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Chart Return for Jurrane
Submitted 11-Jul-08 (2938 views)
July Trance Chart


(1.) Nicholas Bennison: ‘Spirit Chamber’ (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) – Propulsion

Forthcoming on the superb US-based Propulsion label later this year, we’re thrilled with the results of one of our latest remixes. Banging prog with a massive Donna Summer-style bassline, we’ll be road-testing this one in the months ahead. Look out for it!

(2.) Sly One vs Jurrane: ‘Second Summer’ (original mix/Sly One vs Jurrane Dark mix) – Discover Digital
Due to be the next release on Discover Digital, our follow-up to Time Bomb hits just in time for the peak summer. Choose between the uplifting, euphoric Original Mix or the stripped-down, relentless Dark Mix for dancefloors that like a bit of tech.

(3.) Greg Downey: ‘Grade A’ (original mix/Mandy Reid remix) – Discover Dark
I can’t choose between Greg’s original or the Mandy Reid remix so I’ve charted them both. Powerful, driving tech-trance with a real UK feel, both mixes are superbly produced. The full-on original is complemented by Mandy Reid who slows the bpms but keeps the intensity levels right up.

(4.) Kai Jee & Eiden: ‘Unlocked’ (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) – Perceptive
Another new remix from Sly and myself, this time a blissed-out, feelgood rework of the debut effort from French producers Kai Jee & Eiden. Taking a steer from some of the lovely melodic trance that was around a few years ago, we hope this’ll have dancefloors smiling from beginning to end.

(5.) Mallorca Lee: ‘Change’ (Ben Gold remix) – Flux Delux
A very welcome return for former Public Domain producer Mallorca Lee with this new release on Flux Delux. Ben Gold turns in the standout mix, incorporating elements of the original into a superb, energetic, pumping trancer. Well worth checking out.

(6.) Kiholm: ‘Fragile’ (Daniel Kandi’s Emotional remix) – Neuroscience
Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Daniel Kandi’s amazing remix tugs at the heartstrings with beautiful piano melody with more than a touch of Vangelis. Add a great driving bass end and you’ve one of the melodic trance tracks of the year. Superb.

(7.) Blank & Jones: ‘Miracle Cure’ (Martin Roth Nu-Style remix) – Maelstrom
Seemingly able to do no wrong at the moment, Martin Roth’s rework of Blank & Jones’ latest release showcases why he’s one of the hottest producers in the world right now. A little more up-tempo than some of his other recent stuff, this is just amazingly-produced electronic music.

(8.) Inertia: ‘The System’ (original mix) - Discover
The long-awaited follow-up to The Chamber doesn’t disappoint as John O’Callaghan and Neal Scarborough combine forces to turn in what’s likely to be one of the biggest releases of 2008. A whole range of remixes to choose from but it’s the original all the way for me.

(9.) Alex Morph & Woody van Eyden: ‘Hybrid Harm’ (van Eyden dub mix) – Spinnin’
Morph & van Eyden follow-up the wonderful ‘Turn It On’ with Hybrid Harm, a powerful, pumping trancer with a synth groove to die for. Loving the programming on this one: just great heads-down dancefloor music, perfect for those 3am moments.

(10.) De La Saal: ‘Delirium’ (Jason van Wyk’s Out To Sea remix) – Redux
South African producer Jason van Wyk provides the standout mix of this beautiful, Ibiza-inspired summer trance anthem. Not so much dancefloor music for me but just wonderful for driving, home listening or just to chill out to, with more than a touch of Solar Stone.

From: Andy Dunford on 11th Jul 2008 17:59.22
About bloody time The System got released lol.

From: Lorenzo Barrero on 15th Jul 2008 22:41.30
Wicked chart mate. Looking forward to hearing them @ Magnetix 1st birthday!

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