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Prozak’s Russian Revolution

Reported by Craig H / Submitted 11-03-04 09:02

The unmistakable and uplifting style of Prozak’s hard and euphoric trance sets are now not only a regular feature in London’s underground hard dance scene, but also more and more frequently to the clubs and festivals of Eastern Europe and old Soviet bloc. Most recent travels have presented the DJ skills of Prozak (a.k.a. Isaac Houlli) to a surprisingly progressive and thriving clubbing scene in the Russian capital Moscow.

Reflects Isaac, “My first impression was that the Russian clubbers know exactly what they like.” Departing from his more familiar trance guise, the music of choice in Moscow was predominantly progressive and funky house. “One thing that struck me immediately was the effort that punters put into their appearance, and this certainly reflects in their behaviour and musical persuasion.”

Isaac has played regularly in countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Armenia and even Israel over the past few years. “I found that musical tastes across Eastern Europe do differ, but I also think it has a lot to do with seasons. Trance and techno are definitely more popular in the summers and go down very well at festivals. Last summer I was lucky enough to play in front of 20 000 people at an outdoor event in Bulgaria which was amazing.”

As Prozak he has headlined many events here in London, and held numerous residencies including Smile, Logic, Antiworld, Quake and his latest project as co-promoter of new night Subsonica. Beyond the impressive DJ credentials he has also been a driving force behind the PH Level record label and runs LG4 Studios in Wembley. Isaac has steadily placed himself to cope with all facets of playing, promoting and now producing dance music. Initially known as a purely trance DJ, Isaac has steadily branched into areas of more funky and progressive house. “I think one has to be open-minded these days as trends do change, and I have also often been asked to play in places where tastes are decidedly different from here.” Prozak has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the business on his travels e.g. Dave Lambert, Tall Paul, Darren Shambalah, Lisa Lashes, and also on Kiss FM and Entice FM.

This versatile attitude paid dividends in that Isaac got to play alongside progressive maestro Dave Seaman at Club Slava in Moscow last month. “The musical tastes in Moscow were varied, but consistent in that. The progressive dominance also had hints of techno and trance, with punters displaying their intolerance if these lines were crossed too often.” Clubbing in Moscow is a big event, with much effort from club promoters and clubbers alike. “Clubs themselves are pretty stylish. One of the clubs I played was Ministryclub ( which had awesome décor and probably the best sound system in the city.” According to Isaac the vibe at events was always good, with very little attitude from anybody. “People were smart and trendy, and there purely to have a good time. In all, Russia was a very good experience and I will certainly be back there in the near future.”

The next few weeks sees Prozak concentrate on Subsonica on 19 March along with co-promoter Craig Gunn. “Basically we are taking our collective experience gained in the dance scene as DJ’s, promoter and producer and channeling it into an event we hope will serve the underground.” The scene has changed dramatically in the last 18 months or so, with both parties being aware of and internalizing that change with Subsonica. Just as Prozak experienced in Russia, so clubbers in the London scene are becoming much more aware of what they want from events, lately manifesting itself it in a welcome change from the regularly regurgitated DJ line ups and monotone music policies that put an end to a good few promotions over the last year or so.

According to Prozak; “We have to start becoming aware of different genres of music and the value that they add to our promotions in both a musical and social sense.” This trend has certainly been initiated and mirrored by many promoters, with the single genre events seemingly in the minority. Two or even three rooms of distinctly different music were rarely seen 2 or 3 years ago, but now seem standard at every so called “hard dance” promotion. Not only does it serve as a great PR exercise in exposing the various genres to a wider variety of punters, but also provide them a choice which is so vital to any successful venture.

Both Craig (a.k.a. Cerberus in his early days on the trance circuit with Chaos and Lunacy) and Prozak rose through an Antipodean dominated underground scene that once represented the face of hard dance events in London. Craig’s experience as a promoter has provided him a successful contact list in all aspects of the scene. Prozak again has proved his worth not only behind the decks, but also often seen with his shoulder bag and a big smile dishing out mix CD’s and promo vinyl at events all over. “One thing I have realized is that even the cycles of Antipodeans are changing in their musical tastes and even awareness. It used to be the hard house or nothing attitude. Not any more.” It seems even the face of the traditional Antipodean house party has changed. Gone are the days of DJ’s banging away at 160bpm before even the last round at the pub has been called. Now even these debaucherous affairs even have a progression in the music policy. Does this reflect that change in attitude Prozak speaks of?

One thing that Prozak has managed to do is not only maintain contact with this scene, but also effectively move into other areas as proved by his exploits in playing to diverse crowds in London and of course in Eastern Europe and beyond. “With Subsonica, Craig and I hope to use this experience and hopefully attract a diverse group which always makes a party better. It’s not only the music, but definitely the type of people one attracts that really makes for a successful promotion in the long run. This is the ethic we would like to build on and take with us in future Subsonica events.”

LG Studios:

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From: houseCHICK on 11th Mar 2004 11:04.07
Oi Oi!!! Claps Hands Excellent profile of one of the nicest, down to earth, dj's.
Prozak, I can't wait to see you play out at the Fortress on 19 March.
Yay! Best of luck!

From: Prozak on 11th Mar 2004 11:39.07
Thanx House Chick,
Should be one of the best gigs in London's underground scene.
Hope your all well and coming down on the 19th.
Prozak x x x Smile

From: HouseGuy on 11th Mar 2004 12:22.14
Hi Prozak,
fab review, can't wait to see you play at the fortress. Luv the mix cd.

From: Neil English on 11th Mar 2004 13:11.29
Hello m8, excellent review, glad your doing so well! see you soon

From: lady rainbow on 11th Mar 2004 17:43.31
Add your comments here !

From: lady rainbow on 11th Mar 2004 17:44.24
Add your comments here !

From: lady rainbow on 11th Mar 2004 17:46.43
Add your comments here ! Hello my darlin you look beautiful
me and Mr Mush are looking forward to seein you next week,
I am also bringing my friend Johnny.

lots love MichMush xxxx

From: Prozak on 12th Mar 2004 11:45.17
Thanx My Peps, its gunna be a great one on the 19th, i can feel it. already 100 tickets are gone!!! WOW!
Thanx for all your support, Remember, this is a party for the friends and loved ones, so bring em all.
All the best this weekend.
Prozak Smile Smile Smile XXX

From: Karl Alexander on 12th Mar 2004 16:09.50
good stuff Prozak Thumbs up

From: Flip on 12th Mar 2004 16:12.16
Nice one dude Thumbs up

From: Dr DUZZIT on 13th Mar 2004 11:09.13
prozie magrozie, wicked review mate. see you soon bruvva, u d man!!

From: Bagel on 13th Mar 2004 13:50.32
Good work mate...nic eto see a top bloke doing so well...Eastern Europe sound slike a fascinating place to get amoungt it! See you at Subsonica Smile

From: Ben Holder on 15th Mar 2004 10:52.35
Good work Prozak me old china!

wikid profile

c u soon mate

From: Jim Wild on 15th Mar 2004 18:15.56
Nice one matey Thumbs up

From: digtherig on 16th Mar 2004 12:03.48
Eh up...Haven't bin to a hard dancey do in a while...bin floating a round in psy-land...but am really lookin forward to this one - something a little different I think...and the Fortress - perfect place for a good stomp...See you by the speakers...j

From: Cerberus on 16th Mar 2004 12:38.14
Revolution cometh SUBSONICA at the FORTRESS this Friday.....I am going weak at the knees thinking about it...nice serious poses P.....

From: Prozak on 17th Mar 2004 11:16.39
Once again, thanx guys for all your support, it really means a lot to me. Hope to see you all on friday19th march at the fortress, send your FULL names to

From: Prozak on 18th Mar 2004 14:18.17
Well guys, Subsonica tomorrow night looks set to be an excellent night. We've not much space left on the paying guest list. So full steam ahead. We've got a roof terrace, one floor with funky and progressive house and another floor with hard uplifting dance and trance. A man with the funny gasy stuff. Lights to blow your head off and projection screans all over the place. Get ready for some brain loss friday night.

Keep well all.


From: Dr DUZZIT on 21st Mar 2004 13:46.02
Add your comments here !

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