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HarderFaster Guide to Glastonbury 2015
Written by Craig Gunn on 23-06-15 16:24 (6181 views) (2 comments)
Come rain or shine, Glastonbury is still regarded, with a slight nod to my own personal love affair of the past 15 years, as the ‘mother of all festivals’. It has been rocking and rolling since the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. Back then you could purchase a ticket for £1 to see the Kinks – the following year it was free for Bowie!

Over the years the line-ups have been at times epic; other times there has been a backlash unjustly lathered on the Eavis clan for their inclusion of Kanye West this year for example. There have always been controversial bookings and many naysayers of Glastonbury line-ups. Last year it was for Metallica, who, by all accounts, were fantastic and then Jay-Z the year previously. Even Dolly Parton last year on Sunday afternoon had 100,000 people eating out of the palm of her hand whilst playing the Benny Hill theme tune backwards on saxophone, a surprising goose bump moment for me - who years previously had cried when Radiohead played Fake Plastic Trees – oh how times have changed.
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Harnessing the rational to illuminate the transcendental with Hedflux
Written by Tara on 14-06-15 21:50 (6530 views)
Scottish sonic sorcerer Steve Young aka Hedflux has been DJing since he was a teenager, playing D ‘n’ B and breaks until he caught the psy trance bug and embarked on a passionate production pilgrimage to combine the exquisite atmosphere of psy trance and the groovy eclecticism of breaks. Such aural alchemy soon saw him soon becoming one of the leaders of the pack in the comparatively new genre of psy breaks, before carving his very own genre of psychedelic tech funk.

He’s since launched his own label, Luminus Music, where he continues to give out some of his top tracks for free/donation, many being found on the incredible compilations In Retrospect: Selected Works from 2007–2014 – containing anthems like Music is my Weapon (2007), Revolve (2010) and Pyramid Eclipse (2013) – with remixes from the likes of OOOD, Nanoplex and Bad Tango. In March 2015 he dropped a bomb in the form of the awesome Collaborations EP with Kiwi beat maestro Grouch, featuring remixes from Nanosphere and Brujo’s Bowl, before embarking on an epic tour of Australia. Now he’s back in the UK: but not for long, as he’s about to pack up his studio and move his family to Honduras.

With Hedflux about to play one of his final UK sets for a wee while at Astral Circus on Friday 26 June at Brixton Jamm, we were fortunate enough to get him to answer a few questions about his music, spirituality and ayahuasca and er... quantum physics!
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Free-Spirit's Moka Mafia takes us on a pychedelic adventure to Tribal Village
Written by Tara on 04-05-15 16:47 (5411 views)
Since gathering the London psy tribe and instigating a new breed of psychedelic events a couple of years ago, the Tribal Village crew has continued to innovate and surprise, with every single event containing new firsts to keep things fresh. For their event this Saturday 9th May they’re not only moving to a bigger better venue – The Steelyard – and have got aerialist ErialC on board to heighten that carnival atmosphere, but once again there are a host of debuts and UK firsts, with Belgium’s Foose playing in London for the first time, Cyclon coming from Japan to make his UK debut and the world-wide launches of O.C.D. LIVE (South Africa) and Wayfarers (UK/Italy).

Moka Mafia however isn’t new to music or the London scene, having been in bands since the age of 17 and played pretty much most musical styles around while starting to write electronic sounds on his Atari computer using Cubase. It was only upon arriving in London from Sardinia in 1997 that he first went to Pendragon at Brixton Academy and fell in love with the psychedelic party scene, which lead to him getting inspired by the music in the chill outs at events such as Return to the Source, Astral Phoenix, Fairy Tales and Chichime – where he made his DJ debut in 2003. Since then he’s become a regular on the scene, while continuing to study his craft at the Conservatory of Music.

This Saturday night he’ll be showcasing some of his unreleased tracks as well as playing live keyboards and mixing up a storm of eclectic beats. We tracked down this musical mafioso to find out more about his path to Tribal Village
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HarderFaster Awards 2014 - The results are in!
Written by HarderFaster on 15-04-15 15:34 (39696 views) (7 comments)
Before 2014 faded into a distant memory, we asked HarderFaster members to look back and tell us who, what, when and where made their year, whether that be for good or bad reasons.

At your request, this year’s poll was extended to give everyone a chance to have their say, and it was worth the wait as your votes continue to demonstrate the usual wit and wisdom with various members managing a mention for festival and, establishing recent tradition, kerb attracting interest in every category.

And as we’ve commented over the past few years, you have pretty diverse and eclectic tastes so we’ll continue to award top honours to those who were clearly in the lead and honourable mentions to those who were near the top or where there’s no clear winner.
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The Many Styles of Psy Sisters: Part 2
Written by Tara on 23-02-15 19:38 (7535 views)
In the second installment of our two-part feature on the many musical styles of the Psy-Sisters Collective, we interview members of the original team: Miss Kiff aka DJ Amethyst, founder Psibindi, Renegade DJ, Sati and Sol Shine, ahead of the Psy-Sisters Second Edition at Vauxhall’s Union this Saturday 28th February. [Full Story]

The Many Styles of Psy-Sisters: Part 1
Written by Tara on 10-02-15 23:19 (8042 views)
The brainchild of DJ, vocalist and producer Rena Biring aka Psibindi, in just two years Psy-Sisters has quickly evolved into an international collective of epic proportions. After the first meet ups in February 2013, the Psy Sisters’ launch party at Vauxhall’s Union in May 2013 cemented their place in the psychedelic scene as an explosion of creativity was unleashed on the world.

Now two years on the Sisters are back to celebrate two years in the business with an 18-artist extravaganza over both rooms at Union on Saturday 28th February. In this first of a two-part feature, HarderFaster investigates the many styles of music being showcased on the night, from the proggier sounds of Lauren Lyon, Lorraine and Spinney Lainey to the uplifting full on of Nikki S, the harder darker styles of Cheryl Catawampus and Toxic Tegan to the multi-talented Reshma, this promises to be one of the most eclectic parties of the year!
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N-Kore the Gallic maestro brings Astral Circus back to town
Written by Tara on 19-10-14 20:30 (7425 views) (1 comment)
The reproduction and evolution of our music scene means ensuring the tools of the trade are passed from one generation of artists to the next, and that they are sufficiently inspired to keep passing on the flame in their turn. For the scene of tomorrow to continue, we must make space for the up-and-coming of today.

Originally from Angers in France, N-Kore was so taken by the sounds of the London dance music scene that he is now keeping the flame alive, taking matters into his own hands by meticulously learning the tricks of the trade though sheer persistence, trial and error, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Already signed to a label, Silent Partner Records, he has his first residency at Triptonania, his first release in the pipeline, and is about to meet a career milestone as he gets ready to rock the Astral Circus dancefloor this Friday night…
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Nikki S interviews Sinerider - one of the psy scene's fastest rising stars
Written by Nikki S on 12-10-14 15:30 (10616 views) (2 comments)
After the global success of his début album Pure Tones and a succession of hit tracks over the last few years, Sinerider has taken the global psychedelic trance scene by storm, and has firmly established himself as one of the world’s top psy trance acts. In between all of the jet-setting and rocking the biggest events and festivals across all corners of the globe, we caught up with Dan Sinerider, ahead of his forthcoming gig at Astral Circus in London on the 24th of October. [Full Story]

A strong Case of Dejavoo.
Written by Robin Annal on 10-09-14 07:14 (6538 views)
When you get two well respected DJs and producers from the psy-trance scene come together and look to create a sound combining elements from many other electronic music genres you’re in no doubt there’ll be something there you recognise, it’ll be new but familiar, perhaps a feeling of Dejavoo. Kristian and Francesco spill the beans. [Full Story]

Projecting stereOMantra into Tribal Village for his UK debut
Written by Tara on 01-09-14 23:46 (6836 views)
Having quickly established itself as one of London’s leading psy trance nights, Tribal Village continues to push musical and visual boundaries. With another epic line-up carefully programmed for the next adventure on Saturday 6th September, the psychedelic playground is looking better than ever with live sets from Allaby, Cimi, K.I.M and Imry (who’s playing his first live); DJ support from Dillan M, Face, Lauren Lyon, Mr Mush, Neutrino, Nova, Sean Spindrift, Young Kim and Jay OM; and UK debuts from Somatrixx (Germany) and StereOMantra (Hungary), who’ll be showcasing his album Projections.

Listening to Projections I was instantly impressed by the incredibly smooth sound quality and beautiful progression, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to discover that Robert Rohaly aka StereOMantra is actually a classical pianist and composer who’s been creating his own music for many years. Fill a glass and make yourselves comfortable as this venturing virtuoso tells HarderFaster about his road to Tribal Village…
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