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[colour=red]Sly One & Jurrane - Look into the Futurity[/colour], 27th Sep
HarderFaster Awards 2010 - You had your say!, 3rd Mar
[colour=green]Holding it together at Cohesion[/colour], 24th Nov
[colour=red]Sly One & Jurrane debut 'Machine Intelligence Live!' at Planet Angel[/colour], 7th Sep
[colour=green]Paul van Dyk celebrates 10 years of Vandit[/colour], 21st Jun
[colour=green]Planet Angel is a Vision[/colour], 2nd Mar
[color=#31ABC6]Getting Crafty with Sly One: Part 2[/color], 2nd Feb
[color=#31ABC6]Getting Crafty with Sly One: Part 1[/color], 22nd Jan
[color=#31ABC6]Making all the right moves with Planet Angel's Jo Dunwell[/color], 16th Dec
[color=#31ABC6]Journey with Odyssey[/color], 8th Dec
[color=#31ABC6]May the Forse be with you: Andy Forse sets sail for the Magnetix & HarderFaster Birthday Boat party[/color], 2nd Sep
[color=#31ABC6]Alan Banks blows out the candles at EDM[/color], 17th Jun
[colour=#31ABC6]John Askew: From Z-list uber star to A-list superstar[/colour], 2nd Mar
[color=#31ABC6]Get attracted to Magnetix[/color], 20th Aug
[color=#31ABC6]On Parallel roads with Jurrane[/color], 4th Jun
[color=#31ABC6]You can bank on Alan Banks[/color], 30th Jan
[color=#31ABC6]Pablo finds the road that leads to Knowwhere[/color], 1st Oct
[color=red]Judging angels in Heaven with Sly One[/color], 21st May
[color=red]Vaccine goes one up: interview with Frase, Alex Buck and Gary Optim[/color], 9th Feb
[color=#31ABC6]K.A.R.L. talks T.E.C.H.[/color], 30th Dec
[color=red]Do you Knowwhere it all began?[/color], 27th Sep
[color=green]Inspiration Launch Party at Deep Blue[/color], 20th Jun
[color=red]Anthony Dean dishes it out just in time for Terminal[/color], 9th Jun
[color=red]The Viceroy talks about djing, Vaccine, and where that name comes from[/color], 7th Jun
[color=red]Innovate preview: Jurrane and why it was bound to happen[/color], 2nd Mar
[color=green]The last monthly Knowwhere reviewed[/color] , 13th Feb
[color=red]Twisted preview with the One and only K.A.R.L.[/color], 23rd Nov
[color=#31ABC6]Boundless: United Futures Of Trance and Oliver Leighs[/color], 9th Nov
[color=green]A Serious Trance Vaccine [/color], 16th Aug

HarderFaster DJs >> Jurrane
Music Style:All flavours of trance - from prog through to pumping and uplifting - providing its got bounce, groove and energy.
From:Holland (originally), now living in London
Date of birth:30th January 1975
Residencies:Planet Angel
No. of records:2000+
Started playing:2002
All time top 3 tunes:(in no particular order):
1) O'Callaghan & Kearney: 'Restricted Motion'
2) Merge: 'Armageddon'
3) Mauro Picotto: 'Lizard' (RAF by Picotto remix),
Signed to:Exclusively signed to Discover Records for original tracks. Remixes for various labels including Armada, Discover, Propulsion, Perceptive, Conspiracy and more.
Sample set:Email or PM me for a CD, or check out
Worst DJing moment:Probably my debut gig – all kinds of technical problems and someone short-circuited the sound system during my final tune.
Would most like to play:Amnesia, Ibiza
Most enjoyable set you've played:Eastern Connection, Poland: 8/8/09
When you're not DJing you're:In the studio.
Favourite DJ:Several spring to mind: Ian Betts, Sly One, John Fleming, John Askew
Favourite Venue:Matter (London) or Amnesia (Ibiza)
Favourite Promotion:Planet Angel: an amazing promotion run by wonderful people and the best-kept secret in dance music today.
Favourite Producer:I think Sly One, John O'Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Activa, Nicholas Bennison, Robert Nickson, Ian Betts and Matt Williams generally can’t put a foot wrong. Plus an emerging new breed including Simon Bostock, Danny Powers, Reaky, Anton Chernikov, Acute and others.
Favourite Label:Discover, Discover Dark, Flux Delux, Noys, Propulsion, Afterglow, Vandit, Mondo - and plenty of others besides.
Biggest Influence:Sly One, Ian Betts, Anthony Dean, The Viceroy, K.A.R.L. – and countless others: you know who you are!
Drink:Sambuca, scotch and beer - not mixed together though.
Non-music pastime:Not much time for anything else but I enjoy the company of my close friends, going out for dinner and the odd beer now and then….
Words of wisdom:Celebrate how far you've come - and have faith in how far you'll go.
Other Comments:It's all about the bounce.....! Big grin

Last updated:
29 Oct 2009

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Direct Link
Updated 02-11-10 08:11
[size=1]* Jurrane: 'More Than Love' [Magic Beans Records, 2003]

* Sly One: 'House Of Muzik' (Jurrane's Distance To Houston remix) [Six:Thirty Records, 2007]

* Sly One vs Jurrane: 'Time Bomb' [Discover Dark, 2007]

* Groun...[expand]

Past Sets
Updated 15-07-07 13:07
Tracklists from some of my favourite sets of all time:

Planet Angel: Friday 13th July 2007
10.00 pm - 01.00 am

[size=1]1. Perry O’Neil: ‘Kubik’ (intro mix)
2. Jody Wisternoff: ‘Cold Drink Hot Girl’ (original mix)
3. Solar Stone: ‘Spea...[expand]

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 03-10-09 07:10

Recent photosets featuring Jurrane
Lost Dawn presents Carnival
Brixton Clubhouse (5th July, 2013)
(Photos: Lost Dawn)
Official images courtesy of L+R
Knowwhere's 7th Birthday Bash
Mass (9th October, 2008)
(Photos: James Rae)
Knowwhere's 7th Birthday @ MASS with DJs Adam White, Ian Betts, Ed Real, Jurrane, Anthony Dean, Tidy DJs... Not as many photos as usual as battery packs gave up :-(
Heaven (5th April, 2007)
(Photos: James Rae)
Knowwhere @ Heaven for their Easter bank holiday Back-2-Back special! Alex M.O.R.P.H, Woody Van Eyden, Adam White, Anthony Dean, Ed Real, Phil Reynolds, Andy McCall... The line up was huge!
External Links - profiles, sets, interviews etc
Link Submitted
Follow Jurrane on Twitter 17th Oct 2009
Sly One vs Jurrane Facebook Fan Page 17th Oct 2009
HarderFaster Interview - June 2008 12th Jun 2008
Official MySpace Page 2nd Aug 2007
Don't Stay In Interview - January 2007 8th Jan 2007
November 2006 Interview 23rd Nov 2006
HarderFaster Interview - March 2006 3rd Mar 2006
HarderFaster Interview - November 2005 26th Dec 2005
Jurrane - Official Website 16th Sep 2005
  Upcoming sets:

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Lost Dawn presents Carnival, 6th Jul
DISCOVER RECORDS 10.5 - November 26th, 26th Nov
Futurity, 1st Oct
Trance Sanctuary, 9th Jul
Magnetix, 12th Mar
Odyssey presents Back to Love, 6th Nov
Odyssey presents Trance Generation, 14th Nov
Hard South, 6th Nov
Discover/MPFS v Prehab v Cerebral, 12th Sep
Magnetix & HarderFaster Boat Party, 5th Sep

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