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HarderFaster presents Rachel Harvey
Written by HarderFaster on 30-08-06 20:10 (5822 views) (16 comments)
One of Australia’s top djs, Rachel Harvey went from being at the top of her game in her home country, to having to work her way from the bottom up on the cut-throat UK dj ladder. But in a very short period of time she’s already played gigs at Colours @ the Fridge, Sundissential and Charlyz Angelz, as well as a few internationals thrown in for good measure. With forthcoming sets at HarderFaster’s own Thirsty Thursdays on Thursday 31 August at Soho’s Freedom Bar and at the next Colours on Saturday 9 September, I decided it was time to meet Rachel for a few drinks and find out about the world of this very versatile artist. [Full Story]

Innovate preview: Energy Dai gets set to release his explosive power in the UK
Written by Nikki S on 30-08-06 19:42 (7448 views) (11 comments)
Energy-Dai (translated) Big energy (life-size, huge, immense, enormous, massive, power, force, vivacity, dynamic, spirit, sparkle, enthusiasm) . . . and that is exactly what you get as soon as his hands touch the turntables!

It was at the young age of 17, as a young raver at hard NRG legend Yoji Biomehanika’s early underground parties that Energy-Dai became inspired and first started DJing. At the age of 22 Dai began promoting his own events and through the years he has risen to the hold to crown of underground djs in Osaka by securing a residency at Club Joule, Osaka’s most famous venue. Since then he has been one of the hottest and most in demand djs on the Japanese hard dance circuit.
[Full Story]

Review of Progression Records Boat Party on, well, the ocean wave
Written by josie on 30-08-06 19:19 (4705 views) (5 comments)
What the hell is going on with trance in London? It’s either The Gallery or nowt, and apart from Vaccine, The Gallery is pretty mainstream stuff. Trancegeneration’s solo events have not been forthcoming, and Serious will not be recommencing their weekly nights in London. In such a chilly climate, the trance fan must gird their loins and seek out the more unusual event. Hence a sunny July afternoon found me and the bloke on a pavement at Bank waiting for . . . of all things . . . a boat upon which to rave. [Full Story]

Paul Glazby — 8 hours & a lot more
Written by Getinpublicity on 30-08-06 18:53 (3005 views) (10 comments)
Paul Glazby: a name that has become ingrained within the hard house circuit. He’s been instrumental in its development, through his productions and his sheer untouchable talent. Through determination, accessibility and a lot of bloody hard work, Paul has earned every accolade he’s received, but one of the biggest events in his career to date was to recently shape, build and progress a whole eight hours of his own night all on his tod. Was he biting off more than he could chew? [Full Story]

Vaccine preview with M.I.K.E., Johan Gielen & Ronald van Gelderen
Written by Vaccine on 30-08-06 12:32 (2864 views) (10 comments)
Friday 1st September sees The Gallery welcome one of its fast becoming legendary backrooms to host the whole club for a one night spectacular. Vaccine will be taking over the main room for the first time, bringing one of the most unique trance line-ups witnessed in the UK to Turnmills. [Full Story]

Meet Bonnie and Lynz — members of the Twisted Bliss dance agency
Written by e99 on 30-08-06 02:03 (6652 views) (10 comments)
Twisted Bliss is the dance agency that provides dancers for the likes of Tasty, Freeformation, Raindance and Terminal and is fast becoming one of the most prominent groups of its type in the hard music scene. Run by Bonnie, an enterprising young lady who dabbled in modelling before deciding to make a concerted effort at setting up her own group of dancers, the agency is expanding all the time and attracting new clients every month. When you want more than just a dj, some lights and some décor — Twisted Bliss is the answer! [Full Story]

Interview with Mark Sherry
Written by K8-e on 29-08-06 14:35 (5624 views) (10 comments)
I am loving tech trance at the moment. From the first time I bought a Detox tune and couldn’t quite work out whether it was techno or European hard trance I’ve loved this genre. Mark Sherry’s sound for me epitomises the techier sounding trance that has become so popular of late. With a sound that’s plenty tough enough without verging on the formulaic sound some UK hard trance has succumbed to, Mark has released some corkers on Detox and Riot! and put out some beefy remixes to boot. Keen to get the low down on another one of my heroes, I tracked down Mark for his HarderFaster debut. [Full Story]

Vinylgroover minus The Red Hed — interview for Twisted at The Fridge
Written by mostwantedkat on 29-08-06 13:42 (2725 views) (6 comments)
Imagine you’re knee-high to a grasshopper. Your best friend’s mum and dad take you out. Not for the day. For the night. As it turns out, for the night of your life. Your car joins a convoy somewhere along the motorway. Red lights and headlights weave in front and behind you. People hang out of windows yelling to each other and waving luminous glowsticks across their faces. Suddenly everyone peels off and you’re hurtling down a country track towards what looks like a mini town in the middle of nowhere. The bass is booming out across the night sky, there are people running everywhere and dry ice makes the whole thing look like some psychedelic village of the damned throwing a huge party. You’re at your very first rave. And things as you know them will never be the same. [Full Story]

Summit’s Batch brings the Bank Holiday to a close at Frantic vs Freeformation
Written by benz on 25-08-06 17:21 (5193 views) (29 comments)
The Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us! There’s a hell of a lot on, but the big hard dance fest of the weekend comes in the form of Frantic’s massive triple celebrations for their 9th Birthday. 24 hours of hard-edged madness comes in the form of SOS’s pre-party at Inigo, the main event at Renaissance Rooms, and for the headstrong — the totally free Frantic vs Freeformation afterparty at Hidden. One of the people who will be going for the full 24 hours is Summit’s very own promoter/DJ Batch — an energetic and talented young chap who is starting to make a real impression on the scene following the rise of his promotion and his first major production with wunderkid Technikal. [Full Story]

HarderFaster's first ever live interview with Technikal and Spencer Freeland
Written by HarderFaster on 23-08-06 17:59 (3795 views) (14 comments)
On the 18th August 2006 Harderfaster was proud to announce the first ever LIVE interview. Technikal and Spencer Freeland were both online from 12.20–14.00 to answer those questions that you have always wanted to know (with the help of super-fast typist Malik.)

Spencer Freeland discovered Alf’s technical ability on one of his earlier productions when the youngster was only 17 years old and had never set foot inside a club. Technikal has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading hard dance producers, with dj highlights such as the midnight set at last year’s HeatNYE, the recent Dance Valley and is soon to be seen at Creamfields and Evolution’s Third Birthday this Saturday night at the Fridge.
[Full Story]

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