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Chart Return for Jurrane
Submitted 01-Sep-08 (2826 views)
September Trance Chart


(1.) Sly One vs Jurrane: ‘Second Summer’ (original mix/Sly One vs Jurrane Dark mix) – Discover Digital

Our new original track has just gone out on promo on Discover Digital and is a double A-side: anthemic trance all the way with the Original mix and thunderous tech on the flip. Due for release any time now and we’ve already had great reactions from the big names.

(2.) Defcon Audio: ‘Trailblazer’ (Med remix) – Defcon Audio
One of the most uplifting tracks I’ve heard all year, this sublime remix by newcomer Med is a stunning piece of work. Genuinely feelgood and uplifting trance with more than a touch of Seven Cities about it, this hidden gem is well worth tracking down. The Original mix is great too.

(3.) John Askew: ‘Fade To Black’ (Sly One vs Jurrane Dark mix) – Discover
Currently exclusively available on Beatport, Sly One and myself were thrilled to be asked to remix the new John Askew record off the back of our recent tech mix for Discover. This is the first track from John’s forthcoming album ‘Z List Uber Star’ and our full-on, intense remix has been getting fantastic feedback.

(4.) Immoral Monkeys: ‘Portobello’ (DJ Shultz vs Elad Efrati remix) – Perceptive
Forthcoming on the excellent Perceptive label, this amazing progressive trancer is wonderfully produced. Dreamy melodies combine superbly with a jaw-dropping bassline after the break, and I’m expecting great things from this new team of Israeli remixers.

(5.) Kai Jee & Eidan: ‘Unlocked’ (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) – Perceptive
Also forthcoming on Perceptive and currently due for an October release, our latest remix is up there with the best work we’ve done. We’ve wanted to make a really uplifting trancer that isn’t too full-on for some time and we’re really happy with the result.

(6.) Nicholas Bennison: ‘Spirit Chamber’ (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) – Propulsion
Sitting somewhere between psytrance, tech and a turbo-charged Donna Summer, our remix of US star Nicholas Bennsion’s new single is also out soon. This will be the first release from Nicholas’ new album ‘Tension Of Opposites’, due for release on 15th September.

(7.) Simon Patterson: ‘Us’ (original mix) – Reset
Not quite up there with Patterson’s best work but pretty damn good nonetheless. More uplifting than some of his previous tech releases, this is the type of record that’ll work so well across a wide variety of sets. 2008 has been a great year for Patterson.

(8.) Barry Jay: ‘Spiritual’ (original mix) – Infexious
Very nearly Tune Of The Year – no joke. An incredible groove – reminiscent of Restricted Motion – makes this very nearly everything I look for in trance, let down only by the beautiful melody in the break that never reappears when you really want it to. A shame: but still well worth playing.

(9.) Sirius: ‘Dreams Signs & Orbits’ (Giorgio Ponticelli remix) – TRSE
Giorgio Ponticelli’s stunning remix of ‘Sorrow’ a few years back still ranks as one of my favourite vocal tracks ever. This great mix is a little harder than his previous releases but retains the very high quality through some superb synth programming.

(10.) DNS vs Whiteglow: ‘Airbourne’ (Aly & Fila remix) – Monster
Trademark Aly & Fila trance with a powerful, uplifting feel. A lovely blissed-out melody and more great synths make this a winner in my book, and a very welcome return to form for Monster Tunes. Looking forward to hearing what’s next.

From: Dubster on 1st Sep 2008 09:44.07
1 + 2 are without question 2 of the best tunes of the year.
Both glorious in their own ways.

Haunty, Dreamy goodness from your track, and wonderful euphoria from the Defcon boys.
Brilliant stuff.

Looking forward to hearing unlocked. Perceptive is one of my fave labels out there atm, so I know they'd only want top stuff from you guys.

Good chart!

From: mercy141 on 13th Jul 2011 10:39.18
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Magnetix, 12th Mar
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Discover/MPFS v Prehab v Cerebral, 12th Sep
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