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HarderFaster DJs >> Tuchet
Music Style:Uplifting Hard House, Bouncy Hard House, Uplifting Hard Trance anything euphoric and makes ther hairs on your neck stand on edge, and get you moving to that dance floor!
Date of birth:18/03/1978
Residencies:Nyce1, Avin It! & Revival.
Bookings Contact:I manage all my own bookings, so please contact me directly on 077822 58393 or email
No. of records:Too many to think about counting, i try and by a couple at least a week, and i started buying them around mid 1999....
Started playing:I started playing out in clubs around 2000.
All time top 3 tunes:Tony de vit - The Dawn, Art of trance madagascar, Bk - Revolution.
Signed to:Awaiting...
Sample set:Will be available soon!
Worst DJing moment:There was one occasion when i was having it with the crowd after the mix kicked in, and slightly Inebriated. After i had built everything up went to take the record of and it was the wrong bloody one. I could of died right there on the spot, but just put it back to the start of the chourus and give a massie oi, oi! And carried on from there!
Would most like to play:Probably Gods Kitchen Global Gathering, i went there 4 years on the trott, and have some fantastic memories before having my daughter, good old long marston airfield!
Most enjoyable set you've played:Would have to be a night called Revival recently, it was there 4th Birthday and it was rammed the set was flawless, the crowd was well up for it and so was i, i put that much into it that i had heat exhaustion after the set!
When you're not DJing you're:Looking after my kids, promoting my night called Nyce1, and trying to get my head into logic, oh and working for The Bank of Ireland.
Favourite DJ:Past Tony De Vit - his memory lives on, Present Andy Witby.
Favourite Venue:Past Cafe Blue (Bristol) Sadley closed down, Present Timbuk2 (Bristol) Small venue but so many good nights coming out of there! and going to have to say Castros (Bristol) there have been some top names and night coming out of it over the last year, and another to look out for is Club Capri (Bristol)
Favourite Producer:Will have to pick 3 here... Alex Calver, Bk and Tecknical... these Guys are all producing some top tunes!
Favourite Label:Tidy2.... and Nukleuz, and Riot Recordings.
Biggest Influence:Tony De Vit, the guy was, and still is a complete legend! The was also to local dj's when i started who i would nag for what tune was that, and just generally badger them... Foxy and Pink Dean... Both guys rocked Bristol everytime!
Drink:Cant beat a nice mug of Tea lol, and there is alway a reason to have a Stella-bration!
Non-music pastime:Having fun with my kids.... and i love a bit of DIY!!
Words of wisdom:If it aint broke dont fix it...

Last updated:
30 Oct 2006

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Updated 30-10-06 08:10
Dj Tuchet real name Nick Wilkinson was born in Bristol in 1978, Nick had tried his hand at Car Spraying, Alarm Fitting and even playing a guitar before he realised his hands where born for one thing and one thing only, to play records. But there is m...[expand]

Future Plans
Updated 30-10-06 09:10
My future plans consist of getting my night (Nyce1) of the ground, at the moment we have moved into a new venue that has no background or following, the night is also new. We have so much against us but so much to gain, Dj's are all booked up for thi...[expand]

Past Sets
Updated 30-10-06 10:10
30/09/06 Revival 4th Birthday @ Timbuk2 - Bristol Wiggles Thumbs up Disturbed
16/10/06 Nyce1 The Launch Party @ Club Capri - Bristol Wiggles Thumbs up Spin

Upcoming UK Sets
Updated 30-10-06 10:10
09/11/06 Nyce1 @ Club Capri - Bristol Wiggles Thumbs up
18/11/06 Avin It! @ Club Castro - Bristol Wiggles Thumbs up
02/12/06 Kinetic @ Manhattens - Bristol Wiggles Thumbs up
14/12/06 Nyce1 @ Club Capri - Bristol :wi...[expand]

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Nyce1 Page 6th Nov 2006
Dj Tuchets Myspace Page 6th Nov 2006
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Revival Charity Sept Summer Party, 28th Sep
Nyce1 Unleashed - Hard House Returns to Bristol!, 23rd Mar
Relaunch of Nyce1 Unleashed, 7th Aug
Powder Room Vs Totally Ardcore Vs Donk, 18th Jul
Gatecrasher presents Ferry Corsten, 12th Apr
Totally 'Ardcore vs Donk, 28th Feb
An Evening with Tuchet & Worm , 12th Jan
Gatecrasher Ultimate Classics, 31st Dec
Soundas Sunday Session (Round1 May), 4th May

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