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First Contact EP, Cathar

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[colour=red]Lifeforms detected at Astral Circus![/colour], 14th May
[colour=red]Andy Force interviews Sourone ahead of his UK debut at the Zenon Records Special[/colour], 11th Oct
[colour=red]Harnessing the rational to illuminate the transcendental with Hedflux[/colour], 14th Jun
[colour=#31ABC6]HarderFaster Awards 2014 - The results are in![/colour], 15th Apr
[colour=red]Astral traveller Laughing Buddha joins the circus to preview his new album[/colour], 21st May
[color=red]Dance music sage Robin Triskele brings the Astral Circus back to Brixton[/color], 21st May
[colour=red]Atma returns to London for a music revolution![/colour], 5th Feb
[colour=red]Infected Mushroom unveil their Army of Mushrooms at Halcyon[/colour], 3rd Dec
[colour=green]Notes from Glade 2012[/colour], 15th Aug
[colour=red]Mutagen production masters Mechanimal get ready to join the Astral Circus[/colour], 18th Jul

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Chart Return for Andy Force
Submitted 27-May-08 (2380 views)
May Chart

1. Black Space - Tikal (Planet BEN Recordings)

My top track this month comes from an album called Cosmic Dragon, an absolute stormer of an album - highly recommended!

2. Andromeda - Bamboo Forest (Neurobiotic)
3. Feedback - Static Nation (Goa Records)
4. Acidtest - Elec3 (Psytropic Records)
5. In Confusion - Toxical (Shivlink Records)
6. Firsthand Experience - Ephedrix (Dacru Records)
7. Let It Rain - U Reckon (Boa Group)
8. Airflow - Protonica (Oxygen)
9. Oversub - Sygnosis (Shivlink)
10.Shantified Prahlad (Midijum Records)

My latest mix is exclusive to Antiworld Radio and can be streamed or downloaded HERE!

Tracklisting for Antiworld radio mix:

1. Hydrogen - Aftertouch
2. Galaktic Wave - High Kick
3. Sygnosis - Oversub
4. Alternative Control Vs Eli - The Punchline
5. Digicult - Every Single Second
6. Static Nation - Feedback
7. Tikal - Black Space
8. Ephdedrix - Firsthand Experience
9. Psylocibe Project - Experience the Challenge
10. PTX - Terra Soul
11. Bamboo Forest - Andromeda
12. ITP vs U Reckon - Northern Lights

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Astral Circus presents Journey 'Limitless' Album Launch with Space Tribe, 24th Nov
Astral Circus presents Psy-Fi Festival London Launch Party, 20th May
Astral Circus with Burn in Noise * GAUDI * K.i.M. * Hedflux & many more, 26th Jun
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure, 9th May
Astral Circus pres Sinerider, Omsphere, Quanta, Dataura, Nanosphere & many more, 24th Oct
Astral Circus 2nd bday * Sonic Species * Pspiralife * Mechanimal + many more, 27th Jun
Astral Circus presents AMD * Dickster * Aphid Moon + many more, 15th Nov
Tribal Village – A Psychedelic Adventure, 21st Sep
Vibe Festival 2013: 27-30 June, 27th Jun
Tribal Village - A Psychedelic Adventure..., 8th Jun

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