dead.

With your shining entering the top 20 this week do you have any plans for a commercial release of any of your own tunes?

I'm always working on something. I don't normally write hardcore tunes to make commercial success, I'll write a commercial tune and turn it into a hardcore one.

You don't play in London very often so do you have anything special planned for your upcoming set at Frantic Vs Hardcore Heaven?

I've so much new stuff which won't have been heard down in London. I'm keeping all the new goodies under wraps until then!

Who will win the battle of Hard house and hardcore at the event.

Duuuh, need you even ask the question Wink

How do you like to spend your time when not djing/producing

I play football a lot (too much, my legs are knackered). I also travel a lot and like to spend time with my family (very old fashioned eh).

Who inspired you to be a DJ/Producer

I never wanted to be a dj, but I always wanted to make music. I guess early influences were 808 state (newbuild album & Quadrastate - drool). I also loved Njoi live, they were a big influence on my band qtex when we first started out.

Who are you favourite current DJ's and producers

Personal favourites in the UK scene are Brisk, SY, Marc Smith. In the Dutch scene it's Neophyte, Tha Playah (19 years old and making some awesome stuff).

why have you kept you pony tail when all other hardcore dj's got rid of there's at the end of the 90's?

They only got rid 'cos they're going bald! - it's a sign of my virility!

What's your favourite ice cream?

Don't really eat it, but my gran used to buy me this Coffee stuff in a local shop when I was a kid. I loved it to death!

Some thing that I would like to know

I am Scottish (so many people don't know that, it still amazes me)!

Where did the vocal come from for Fly with you? Was it an original or a sample?

It's a cheeky sample (aren't they always)!

With thanks to Scott Brown for his time!

Scott will be headlining the Main Arena at Frantic vs. Hardcore Heaven this Saturday!

Frantic vs Hardcore Heaven
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 14th August
At: S.E.One [map]

From: 9pm - 6am
Cost: 500 Early Bird Tickets @ £12.50 / £15 / £18
First 500 Early Bird Tickets £12 +bf

£15 / £18 After that

More on the door.

The Five ways to get your tickets:

1. Frantic Office
Credit / Debit & Cash Sales // XL Group Discount (1 free per 5)
Call 07949 618035

2. Ticketweb
Credit/Debit Card Sales // 24hr Hotline & Online Sales
Call 08700 600 100 or logon to

3. ClubConnexion
Credit/Debit Card & Cash Sales // XL Group Discount (1 Free per 5)
0870 246 2050 or logon to

4. Cyberdog Stores (London
Camden: 0207 4822 842
Covent Garden: 0207 836 7855

Online ticket purchase and advance guest list booking: 07908 809 077
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Now this is truly unique!
For the first time ever the UK¹s 2 premier promoters of Hard underground music join forces to create what will surely be one of the
most talked-about events of the year:
Hardcore Heaven, fresh from their farewell event at the Milton Keynes Sanctuary, venture down the M1 into the Capital for only the 2nd time ever. Waiting for them in the lion¹s den are Frantic, London¹s unstoppable hard dance machine, responsible for blasting a trail through the capital¹s dancefloors since 1997.
When 2 worlds collide SeOne’s main arena will see the elite soldiers of the hard music revolution do battle. Frantic’s finest will meet Hardcore Heaven¹s hardest for 10 hours of fast and furious beats and dark n dirty synths. If the battle in this room gets too much for you, Arenas 2 & 3 will be solely dedicated their respective music styles, Frantic in 2, Hardcore Heaven in 3, whilst the outer reaches of arena 4 will play host to the less frenetic sounds of funky house and old skool.
This is simply unmissable if you¹re into the harder sounds of dance music, and with tickets selling from only £12.50Š.well, what can we say?

Let battle commence.
Region: London
Music: Hard Trance. Nu NRG. Hardcore. Hard House.
DJ's: Main Arena | Clash Of The Titans
Scott Brown
Lisa Pinup
K90 [DJ SET]
Nu Energy Collective
Dj Sy
Tara Reynolds B2b Ed Real

Arena 2 | Frantic
Andy Whitby
Paul Glazby
Charlotte Birch B2b Caroline Banx
Amber D
Little Gem

Arena 3 | Hardcore Heaven
Darren Styles
Mark Eg
Kevin Energy
Stompy B2b Spinback
Billy Daniel Bunter
D-ice & Reality
The Jedi Masters
Mc Storm
Mc Whizzkid
Mc Smiley

Arena 4 | Groove Factory
Phil Reynolds (house Set)
Paul Henry
Richard Launch
Rich O

Who's Going? (200) : *charlie*!, *cheeky chick*, *TWIRLY*, 2e, AdrenalineOverdrive, Alexpizzoferro, anders, Anthem fairy, Archie, babyred, Beks, Ben*, bobbyb, Boy_Racer, Butterbint, Camden Nurse @ Freeze, caretakerlee, Carine, carl nicholson, cd, chance, charlieb, Cherripl,, Chris Humphreys, clare withall, ClubCasualty, crazychik, Cyberdog Girl, Cyberworld, Dangermouse, Dani T, danutz, Davey_Boy, dazzer666, delerious01, Demented Scriblings, DFJ, DIRTYBITCH, disco diva, distort, DJ BARRERO, dj stretch, dj toasty, DJ Zone, djcheekee, Dobby, Double J, EchoTheChaos, Eduardo, eduardo herrera, Elliott, elster, Emilina, emmahardware, Flip, FluffyAnna, Frantic Amanda, Frantic Dickon, frantic fan, frantic_child, Future Sound of Elvis, GalleryRob, George-E, Ghost_dog, glitter_babe, Goliath Jones, Gordy, Groove Factory, gUrngUrl, guyster, Hard House Lady, Hard Sounscapes,, HelloKitty, HHaddict, Hippie, Holly-Anna, houseCHICK, HouseGuy, Hypnosis, Ickle H, J4mes, JimB, Jo and Mark N, Joz, Julez, karina69, kas, Kiko, kimba_lee, kitee, KOSandDEN, Kromos, layla, Lee Osborne, lexie, Leyton, Lisa Porter, little gem, Little Miss Moo, littleraver, Live 4 The Weekend, London_bird, Loopy Lu, Lorenzo Barrero, lunatik, M.D.A, mad4music, MadDog, madjojo, Maria, MarkyMark, MashedMark, Matt Style, Matt_, Maybe, mc smiley, mental-tessy, midlifecrisis, Mikeybabe, Miles Gorfy, mimi, Mina, Miss Pickles, Moore, Moysey, mr_p_gavin, MURAT, murraybeetle, My little pinkie, NaughtyNat, Neil Farnham, nige_n, nilson, ninja_grrl, noonoo, normcat, OrbitalKid, Paul Divine, paul jack, Pauly, Pete Soares, Petra D-B, Phil B, pj009, pocketrocketjo, Psycloud, Rafael, RafieG, Rainey, Rascal, ravin_trousers, raving.looney, raving_pixie, Rich O, Richard Launch, Safe As Fuck, Saiira, SaraS, Scoobydoo, Sean Campbell, Seraya, sexybeckyraver, shaggs, Simon Rutherford, Si², Skwosh!, smanmc, snowqueen, solus, Soph, Spherical, spikeyG, stallion, Steve Maynard, Sue Stripey, SunnySide Up, T-bag, tall_tidy_girl, The Coach, The Phantom Raspberry Blower, the_thunderbird, TidySaint, tidysanchez, Tiger, Timmy Whiz, Tin Tin, Tina, TinyAngel, Tracy, trolley, Ugniukas, Veeee, veronica, Violet, Wiggii, Will Frantic, Zilks, ~deleted5181 
HF Photographer: HouseGuy HF Reviewer: Technikal

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From: Shaun on 12th Aug 2004 11:47.21
Nice Burberry check lining Wink

From: Saiira on 12th Aug 2004 11:55.30
Well done Nige Wink

I think Mr Brown is wicked, and his legs can't be that knackered, i saw him run from one end to the other of a 5 a side pitch last weekend!

From: WEBBO on 12th Aug 2004 13:28.06
good interview nige didnt know u were doin hf articles

From: nige_n on 12th Aug 2004 13:37.26
webbo - did the questions as a favor for Dickon

From: Miss XS on 12th Aug 2004 18:49.44
Nice one - lovely to hear about someone that has made so many brilliant tunes and mixes

From: mc smiley on 12th Aug 2004 19:10.08
oh my god!!!!!
lovin the catalogue pose mr broooooooooooooon!!!!

From: drm on 12th Aug 2004 21:14.39
"From: Shaun on 12th Aug 2004 11:47.21
Nice Burberry check lining"
- That's actually Aquascutum of Regent Street. Not that I'd expect you to know about highend fashion Shaun.

From: Ed Real on 13th Aug 2004 17:00.43
wouldn't expect you to know anything aboot it either drm!?

From: *cheeky chick* on 16th Aug 2004 09:54.50
Nuff respect innit to scott brown!

From: Simon_Vegas on 17th Aug 2004 12:30.03
Excelent article... The guy's helped shaped the Hardcore scene for years and deserves credit for that!

From: London_bird on 17th Aug 2004 23:38.39
Nice one nige - bet you loved having the chance to do that! H.T.I.D.!!!

From: Safe As Fuck on 18th Aug 2004 17:44.32
Wicked article Nige... enjoyed reading it!

From: Knuckleheadz on 23rd Aug 2004 13:38.07
One of the nicest guys i've ever met and a true leader in his scene.... Its a pleasure to know him

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