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HarderFaster DJs >> Odyssey
Music Style:Hard house, Hard Trance, NRG, Old skool, Happy hard, Techno
From:Adelaide, South Australia
Date of birth:23.08.1974
Residencies:System 6, Earth, Frantic, Enchanted forest, Adrenalin
Management Agency:
Bookings Contact:
No. of records:9 so far ..

1. System 6 - Odyssey & Chris C (UK) - Pirate wax #6 -
Engineered by David Edge (UK) Released May 2002

2. Turbulence - Odyssey, Submission & Devious - Dynamix
Platinum #3 - Engineered by K-Complex (UK) Released May 2002

3. Energy Shield – Odyssey – Nile records –
engineered by Cruze and Vinyl junkie (UK)

4. The only thing that counts – Odyssey – Nile
records – engineered by Cruze and Vinyl junkie (UK)

5. It’s Rocking – Odyssey & Kevin Energy (UK) –
Dynamix platinum - Engineered by K-Complex (UK)

6. Prospect Massive EP - Odyssey & Banga matt (UK)
Arktik Records - Engineered by Matt Thomas (UK)

7. Tokyo 2051 - Nil & Tracy (Aus) - Odyssey & Systembot Rmx
Bang on Records - Engineered by Systembot

8. Levitation - Odyssey & Daniel Ro (UK)
Volatile Digital - Engineered by Daniel Ro (UK)

9. Test Pilot - Odyssey & H-Division
Volatile Digital (AUS) - Engineered by Peter Holding (AUS)
Started playing:Professionally, 1995
All time top 3 tunes:Papua new guinea - Future sound of London
Hardcore Heaven - DJ Seduction
Daze of Reality - Kickin
Signed to:Volatile Digital Audio, Dynamix, Pirate wax, Nile records, Bang on, Arktik
Sample set:
Worst DJing moment:none yet
Most enjoyable set you've played:UK, European tours or Japanese tour
When you're not DJing you're:producing
Favourite DJ:too many to mention
Favourite Venue:Camden Palace, Bagley, Australian Outdoor venue's
Favourite Promotion:System 6, Frantic, Enchanted Forest
Favourite Producer:Jon doe, James Lawson, Paul Glazby, Geezer, Karim, Kevin Energy, Andy Farley
Favourite Label:Vicious Circle, Freezing point, Nukleuz, Dynamix
Biggest Influence:Carl Cox
Drink:anything alcoholic
Words of wisdom:ya can't beat the system

Last updated:
24 Nov 2006

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Updated 24-11-06 21:11
Adelaide’s Kristian Molnar a.k.a. DJ Odyssey has been a leading figure in Adelaide’s bustling dance music scene for some time now and his contribution to the industry is widely recognised. He currently holds South Australian Dance Music Awards fo...[expand]

Updated 05-03-05 07:03
1. System 6 - Odyssey & Chris C (UK) - Pirate wax #6 - Engineered by Dave Nation (UK) Released May 2002

2. Turbulence - System 6 south - Dynamix Platinum #3 - Engineered by K-Complex (UK) Released May 2002

3. Energy Shield – Odyssey – Forth...[expand]

Past Sets
Updated 17-05-03 09:05
Once Upon a Time 1 & 2
Atomic Energy 1,2 & 3
Ultraworld 9 - 22
Ultraworld anthems
System 6
Knights of the Jaguar
First contact
They came from Mars 1 & 2
Enchanted Forest 1 - 5
Ministry of Sound Hard NRG tour
Adrenalin 1 - 3...[expand]

Upcoming Intnl Sets
Updated 24-11-06 21:11

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 24-11-06 21:11

Recent photosets featuring Odyssey
Odyssey presents Back to Love
Ember (6th November, 2010)
(Photos: djdyju)
Another great party
Odyssey presents The Sunset Party
Ember (4th September, 2010)
(Photos: djdyju)
What a fantastic party!
VARIOUS (31st January, 2005)
(Photos: Banga Matt)
External Links - profiles, sets, interviews etc
Link Submitted
Discogs 24th Nov 2006
RaveAdelaide 24th Nov 2006
Odyssey Myspace 24th Nov 2006
nu energy collective 17th May 2003
in the mix 17th May 2003
Brisbane System 6 17th May 2003
  Upcoming sets:

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Hotbox Presents: Claptone, 23rd Mar
Elrow Town London: The Official After-Party, 18th Aug
Forms: Waze & Odyssey, Marco Faraone, Edu Imbernon, Bontan & More, 20th Apr
Afterburn London, 8th Oct
18HRS Festival 2015, 11th Jul
Bugged Out: Waze & Odyssey, 31st Oct
EXIT Festival 2014, 10th Jul
Greek Easter with LIVE BAND Odyssey at Grosvenor Russell Square Casino, 20th Apr
Brick Lane Festival, 5th Oct
Big Chill Live Presents Filthy Few, 9th Mar

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