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[color=red]Baklash take over the IceBox at HeatUK Aftermath '07[/color], 29th Dec
[color=#31ABC6]Brixton through and through — Danny Tappenden gets the HF treatment[/color], 12th Sep
[color=#31ABC6]The Dance Industry recording studio - not just another nightclub[/color], 13th Feb

HarderFaster DJs >> Craig Mac
Music Style:Uplifting Hard house
From:Durban, South Africa
Date of birth:03-03, the rest is all relative
Residencies:More Is Better
Management Agency:none right now
Bookings Contact:Craig Mac 07931 370 522
No. of records:Own loads / Produced 1 with Skol
Started playing:about 18 years ago
All time top 3 tunes:The Dawn - Tony De Vit
Never lost his hardcore - NRG
I feel like dancing - Bob Burns Jnr & BK
Sample set:Call 07931 370 522
Worst DJing moment:Fortunately nothing huge that I can remember but I hate making mistakes
Would most like to play:Main room @ Turnmills, The End
Most enjoyable set you've played:Rn2, 330 Durban, Mind Over Matter
When you're not DJing you're:Mostly lovin it, a lot
Favourite DJ:Skol, Roosta,
Favourite Venue:Underground - 414 / Dance Industry
Favourite Promotion:Just Groove, Rude Not 2, More Is Better
Favourite Producer:They are all good in their own unique way
Favourite Label:Honey Pot, Y2K,Tidy Trax
Biggest Influence:A guy call "Stevie B" Taught me to beat mix at 15yrs of age
Drink:Anything cold
Non-music pastime:Stay out of clubs
Words of wisdom:Live for today, have no regrets and never forget those who helped you get where you are right now!
Other Comments:More IS Better

Last updated:
15 Mar 2005

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Updated 29-12-04 10:12
Craig Mac was born and grew up in Durban, South Africa.

He started DJ’ing at the age of 15, mostly playing house parties and school disco’s. Craig Mac first residency was two years later at a club called “The Sands” in his hometown. The m...[expand]

Past Sets
Updated 02-08-02 15:08
Guest appearances since 1998:

Fevah @ The Tube
Fahrenhite @ Soundshaft, Heaven
Continum @ Liquid
Omnipotence @ Brixton Mass
Salvation @ Café De Paris
PSP @ Paradise Factory, Manchester
Salvation @ Paradise Factory, New Year 2000

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 29-12-03 22:12
31 Dec 2003 - NYE, Club 414, Brixton
04th Jan 04 - More IS Better! - Club 414, Brixton
09th Jan 04 - X-Static - The Fridge
16th Jan 04 - X-Static - The Fridge

Recent photosets featuring Craig Mac
Prime Time
Club 414 (21st April, 2007)
(Photos: PRIME TIME)
Thank you to everyone who made it down. Nice one to all the dj's who played. Photos by Sexyminx & thanks to Jo Bright for helping out aswell. Next primetime is: Saturday 19th May 2007.
Just Groove & Heat uk presents aftermath uk baklash
414 & The Fridge (31st December, 2006)
(Photos: Bobbi)
New Year Celebrations with a BANG
The Fridge (2nd September, 2006)
(Photos: Claire99)
Nice to see the fridge busy
External Links - profiles, sets, interviews etc
Link Submitted
World Dance Radio FM 2nd May 2002
  Upcoming sets:

  Recent sets - Last 10
Sunnyside Up & Mind Over Matter 25th Birthday and MC K Memorial, 24th Feb
Disturbed Presents: Disturbed Vs Institution, 29th Mar
X-static & Ez Duzzit Double Bubble Birthday, 15th Mar
BIOSHOKK "I remember we played together 2014", 8th Feb
Deep Within, 23rd Feb
PRIME TIME, 16th May
*Prime Time*, 18th Apr
Just Groove Presents Papa Lou's Nite, 12th Apr
*Prime Time 6th Birthday*, 21st Mar
*Prime Time*, 21st Feb
PRIME TIME, 17th Jan
*Breakfast Club*, 1st Jan
Tremor - 15 Hr Xmas Launch Party@Medusa, 20th Dec
*Prime Time*, 15th Nov
*Prime Time*, 18th Oct
*Prime Time vs Hard Time*, 20th Sep
*Prime Time & Jamie Tennant's Birthday*, 16th Aug
Just Groove, 10th Aug
*Prime Time*, 19th Jul
*Prime Time*, 21st Jun
Just Groove, 8th Jun
*Prime Time*, 17th May
Just Groove, 11th May
*Prime Time*, 19th Apr
Just Groove, 13th Apr
Just Groove (Bank Holiday Special), 23rd Mar
Just Groove, 16th Mar
Just Groove & Hazardous, 9th Mar
Just Groove, 2nd Mar
Just Groove & Hammered, 24th Feb
Just Groove, 17th Feb
*Prime Time*, 16th Feb
Just Groove & Hazardous, 10th Feb
Just Groove & VITAL, 3rd Feb
Just Groove & Hammered, 27th Jan
Just Groove, 20th Jan
*Prime Time*, 19th Jan
Just Groove & Hazardous, 13th Jan
Just Groove & VITAL, 6th Jan
Just Groove, 30th Dec
Just Groove & Hammered, 23rd Dec
Just Groove, 16th Dec
Prime Time (Xmas Party), 15th Dec
Just Groove & Hazardous, 9th Dec
**BakLash (Afterparty For After People)*, 8th Dec
Just Groove & VITAL, 2nd Dec
Just Groove & Hammered, 25th Nov
Just Groove, 18th Nov
*Prime Time*, 17th Nov
Just Groove & Hazardouse, 11th Nov
*Sundaze*, 4th Nov
Just Groove & VITAL, 4th Nov
**BakLash (Afterparty For After People)*, 3rd Nov
Just Groove & Hammered, 28th Oct
Just Groove, 21st Oct
*Prime Time & Donna's 21st Birthday*, 20th Oct
Just Groove & Hazardouse, 14th Oct
Just Groove & VITAL, 7th Oct
*BakLash (Afterparty For After People)*, 6th Oct
Just Groove, 30th Sep
Just Groove & Hammered, 23rd Sep
Just Groove, 16th Sep
*Prime Time*, 15th Sep
Classics Of The Decade, 15th Sep
Just Groove & Hazardous, 9th Sep
Just Groove, 2nd Sep
Dubble Bubble presents Ed Real, 1st Sep
*Baklash (Afterparty For After People)*, 1st Sep
*Flipside*, 31st Aug
Hammered & Just Groove, 26th Aug
Just Groove, 19th Aug
*Prime Time*, 18th Aug
Hazardous & Just Groove, 12th Aug
Just Groove, 5th Aug
Classics Of The Decade With Ratpack, 4th Aug
Just Groove, 29th Jul
Just Groove, 22nd Jul
*PRIME TIME*, 21st Jul
Just Groove, 15th Jul
Just Groove, 8th Jul
Breakfast Club, 8th Jul
*BAKLASH (Afterparty For After People)*, 7th Jul
Just Groove, 1st Jul
*KOMPLIANCE*, 30th Jun
Just Groove, 24th Jun
Just Groove, 17th Jun
*PRIME TIME*, 16th Jun
Breakfast Club, 10th Jun
Just Groove, 3rd Jun
*BAKLASH (Afterparty For After People)*, 2nd Jun
Sundaze Special, 28th May
Just Groove, 27th May
Dubble Bubble, 26th May
Just Groove, 20th May
Prime Time, 19th May
*BAKLASH (Afterparty For After People)*, 5th May
Breakfast Club, 29th Apr
Hazardous, Smile & Equal, 28th Apr

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