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Party Proactive preview with Billy Nasty
Written by Maxine on 23-08-06 16:37 (2257 views) (12 comments)
Music trends come and go and with them the djs who champion them. In this ever changing world of dance music it is now difficult to find a dj that lives up to his reputation. Billy Nasty is one of those djs. [Full Story]

James Zabiela: dance music’s most skilled dj?
Written by benz on 23-08-06 02:10 (3388 views) (9 comments)
It’s not often that you find an electronic music dj who will make Sasha — one of the greatest mixers ever — stand back and look on in awe. It’s also not often that Pioneer, one of the biggest dj technology companies in the world, asks a 20-something dj to help them design their top of the range equipment. Nor is it a regular occurrence for someone of Carl Cox’s stature to visit a Southampton nightclub to see another dj play.

It’s not surprising then that there is nothing regular or ordinary about James Zabiela the dj. Widely recognised as one of the most gifted jocks in the whole of dance music, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers through his technical prowess, but not at the expense of a world-wide fan base, who are as much in love with his music as with his skills.
[Full Story]

On the up: interview with Andy Rise
Written by K8-e on 23-08-06 01:40 (4255 views) (16 comments)
Andy Grundy is part of a nu-breed of rising stars. Playing under the name Andy Rise, this talented young man from Blackpool is injecting his own brand of enthusiasm and energy coupled with his trademark scratching into his dj sets. With a recent CyberKitten residency in the bag and an upcoming party to celebrate (1st September @ Fever, Northampton) I thought I’d take the time to introduce HarderFaster to the world of Andy Rise. [Full Story]

Superclub resident Alex the Kidd returns to the HF limelight
Written by e99 on 21-08-06 17:24 (3337 views) (14 comments)
Now a fully-fledged, top-draw, A-list, premier league hard dance superstar and headliner in his own right, Alex Kidd was just a very talented pretender to the throne not so long ago. His boundless enthusiasm and super skills were never going to go unnoticed, and his meteoric rise has finally translated into a top-of-the-pile status. First he conquered Goodgreef and the North of England, then Frantic and the South of England, then the rest of the UK, and over the past year has played all over the world with shocking frequency, and has now got most of the way to claiming Ibiza as his own. Winner! [Full Story]

Weirdo returns for the Superfish! 9th birthday reunion
Written by Superfish! on 18-08-06 18:03 (2788 views) (7 comments)
Ask any hard trance producer who they rate as their most formative influence, and there’s a good chance that the name Weirdo will crop up. His unique blend of euphoric, uplifting and most definitely banging hard trance helped create and define the genre as we know it today. His artist albums released on Tinrib Recordings — ‘ImInTouchWithYourWorld’ (2000) and ‘Normalisation’ (2002) — are classics, still sounding as fresh today as when they were first released. Indeed, in a time when technological changes have made music production more accessible to the masses than ever before, and, it could be argued, thus leading to a reduction in quality as every wannabe producer and their laptop can churn out a ‘track’, tunes like ‘Photic Zone’ (1998) and ‘I Know a Plaice’ (2001) champion the hard trance sound, reminding us that good hard dance definitely doesn’t have to be formulaic. [Full Story]

Black is white with Adam White
Written by Adam Symbiosis on 16-08-06 19:05 (4823 views) (32 comments)
Dance music comes in waves and being a well recognized and successful dj certainly isn’t all about being a one hit wonder. Over the past 10 years there’s been a name that’s been as synonymous with trance as black goes with white. Adam White has seen his name rise progressively with parties, productions and compilations. But where is he at the moment? Where’s he playing? What’s he doing? I got in contact with him ahead of appearances in Ibiza to find out just where he’s at. [Full Story]

Superfast Oz ignites the Fridge for Superfish!
Written by Danny Gilligan & Superfish! on 16-08-06 16:05 (4936 views) (11 comments)
This Friday night something very special is hitting the Fridge, something that, like Christmas, may well only happen once a year. And, like Christmas, a lot of time and effort has gone into making sure certain traditions have been kept to . . . Captain Tinrib aka Jon Bell aka The Skippwhore is back from the high seas, and he's brought his legendry party Superfish! to dock at the Fridge for a special one-off ninth birthday celebration this Friday 18 August.. [Full Story]

Canadian Superstar DJ Preach
Written by Macavity on 16-08-06 01:26 (5871 views) (16 comments)
Many of you reading this will think Britain is the greatest dance music nation on the planet; but is it really? Pick up a copy of the DJ Mag Top 100 list and you’ll soon realize that while there are still plenty of UK jocks featured, it doesn’t hold the dominance it once did. Escape the craggy shores of Blighty to the windmill strewn flatlands of Holland and you’ll unearth more Top 100 worthy djs than you can shake a tulip at!Venture even further afield to Eastern Europe and you’ll be greeted with a raw excitement, not seen since David Hasselhoff took off his shirt off at the end of the Berlin Wall concert. [Full Story]

Purple Monkey interview with JDS’ Darren Pearce
Written by mostwantedkat on 16-08-06 00:40 (3944 views) (14 comments)
There’s a rumble deep in the musical jungle and it’s coming your way! From out of nowhere you’re bombarded with beats and basslines. The floor underneath you shudders and shakes with dirty breakz and filthy house music. Nasty electro snakes around your ears and your ankles compelling you to move. The air turns hot and heavy. All of a sudden you realize you’re in the middle of The Adventures of the Purple Monkey . . . and you love it! [Full Story]

HarderFaster interview with Visual Rhythm
Written by Ashattack on 16-08-06 00:38 (5186 views) (5 comments)
Visual Rhythm! Who are they? Well we are about to find out and delve deep within the unique conceptual world of who they are and what they have done for the club industry. “Who is behind this mysterious mask?” I hear you say. Whilst many of you are stomping away to the sounds of the dj or PA playing, there is a dark and visual impact that now appears before you in many forms that leaves the crowd agasp, wondering what is going on and what is about to happen. Their world is when fantasy becomes reality.

This world as seen on many stages, including MTV, is the brainchild of its creators Tony T and Kez. You know you’re in for the club experience of your life when you witness this concept of stage performing art that is the legendary Visual Rhythm! This Friday 18 August Visual Rhythm are in London to perform the world exclusive of their human light show at the return of the legendary Superfish! We got them to put their feet up for a few minutes to answer a few questions.
[Full Story]

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