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[colour=red]Sly One & Jurrane - Look into the Futurity[/colour], 27th Sep
[colour=red]Sly One & Jurrane debut 'Machine Intelligence Live!' at Planet Angel[/colour], 7th Sep
[colour=green]Planet Angel is a Vision[/colour], 2nd Mar
[color=#31ABC6]Getting Crafty with Sly One: Part 2[/color], 2nd Feb
[color=#31ABC6]Getting Crafty with Sly One: Part 1[/color], 22nd Jan
[color=#31ABC6]Making all the right moves with Planet Angel's Jo Dunwell[/color], 16th Dec
[color=red]Happy Birthday Feersum: Part Two[/color], 6th Oct
[colour=#31ABC6]John Askew: From Z-list uber star to A-list superstar[/colour], 2nd Mar
[color=#31ABC6]On Parallel roads with Jurrane[/color], 4th Jun

HarderFaster DJs >> Sly One
Music Style:Euphoric, uplifting, progressive, psychedelic and hard trance, progressive, hard and banging house, chillout, or anything else that does the business at the time
From:London and South Coast
Date of birth:26/03/80
Residencies:Planet Angel
Signed to:Magic Beans Records
Sample set:See website
Worst DJing moment:The night was at a peak, 1200 people had their hands in the air just as Voodoo & Serano - Blood Is Pumping was about to let fly, and the soundsystem, almost on cue, shut down. Among the screams was an announcement that this was a fire drill and to evacuate the building. We are still convinced to this day that they just wanted to close early and had 1200 too many people to just tell to sod off. They couldn't have picked a worse moment.
When you're not DJing you're:Producing, recording, helping run clubnights, and holding down a real job.
Favourite Producer:Robert Nickson, Perry O'Neil and Astrix rarely put a foot out of place. I don't think many trance producers will ever make more than two or three *really* good tunes, but producers of other styles are more likely to be "choon" machines.
Favourite Label:Mondo have really caught my attention recently.
Biggest Influence:Planet Angel
Drink:Red Wine, Sambuca (!) Tequila, Good beer
Non-music pastime:Food, chilling, the company of good friends
Words of wisdom:If a dancefloor is empty at the start of a night, turn the music down and chill it out. If they turn up and can stand on the dancefloor chatting, they're more likely to stay there to chat rather than running off to the bar. Then just remember you're there to give them a good time, not the other way around.

Last updated:
11 Jan 2007

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Updated 11-01-07 18:01
Sly One - Gamma Storm (released on Magic Beans Records "EP001", also featuring Jurrane, Dan Stopani and Tequila) [2003]
Sly One - House of Muzik (Six Thirty Records 2007)
Sly One vs Jurrane - Timebomb (Coming up in 2007)

Past Sets
Updated 11-01-07 18:01
Innumerable Planet Angel parties 2001-present
Trance on Thames Free Beach Party
Tidy vs Extreme Euphoria

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 11-01-07 18:01
Tidy vs Extreme Euphoria - Trance Room by Boundless - Jan 2007
Planet Angel (Monthly)

Recent photosets featuring Sly One
Heaven (6th April, 2007)
(Photos: James Rae)
Knowwhere @ Heaven for their Easter bank holiday Back-2-Back special! Alex M.O.R.P.H, Woody Van Eyden, Adam White, Anthony Dean, Ed Real, Phil Reynolds, Andy McCall... The line up was huge!
Freedom (15th May, 2004)
(Photos: distinct rider)
The second edition day party. feat. JFK! Best day party around.
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FABRICLIVE: Redlight's Ice Cream Jungle x Skankandbass, 13th Apr
DANCE:LOVE:HUB - The Peacock Party, 17th Nov
DISCOVER RECORDS 10.5 - November 26th, 26th Nov
Trance Sanctuary, 9th Jul
Odyssey presents A Decade of Trance, 6th Feb
Hard South, 6th Nov
Discover/MPFS v Prehab v Cerebral, 12th Sep
Chemistry, 25th Apr
Zoology Trance, 6th Feb
HarderFaster vs The Residents 2008, 6th Dec

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