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Review: Spiritualised Valentines Masked Ball @ Electrowerkz – Friday 20th Feb

Reported by clubchick / Submitted 26-02-04 12:41

It was Friday night and just got home from a long day at the office. Will I stay in and watch friends? I had root canal treatment the day before (ouch) and I was still in a lot of pain. Or would I be a good friend and get my butt off the sofa and go along to Spiritualised? The decision was made when my fiancée dragged me upstairs to get ready, it didn’t take me long…I was on my way to be Spiritualised!!!

My two buddies (Virgin Clubbers) and some other friends, have heard me raving on about Spiritualised for so long, the decided to join us. I was excited to see the Spiritualised Crew, and the friendly crowd we regularly meet there. It’s like one big meeting, the only time we all get to say hi to each other. Rather like an AA meeting, but with great music and lots of alcohol…not that I’ve ever been to AA of course Roll eyes (sarcastic)

It’s a known fact, I hate Electrowerkz, and to be honest, most people I know can’t stand the place either. I find it hard to believe that a place so run down can actually make so much money from the venueSuspicious. My dad’s hay shed in Ireland is 50 times better; maybe I should tell him how to make some fast cash. But I trusted the crew, I knew they’d put their heart & soul into it, I knew they would make it the best it could be and not disappoint. So we were here, the place was freezing, but when I first saw Clodagh, the big smile she had on her face said it all, it was going to be one helluva party…

There are 2 rooms in the top of Electrowerk; the main room which is a big room with great lighting effects & fab sound which played hard house/trance/uplifting and some seriously dirty sounds. It had a seating area at the end and another bar with seats, which was our meeting place, although your coat was needed. The Spiritualised crew created a sort of ultra violet wonderland with UV hearts, starts, dream catchers & planets hanging from the ceiling. The crew also had some wicked trippy backdrops on all the walls. There was an array of fairy lights, strobes, a bubble machine & spotlights, all adding to the atmosphere! It looked awesome! There was also a stall selling UV jewellery etc, I bought a cool fan, although thinking about it now I didn’t need it as it was cold. Doh! There was a very nice lady doing massages at the end of the room, and she only asked for a donation, so I gave her all the change I had. It was so lovely to get an aromatherapy massage as you hear the music playing!

My two mates (the virgin clubbers) were overwhelmed with the friendliness of it all. They’ve only ever been to ‘regular bars’ where girls stare each other out, guys grab them, you know the general concept. They were a little nervousNervousthat people said ‘hello, how are you?’ or ‘nice to meet you’, ‘you mean to say nobody pinched my bum’, ‘people actually like each other here’ were just a few of the comments I heard from the two girlies. We were set; a great night to be had by all.

The funky room was smaller but still had all the decorations that I mentioned above. The bar staff were friendly and also the security were helpful and pleasant. Everyone arrived in masks, which added to the fun. It was a lovely surprise to be given free lollipops, sweeties (the sugar kind), ice lollies, half way through the night. Music was pumping from both rooms, oh, decisions, where to go? I kept it funky for a while, to warm up before exposing my mates to the ‘harder’ side of clubbingLaughs out loud

My friends Simone & Jane were enjoying the thrill of dancing to great music and having fun. It was a new experience for them. Although Jane was still dancing round her handbag, but as the night moved up a notch, so did Jane and I caught her bopping hard to Clodaghs set, with no handbag in sight. She definitely found her groove!Nuff respect innit

So far, I’ve not mentioned who played so I better get on and tell you more about the music. It was hot hot hot. I felt bad for the DJ’s in the funky room cause hardly anyone stayed in there due to the coldness. This factor definitely put people off. So guys, don’t worry, it wasn’t the music. So, in the funky room, it all started up with our resident from Spain, DJ Nacho. Although looking at him play, you’d think you were in Hawaii with his funky tropical shirt. For the next few hours the funky room was givin it some with Jurgen Wurfel with some wicked tunes but also a great guy, then Steve B2b Chay, (an exclusive break set), Craig Gunn, Active Sense from Spain. I was in and out of this room but every time I was in here, I was really enjoying their sets. I never really liked funky but am getting into it more and more. I like the different flavas of funky and it all sounded very chunky. Last but not least Brent Clark (Bassism) played the last set in the funky room. I stayed from 4-5am and was well impressed. His funky style has a lot of soul and great rhythm. I really enjoyed it & hope to see him around soon.Yay!

The line up in the Main room was also scorching. First up we had DJ Ped [who won the Harderfaster Spiritualised DJ Competition], played a great set and enjoyed it! Then we had DJ Nacho. This man loves his decks. Nacho gets his kicks from fusing Acid Techno with Trance, he loves it! As he said: ‘It just gives me the sound I've always been looking for, soft trance with acid techno. It is a bomb combination! It definitely works for me!’ It sure does Nacho! He’s got a great energy for life and I see lots of potential. He’s transformed his music in the last few months and he always has a cheeky smile.Yum !

Next up was my old mate Clodagh (Joy of Decks). I was still a busy bee speaking to lots of people, but dragged all my friends up to the front row to see her.

So Clodagh put on an amazing show and even managed to fit in a few Brazilian tracks for my friend (she’s from Brazil). She played ‘Street Carnival’ by CAVE on Carne Levale EP. A techno samba track from last year! Let’s just say it went down very well with the crowd! Another great tune Clodagh spun out was ‘Rockin’ by Alphazone, Matt Silver & Tony Burt Remix, on Nukleuz. This is a new great hard uplifting trance track. It really got the crowd going! I can’t normally see Clodagh’s feet from the DJ box, but she was higher up on stage, so I could see. And I almost swear she was doing an Irish jig to her music. Her feet never stay still! She looked the picture of happiness.Star

Next up, DJ Franky, and I just want to add, is playing at the huge Frantic/Wildchild event on Mar 20th, which will be amazing. I love watching Franky play. He’s a calm, relaxed dude and doesn’t need to jump around; he just plays his music and watches the crowd go wild. He has a knack (as I’ve said before) for reading the crowd and knowing what we want next and also for surprising everyone with great tunes with the odd oldie thrown in for that nostalgic feeling.DJ

The problem with Spiritualised is they have so many great DJ’s, it’s hard to catch them all, and I believe I was in the funky room when Luke Smith (resident) was up on stage in the main room. Luke plays a mixture of hard trance and hard house. When I asked Nacho what makes Luke stand out, he said: “The element that is very characteristic from Luke's sets is the uplifting melodies over the driving bass lines! This makes his sets very energetic!” It is my aim for the next Spiritualised party to catch his set. Watch out Luke, next party, I’ll be keeping notes! Last but not least, I want to mention that although she doesn’t DJ, she is a vital member of Spiritualised – Terry, who is definitely a hostess with the mostess!

I reckon this was my best night out in 2004. It was perfect. I enjoyed myself, danced a lot, talked a lot, met old friends, met new friends, listened to some awesome DJ’s, fab tunes, and quite frankly, I had a ball.....well after all it was VALENTINE’S BALL!

Catch these wicked DJ’s play at the next Spiritualised event, 10th April. I promise if you visit once, you’ll become a lifetime member! Thumbs up
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From: clodagh-techno tramp! on 26th Feb 2004 14:16.19
Thanks Clubchick! ...Brings back how much fun i had too & what a wicked night it was! You're a star! much love! xxx clodagh! Smile

From: Nacho on 26th Feb 2004 14:52.46
Buff! Colette! I don't know what to say! it is a a brilliant review! Thank you sooo Much! Now I cann't wait to the one on the 10th of April! My birthday one! yijaaaaaaaa! Well done!

From: Kromos on 27th Feb 2004 15:36.43
yet another excellent review,keep up the good work ! !

From: Luke Smith on 5th Mar 2004 11:00.11
Great review and a great party, and thanks to all those who came, Spiritualised returns to the Fortress for the next big bash in April, 4 birthdays Nacho, Franky, Paul and myself. I cant wait.

From: HouseGuy on 8th Apr 2004 17:11.52
wicked party!!! keep it up nacho/clodagh....

From: sexyminx on 15th Jun 2004 12:22.58
Well done Colette. Wicked review Thumbs up keep up the good work. Its lovely to have met you Mmmwwah!

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