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Chart Return for Jurrane
Submitted 05-Feb-08 (1882 views)
February Trance Chart (artist/title/mix/label)

(1.) Trancience: ‘Trial By Fire’ (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) – Future State
We’ve been getting great reactions to our latest remix, including being made Track Of The Week on Agnelli & Nelson’s Deep Blue radio for two consecutive weeks. In the meantime, we’ve started work on a new original track and there’s some more remixes on the horizon.

(2.) Dimitri Federov: ‘Falling Of Stars’ (Acute remix) – Infrasonic
Acute aka Martin Jarvis turns in a lifetime best remix in the form of this tech-trance monster. So much tech is very ploddy and introverted, but this keeps the energy levels sky-high. It’s great to see this incredibly talented producer getting the exposure he deserves.

(3.) The Doppler Effect: ‘Beauty Hides In The Deep’ (John O’Callaghan remix) – Armind
JOC shows us he hasn’t forgotten how to make uplifting trance with this wonderful rework of a soaring, emotional vocal anthem. There’s some great vocal trance around this month and this is probably the best, not sounding at all out of place if it were produced during the ’99 trance boom.

(4.) Vast Vision pres. Mungo: ‘Summer Blush’ (Aly & Fila remix) – A State Of Trance
My favourite Aly & Fila remix to date comes in the form of a feelgood, uplifting trancer to put smiles on dancefloors everywhere. Nothing too clever here: just great peaktime music which hits all the right buttons.

(5.) Headstrong feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw: ‘Love Calls’ (Chris Black Tough Tech mix) – Sola
I wonder if the version I have is mislabelled as there’s no way this is a tech mix. Instead, it’s very driving vocal trancer with a synth groove to die for. There’s also a truly beautiful downtempo version as part of the 10(!) mixes available: check out the Floris de Haan chillout mix for a real change of pace.

(6.) Frase & Koto: ‘Down To The Wire’ (Deep mix) – Insatiable
Lots of mixes to choose from here as well, offering all flavours of trance from these two talented UK producers. My pick is the the Deep mix: one of the best slices of prog I’ve heard for ages. Fantastic stuff.

(7.) Talla 2XLC vs Sean Tyas: ‘Heart To Heart’ (Sean Tyas remix) – Tetsuo
What, for me, could’ve been a dream partnership doesn’t quite hit the heights but it’s pretty damn good nonetheless. Best thing for me is an amazing synth riff which comes from nowhere during the outro sequence – I just wish this was used a bit more. Time for a re-edit!

(8.) Deep Voices: ‘Your Picture’ (Robert Nickson dub) – Combined Forces
Not one of the better vocals out there so I’ve gone with the dub. Classic Robert Nickson without the hinderance of an awful emo-style rock vocal that plagues the original. This’ll go down perfectly in early-night trance sets and features the usual high standards of programming to be expected from Nickson.

(9.) Jay Selway: ‘Left Deaf’ (original mix) – Propulsion
I love the way Propulsion are taking a more psy-infuenced direction these days, thanks to the likes of Nicholas Bennison and Chris Lawrence. This relentless driving trancer sums up the label’s current output perfectly and is well worth checking out if you want something a bit different.

(10.) Mike Nichol: ‘Centrifugal Force’ (original mix) – Trance Tribe
There’s some good trance music coming out of Australia at the moment courtesy of labels like Infrasonic and Trance Tribe, and producer Mike Nichol seems be at the forefront of it. The standout track of Mike’s recent EP, this is recommended if you like your music big and uplifting.


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