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Chart Return for Jurrane
Submitted 03-Dec-07 (2320 views)
December Trance Chart


(1.) Maor Levi: ‘Shapes’ (Oliver Smith remix) – Anjunabeats

There’s not enough music like this around at the moment. Easily the best track of a great year from Anjunabeats, this is just unashamedly uplifting, positive, feelgood music which can’t fail to put smiles on faces. Proper trance at a time when music like this is sadly few and far between.

(2.) Coast To Coast: ‘Cut Me’ (Activa remix) – Discover
This has been in various DJ’s CD wallets for some time but it’s great to see this fantastic vocal trancer see the light of day via an official release from Discover. Activa provides the pick of the remixes, providing plenty of energy while showcasing the vox to great effect.

(3.) DNA: ‘Discodelic’ (original mix) – Phonokol
I’m beginning to turn to more and more psytrance to find powerful, energetic music perfect for those end-of-night sets. Recommended to me a little while back, this bridges the gap between psy and more traditional club trance perfectly. Well worth checking out.

(4.) Ben Gold: ‘Ten-4’ (Onova remix) – Flux Delux
Fresh from the success of ‘Platitude’, Onova turns in the standout mix of rising star Ben Gold’s latest track. This is a very classy driving trancer with a real uplifting feel courtesy of a powerful stabby melody. Essential peaktime music.

(5.) John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher: ‘Big Sky’ (Agnelli & Nelson remix) – Armind
There’s been a huge buzz about this one for ages and with good reason: it’s one of the standout vocal trance tracks of the year. It’s the Agnelli & Nelson remix which is doing it for me: not a million miles away from ‘Holding On To Nothing’ but storming nonetheless.

(6.) Thomas Datt: ‘2V2’ (Sean Tyas remix) – Discover Digital
As this is Sean Tyas, you already know what it’s going to be like but it doesn’t stop it being good. I remember the original and Robert Nickson mixes from a couple of years back but this new rework tops them both, injecting plenty of power and pace into an already-decent track.

(7.) Vicky Devine pres. Saphara: ‘Eternal Dream’ (Ian Betts remix) – Illuminate
Yet another superb remix from Ian Betts who’s pretty much alone in producing quality pure trance these days. Quality synth programming, bags of energy and a classic arpeggiated trance melody make this a winner in my book.

(8.) Merdian: ‘Emphase’ (Mike Nichol remix) - Infrasonic
More big-room power trance from Aussie Mike Nichol who’s been turning a few heads recently with some excellent productions. One of those tracks with a truly massive feel, this is perfect for those sets towards the end of the night. If you like your trance big and uplifting, this is for you.

(9.) Algarve: ‘The Longest Journey’ (Alex Morph remix) – Supra
Alex Morph seems to’ve been a little quiet of late but he’s back with a bang here as he provides a typically-driving remix. I love the bass programming here and the melody’s one of those with a real positive feel that can’t fail to get the dancefloor moving.

(10.) Tom Colontonio: ‘Suspect’ (original mix) – Discover Dark
Not quite as dark as its parent label might imply, Tom Colontonio’s latest is a driving trancer with a real classic feel about the melody. One of the best new producers of 2007, this has been a great year for Tom and I’m looking forward to seeing what ’08 brings.


Next DJ Booking: Planet Angel NYE Party (
Next Production Release: Trancience: 'Trial By Fire' (Sly One vs Jurrane remix) - Future State Records

From: Alex Buck on 3rd Dec 2007 11:13.06
Spot on chart Jim! Knowledgeable and informative as ever Smile

From: Andy Dunford on 3rd Dec 2007 11:42.20
Shapes. Smile

One of the most uplifting tunes of the year.

Onova have been on fire recently.

From: Not Marcus on 3rd Dec 2007 11:53.28
Let the tech trance backlash begin, uninspired music by hack producers. Woot.

From: Becka on 3rd Dec 2007 13:41.49
Its Ten-4 btw :-P

From: Andy Dunford on 3rd Dec 2007 14:16.57
Yeah that Markus! Soulless music.

From: Not Marcus on 3rd Dec 2007 14:30.22
Tech trance was good from 2003-2005. When it had groove and intelligence, and was still Dutch then it got real shit when everyone lept on the band wagon.

From: Jurrane on 3rd Dec 2007 16:52.39
Just to clarify, I wasn't specifically having a dig a tech trance although a lot of it is indeed derivative rubbish. Some of my favourite tracks of the year are tech-influenced but yes: they're far outnumbered by the swathes of dull, formulaic, monotonous tech-by-numbers crap that, combined with what some are calling "neo-trance", make me shudder for the immediate future of trance as a genre.

From: Andy Dunford on 3rd Dec 2007 18:27.59
Neo-trance Roll eyes (sarcastic) *spit*.

Kyau and Albert - go away and come back as Kyau vs Albert like you used to be.

From: Jurrane on 3rd Dec 2007 19:03.34
I know: the 2004 rework of Falling Anywhere seems a lot longer than three years ago now. Frown

Hey, this chart is turning into a discussion thread. Cool! Big grin

From: Greg Blaquiere on 3rd Dec 2007 19:16.27
Some excellent tracks there. 'Proper' trance.

From: Alan-Banks on 4th Dec 2007 10:21.17
Niec chart as ever Jim

From: Andy Dunford on 4th Dec 2007 23:26.14
What Greg said Razz

From: Milky on 4th Dec 2007 23:35.35
I will definitely be checking these out.

Shapes - some might say a tad cheesy, but they're wrong. i say good clean feel-good fun!

From: Mike Harris on 6th Dec 2007 21:18.50
Nice tunes Jim, not much variety in there though, its all just basically uplifting trance is it not?
I agree that theres alot of bandwagon jumpers with tech trance but theres still tons of quality stuff if you know where to look, although Sean Tyas is your favourite producer so that sais it all really Laughs out loud (only kidding hah)
Oh and Markus, tech trance has been around and good since 98-99, Mauro Picotto played & made tech trance remember!

From: Jurrane on 8th Dec 2007 14:59.32
Mike: if it's a bit more variety you're after, as well as some of my charts prior to this one, you might like to check out Machine Intelligence, my new mix CD. There's tracks on there influenced by drum & bass, electro, techno, psytrance and good old uplifting - in short something for most tastes if you're into trance. I'll post a link on HF this week. Smile

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