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Back to 2002 for Evolution’s 3rd Birthday with the prodigious James Lawson
Written by benz on 04-08-06 13:02 (3105 views) (24 comments)
One of the most technically gifted producers in the history of hard dance and creator of some of the genre’s most inspiring, exciting, and downright wonderful tunes. One half of the world beating Edison Factor, who recently dropped their massively successful ‘World Series Vol. 1’ album. A superb dj to boot. It is of course, the superbly talented James Lawson. He has been consistently knocking out anthem after anthem of hard dance power since he really broke through around four years back, and has racked up more classic productions and remixes than you can shake a stick up. [Full Story]

Amber D to take over the world? You’re not wrong!
Written by mostwantedkat on 04-08-06 12:36 (2568 views) (15 comments)
Filthy, dirty and hard. Three words which describe Amber D to a T. No I’m not suggesting she’s some sort of unwashed chav who hangs outside the offie with her 20 offspring a la Vicky Pollard. I am, obviously, talking about her music. [Full Story]

UK djs provide SoundTrack for parties in Brazil
Written by Macey on 02-08-06 17:38 (4186 views) (10 comments)
When you think of Brazil, you may conjure up images of the carnival in Rio, or trekking in the Amazon, world cup footballers or tanned beach volleyball players. How about hard dance parties? Not really what sprang to mind, right?

Well if one person has their way, then the Brazilian hard dance scene is about to take off. On Saturday 5th August a handful of UK djs are aiming to take the roof off the venue in Porto Alegre where the first SoundTrack party is being held.
[Full Story]

Getting Lashed with the first lady of hard dance!
Written by K8-e on 01-08-06 22:18 (4053 views) (22 comments)
Lisa Lashes is a woman who needs little introduction. Dubbed the Queen of Hard Dance, there are few who can measure up to what she has achieved in her career. One of the original Tidy Girls with Anne Savage, Lisa brought a sexy brand of hard house to the masses delivered in her own unique style. In recent years pushing her now famed Lashed brand she has toured the world, playing from Ibiza to China to America and to audiences of thousands.

The first and only female ever to be considered among the top ten djs in the world by DJ Mag, Lisa Lashes has truly set the bar. This Friday at Northampton’s Fever, Lisa joins forces with the mighty CK. CyberKitten Vs Lashed Euphoria kick-starts Lisa’s exclusive album tour for the new ‘Lashed Euphoria’ CD, giving me the perfect opportunity to put some questions to the lady herself.
[Full Story]

HarderFaster interview with Cardinal Difference
Written by VinDiesel on 01-08-06 16:31 (4496 views) (27 comments)
There are many dynamic duos in the music scene: the Edison Factor, Type 1, Section 2, and Lennon and McCartney, to mention but a few! But there can’t be that many that combine hard trance with filthy hard house into one. Take two guys regularly on the scene and from different ends of the country and bring them together to produce the latest dj talent called Cardinal Difference. [Full Story]

Audio London presents Together resident Anil Chawla
Written by e99 on 01-08-06 14:27 (3878 views) (16 comments)
With the rise and subsequent fall of the superclub, and the increasingly ‘democratic’ nature of the digital download revolution and wider availability of music production technology, it has certainly become somewhat easier for new dj/producer talent to break through. Anil Chawla is one of the new generation of UK house music stars who have benefited from these changes. A versatile dj who plays right across the house music spectrum, he gained fame with his superb demo CDs that illustrated his deep-rooted understanding of the genre, and over the last couple of years has continued to gain momentum with a slew of gigs that have steadily become bigger and bigger in profile. [Full Story]

Proactive interview with superheroes Ed Real & The *Ting*
Written by Proactive HQ on 01-08-06 12:05 (3766 views) (32 comments)
Every now and then you look up at the sky and have to question what you just saw. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it one of our superheroes swooping past en route to enhance and electrify the lives of thousands of eagerly awaiting music lovers everywhere?

As two of the hardest working superheroes in our industry, The *Ting* and Ed Real come together once more to fight for their right to party @ the legendary Party Proactive on Saturday 2nd September @ Turnmills. We managed to corner the intrepid duo before they flew off to their next destination for a quick fire question session.
[Full Story]

Lights, camera, action: Jon Doe brings UndergroundTV to Love Muzik
Written by benz on 01-08-06 01:43 (2446 views) (4 comments)
One of the more enigmatic figures in dance music, Jon Doe has never been one to play by the rules. Nor has he ever been one to sit back and just do the usual “dj/producer” thang. No, Jon Doe is a pioneer, a maverick, boundary-pusher and genre-shunner, and as a result is one of the most interesting and vital people working in the harder end of electronic music.

He’s mostly been focusing on his hardcore/freeform project CLSM for the past couple of years, but has also been firing out some highly stimulating tracks in a more hard dance type vein recently — hopefully signalling a return to his former status as one of the leading lights of the scene. But what’s all this Underground TV about?
[Full Story]

Logic preview: Mike Redina spills the beans about the NRGFLOW crew
Written by Kiko on 28-07-06 12:47 (5968 views) (4 comments)
What do you get from a combination of music production, web designing, dj and photography agencies? Well, the result is, a website created to house the expertises of mates Michael Redina, Morgan Cameron, Remy Cameron (aka Reminiscence), John Coyle (aka JNRG) percussionist Joe Kelly (aka JK Theory) and web designer Paul McClenaghan. [Full Story]

Electropunk scum band Katscan take on the new world order
Written by HarderFaster Editorial on 26-07-06 22:42 (3255 views) (13 comments)
Today is a very sad day for the music industry, for it’s the last day the Beeb are recording Top of the Pops. Seriously. In a time when even musical institutions many of us regarded sacred while growing up are no longer safe and, it could well be argued, ‘pop’ music is even more inane than ever, how the h*ll does any band trying to do something a bit more alternative survive? Meet Katscan, an ‘electropunk scum’ (their words!) band with industrial, goth and metal influences who are taking on the new world order in their own surgically obsessed way. [Full Story]

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