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HarderFaster puts K8-e on the other side of the notepad ahead of Thirsty Thursdays
Written by HarderFaster on 05-09-06 22:51 (5686 views) (23 comments)
This is probably one of the hardest interviews I’ve ever had to write. Not only is Kathryn Fairbrother aka K8-e one of the rising group of djs who can play anything they put their hand to — hard house, hard trance, techno, tech house, hardcore, you name it — she’s started getting stuck into producing, had stints at promoting, and she’s also one of HarderFaster’s most respected and prolific writers. But what do you ask someone who’s used to asking all the questions? [Full Story]

The ultimate Addiction? Get your fix at the Fridge on September 30th
Written by mostwantedkat on 04-09-06 19:34 (2702 views) (19 comments)
Addiction is a serious thing, no laughing matter. One minute you’re living your life, the next you’re totally consumed by something so big that everything else pales in comparison. It can happen to even the most normal of us sitting here today, believe you me. One week you’re going to work, coming home, going to work, coming home, maybe going out for a pint or two on the weekend if you’re feeling a bit rebellious.

Then all of a sudden you’re raging it up in the middle of the week, partying till the wee small hours and descending into a kicking social life, increasing circles of friends and, worst of all, banging summer boat parties. It’s no wonder our young people are attracted to this life of hedonistic uplifting debauchery!
[Full Story]

Interview with Chris Vaux from Portsmouth’s PunchFunk
Written by K8-e on 04-09-06 19:12 (4126 views) (5 comments)
I got to know Chris Vaux when I offered to review the night that PunchFunk (his promotion) brought Fergie to town. I’d never been to a PunchFunk before, but I was pleasantly surprised at the way this night mixed up house, electro and funky techno to create a wicked vibe. I don’t get much of a chance to club properly these days but I made the time when once again they played a blinder and brought Valentino Kanzyani to Portsmouth. Since the start of the year I’ve watched in amazement as Chris and his endless enthusiasm and dedication push himself and the PunchFunk brand further and further, bringing more and more quality acts to Portsmouth and Bournemouth and taking the PF brand on tour to places like Hi:Fi and Global. Hardly time to stop for a breath! But ahead of his debut release on PunchFunk records I thought it was about time I tracked the man down for some questions. [Full Story]

Late nights and hard work: an insight into events management
Written by Maxine on 01-09-06 19:02 (3251 views) (11 comments)
Club nights and events: we go to so many that some of us can take for granted how much work really goes into them. Behind all the strobes, djs and sound is months and months of planning preparation and hard work. [Full Story]

Interview with Lee Haslam ahead of his headlining set in the Addiction trance room at the massive tidy & Extreme Euphoria 1st Birthday Fiesta
Written by mostwantedkat on 01-09-06 16:00 (4322 views) (10 comments)
18 months ago dj and producer Lee Haslam made a decision to move away from a career spanning nearly nine years in hard dance and go back to his original roots in trance. Since that time he’s had to make some tough calls and work tirelessly to establish himself in one of the hardest scenes to break in dance music.

On October 27th, at London superclub Heaven, thousands of clubbers will be able to judge for themselves as Lee heads up the massive Addiction trance room at tidy & Extreme Euphoria’s 1st Birthday Fiesta. It’s been a year since HarderFaster last spoke to Lee, and he kindly joins us to give us an update on how his transition is going, his latest productions and how it’s going developing his own new digital label and website.
[Full Story]

Cally & Juice give HF their top 5 turntablist tricks
Written by benz on 31-08-06 15:31 (5093 views) (10 comments)
Being able to scratch well is a great addition to any dj’s repertoire. But what happens when you want to take the art to the next level? It’s all very well standing behind the decks and moving your hands faster than a camera can keep up with — but it can get pretty boring to watch. Praise be then to those that take it that little bit further — the show-boaters of the scratching world! Ever seen a dj scratch with their nose? Or a kitchen sink? Or put a turntable on their back and scratch with it? [Full Story]

HarderFaster presents Rachel Harvey
Written by HarderFaster on 30-08-06 21:10 (6001 views) (16 comments)
One of Australia’s top djs, Rachel Harvey went from being at the top of her game in her home country, to having to work her way from the bottom up on the cut-throat UK dj ladder. But in a very short period of time she’s already played gigs at Colours @ the Fridge, Sundissential and Charlyz Angelz, as well as a few internationals thrown in for good measure. With forthcoming sets at HarderFaster’s own Thirsty Thursdays on Thursday 31 August at Soho’s Freedom Bar and at the next Colours on Saturday 9 September, I decided it was time to meet Rachel for a few drinks and find out about the world of this very versatile artist. [Full Story]

Innovate preview: Energy Dai gets set to release his explosive power in the UK
Written by Nikki S on 30-08-06 20:42 (7685 views) (11 comments)
Energy-Dai (translated) Big energy (life-size, huge, immense, enormous, massive, power, force, vivacity, dynamic, spirit, sparkle, enthusiasm) . . . and that is exactly what you get as soon as his hands touch the turntables!

It was at the young age of 17, as a young raver at hard NRG legend Yoji Biomehanika’s early underground parties that Energy-Dai became inspired and first started DJing. At the age of 22 Dai began promoting his own events and through the years he has risen to the hold to crown of underground djs in Osaka by securing a residency at Club Joule, Osaka’s most famous venue. Since then he has been one of the hottest and most in demand djs on the Japanese hard dance circuit.
[Full Story]

Review of Progression Records Boat Party on, well, the ocean wave
Written by josie on 30-08-06 20:19 (4889 views) (5 comments)
What the hell is going on with trance in London? It’s either The Gallery or nowt, and apart from Vaccine, The Gallery is pretty mainstream stuff. Trancegeneration’s solo events have not been forthcoming, and Serious will not be recommencing their weekly nights in London. In such a chilly climate, the trance fan must gird their loins and seek out the more unusual event. Hence a sunny July afternoon found me and the bloke on a pavement at Bank waiting for . . . of all things . . . a boat upon which to rave. [Full Story]

Paul Glazby — 8 hours & a lot more
Written by Getinpublicity on 30-08-06 19:53 (3162 views) (10 comments)
Paul Glazby: a name that has become ingrained within the hard house circuit. He’s been instrumental in its development, through his productions and his sheer untouchable talent. Through determination, accessibility and a lot of bloody hard work, Paul has earned every accolade he’s received, but one of the biggest events in his career to date was to recently shape, build and progress a whole eight hours of his own night all on his tod. Was he biting off more than he could chew? [Full Story]

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